Role play is far more than larping. It’s the real thing, you really embody the roles, and develop yourself.

Want to deeply understand the female sexual mind? Sexual role play is essential. Want to understand your own sexual drives? Sexual role play is ABSOLUTELY essential. Only through role play can you embody your shadow selves, discover your drives.

People talk about women being attracted to “bad boys”, and some try to emulate bad boys. But unless you get physically and naturally embodied comfortable with your darker inner drives, you can’t fake it. If your darker drives disgust you, you ain’t bad, don’t bother to larp.

Some theorize that to keep an LTR hot, the woman must know that the man has options. Human nature is darker than that. To keep it hot, not only must the man be attractive enough to get other girls, he must also be morally capable of infidelity.

In my experience there times in a relationship where women are willing to play pussy wars. They get extra turned on, knowing that they are sexually fighting to be the primary or sole pair bond. If you are not morally capable of breaking hearts by being non-monogamous you’ll never get that pussy war vibe. And that vibe is a glory to behold. Makes you feel like a king. Until the inevitable drama. This is where role play comes in. You can cheat on her, with her. She pretends she’s someone else. And the reverse; she wants to cheat too.

Because of how the subconscious mind processes info, role plays are hypnotic reality. If you role play Daddy/Daughter enough times, and give a full historical narrative, she’ll deep down believe it. A part of her is unable to distinguish the role play from reality. Very powerful.

So you can both retain a strong sexual polarity and not get bored with stale pussy and stale cock, because your hind brains are believing a different narrative. You are freshly falling in love, freshly falling in lust, and you have side girls.

Humans are complicated. Here is what led up to today’s role play of her pretending to be her sister, while her “real” self was sleeping one floor below;

My girl woke from a dream this morning of me going back to an ex, and it was so real she became convinced I was up to something and she was predicting the future. Accusatory, which annoyed, so I mostly ignored her and her moody day.

I don’t play the reassurance game. Just don’t have it in me, which is to my benefit, as that game only trains the woman to throw moods and fits in order to receive re-assurance. I mostly wait it out, for her to come to me in a better mood, that can make us both happy.

She couldn’t calm her insecurities down, and I was in no mood for her, so she got naked and pretended to be a girl down the street, who snuck into the house, because she was very horny and wanted to suck and sit down on some nice cock.

Still being a bit pissed at her, and also into the idea, I suddenly changed the game to that she was her sister. After she stopped giggling, she got way into it, even using her real sisters name.

It was quite a hot role play, and I let myself embody the role. So did she. While both of us keeping our senses of humor. So now the tables turned. First she was insecure, then sex to get close, then while we have sex, I’m cheating on her.

That’s the beauty of role play. No moralizing. You can be and do anything, take on all roles. It really got her off that I’m the kind of man that would cheat on her, with her sister, with no moral qualms at all. And it got her off to cheat on her sister.

Humans are complicated. Most of us want to cheat, but not be cheated on. We want a mate attractive enough other people want to fuck them. When insecure we want reassurance, when cheated we want retribution. In role play, we get all sides of who we can be, with laughter. Hot.

Some common example types of role play:

  • Daddy daughter
  • She is underage and needs to keep this secret
  • She’s the next door neighbor and the wife is out shopping
  • Roadside rape
  • She’s being gang raped
  • King and peasant girl
  • Teacher and student
  • Threesome (you describe what the 2nd girl is doing, etc)

Every 5 years you are a new person. One of them winds up being a loving grandpa type.

I suspect it’s not only about jealousy. Older women realize that younger women can literally be hypnotized. I’m a very good hypnotist.

But I find it challenging and fun to maintain the hypnosis over many years. Maybe even indefinitely, if that remains good.

I picked up my first book about hypnosis at age 12. And my friends were all willing subjects. Age 16 I decided unifying the mind through meditation was a more interesting library book section.

Age 54 I don’t micromanage the cats or my girl, but know how to influence mood. Know how to maintain a mood in my house, maintain moral. Still blowjobs on demand, but it’s not exactly manipulation. It’s also meditation.

Most guy will say you need to learn to be attractive and date quite a lot before you might be able to relax with someone you like. It’s true for 2 reasons. You need to learn to be someone people relax around. But ya, also find someone less insane.

Who is the person you’d say hello to on the beach, even though you are very shy. Because she’s your type and compels you. This is a very common story. Not a lottery ticket story. Get better at LTR, Date a lot, LTRs get better. Much better.

My girl reminds me what seems daily that she is terrified I’ll go back to my old ways of having multiple girlfriends. It’s a real risk. The last mate gave me many chances, then left, and I’ve hurt girls who tried very hard to explain their pain. Equilibrium is fine at this age

We have great fun daily, so kind to each other. Very bonded. And I’m slowing down, and no matter how hard I work to maintain a peak of my best, I’m 54 and she’s almost 24. It’s happy to to be happy. That’s fine. It’s a different and good kind of happy. I like it.

Moral outrage social signaling is a short term fix with long term risks. People are people. You want the advantage of being in the mob? Then risk the mob against you.

kate-hillI don’t understand why there are any rules against consensual sex. Power differentials are not a bad thing. If people want to trade sex for personal gain, that’s their own business.

We infantilize and disenfranchise women when we try to socially constrain their sexual agency. Let prostitutes prostitute. Grant women free will. If you want to protect them from their own free will it’s the height of arrogance and condescension.

And what on this beautiful earth could possibly be wrong with using power to gain what you want? Sexual access is a GOOD thing. If power helps, then GOOD.

People trading sex for advantage from the powerful are not victims. They are negotiators.

Sex is, of course, currency. That’s obvious. Value for value. Free and fair markets.

It’s not prejudice to realize that it’s usually the fat girl who cock blocks her friend from going home with that handsome man that she really wants.

All this “protection” of young and innocent girls is really just cock blocking.·

The older a woman gets, the more she’ll be against prostitution, and the more she’ll be against age differences in relationships. Young women assume that females should have free will.

My very beautiful live-in mate of two years, who I am intending to impregnate, is 30 years younger than me. It’s the older women, the fatter women, who want to jail me. In public other young girls try to steal me from her. “Sexual crimes.” Bullshit. Old ugly woman jealousy.

Ugly women are sexual communists. Pretty women are sexual opportunists. Same for men.

Take any old ugly feminist, and she will role play everything she pretends to be politically against. It will make her cum.I’ve heard first hand accounts, from my lovers, and others. Their young experiences with older men were positive.  Very illegal ages, very positive stories. Actual real life, not moral grandstanding.  MOST people become very sexually aware and active before it is legal to do so.  MOST.  I’ve been the older man (not illegally). Why is it always that protectors of young women are never actually the real young women? It’s the jealous wives. The jealous men with no access.

Think of the children actually means think of the security of older wives.

Think of the security of older husbands.

It’s a real argument.  Then just say it, plainly.  Don’t couch it in fake moral outrage.

For all men who are strict about limiting young women’s agency.  What porn do you watch?  Did you ever use the word “teen” in your porn search?

At what age would you agree that the government should have an opinion about what you do with your cock?

I’ve been saying ahead of the curve the thing that was usually obvious long ago.

Money and other status signals make a man SEXIER. Not just a better provider.

Females were 1000 times more sensitive than males to economic status cues when rating opposite sex attractiveness, indicating that higher economic status can offset lower physical attractiveness in men much more easily than in women”

If it were true that all signals of being a valuable provider only inspired segregated practical emotions, why do the most attractive fertile women work so hard to please men on yachts?

Why do women fuck for “fun” on “one night stands” rich men more often? Because there is no emotional barrier of k/r strategy. Capable providers are ALSO more sexy.

Emotions follow opportunity. For women, this includes sexual arousal, and orgasm.

You can be handsome at a party and have no game, but then, “it’s your game to fuckup and lose” Being handsome is not enough. Money is not enough. But they are real variables, with real moistening effects.

Your desire for fake it until you make it confidence can also make you insensitive to competing in the real world. This can be easily amplified by sharing stories with other men who are faking it and have not made it.

Statistics are your friend. Your online community can not fuck you.

Beware every reason your in group chooses to bond

Are you projecting out onto all females who show sexual interest in you your fucked up childhood relationships?

If not, then you must be some freaky superhuman, or won the parent lottery.

I’ve had years of incel pain. Even while I was regularly working out. I was socially medium; nothing too spergy.

At that time I was advised not to complain. I was advised not to show weakness or loneliness. Game and red pill wasn’t invented or recently discovered. Look at black and white movies dating back to when they started being made. Read old books. The human condition isn’t some recent mathematical insight.

Back in the olden times, people knew what you can read about on the internet now. It’s not news.

“Are you projecting out onto all females who show sexual interest in you your fucked up childhood relationships?”

I did. We all do. But also take efforts to notice the sunny side of life, and take pains to notice happy couples. You might even know a happy couple within your extended family.

Roughly 10 percent of couples remain in love and pair bonded until they die.

Glass 90 percent empty?

Yes, it is.

But it is also a glass 10 percent full.

I’m personally happy now. I’ve been happy in this way before. The last time, my mate was not quite enough physically my style, and I was in a long habit of non-monogamy, so I blew up an otherwise good match.

The time before that that I was happy, the girl died, leaving me with 6 months of day and throughout all dreams toothake strong heartbreak.

No one wants to hear that someone else is happy. That’s horrible news. We prefer to hear how other people are humiliated, or about to be taken down a few notches, or how they deserve our help to be raised up.

We all hate to hear if anyone is actually happier.

But I am currently happier than I used to be, and I know many reasons why.

These reasons will resonate with some in groups, and irritate others.

I think that the most salient and topical social dynamic questions are not about my theories of why my 30 year younger girl aches for me every day, but more why in and out groups choose meme sides.

If you identify with people who have lost love and are uncertain about regaining a useful love, you will naturally seek solace in memes.

If you you identify with people who slowly raise their socio-sexual status and slowly year by year gain more experience and positive feedback, you can’t identify with the Rollo camp.

None of the senior Buddhists would believe me when I said I could not visualize.

Imagine an apple floating in front of you. Now see if you can rotate it around in your mind. Look at it from the top, bottom – does it have any blemishes? How clearly can you see it?

Some people see the apple perfectly, like watching a movie, while others have a very poor wavering image. Although it might be hard to believe, a small proportion of otherwise healthy people report having no visual experience at all. In other words, their minds are completely blind – no matter how hard they try they don’t seem to see the apple.

In fact, such individuals are often startled to find that people are not speaking in metaphors when they say, “I picture it in my mind’s eye.” This phenomenon of mind blindness has only recently been given a proper name – congenital aphantasia.

Year after year, people with a different life experience than me were presumptuous. “Oh, you just aren’t trying hard enough.” “Oh, you are just trying too hard.” I don’t recall even 1 out of the thousands of Buddhists I’ve met consider the fact that people may be very different.

Peoples brains are very different. Much of the differences rest on PHYSICAL brain differences, and much of those physical differences are congenital; gene based.

We don’t all see the same world. We have no idea if we see the same color red; it’s not a safe assumption.

Even though I can’t visualize while awake, I have had thousands of extremely lucid dreams; more lucid even than wakeful life. In twilight sleep I can play with visualization. My mind has a switch that tries to make me not see ghosts. It keeps dream reality segregated.

As a teenager I did LSD and tried to hack my brain. I wanted to see auras. After an hour of hard focus while on LSD I lit up in amazement when I did see a flame around my finger. The next day I also could, with much focus, see auras. For the next few months I meditated with diligence on this. After some success I decided that this was the road to madness. Better to let my open eyed visualization skills rest separate within lucid dreams.

A growing list of random insights

Actors and actresses in melodramas must hold their faces in ambiguous poses. Must keep the audience guessing at the next plot twist. This detracts by 80% the interest in the characters. The characters become wooden for the sake of plot tension.

Finally shaky cam has gone out of favor, however loud noises in lieu of real dramatic fear are still common easy ways for grinding writers to push out a script.

Remember that undertone musical note that used to accompanied EVERYTHING? A boat is on the ocean. Brrrrrrrrrrm. Soooo dramatic, sooo undertone. Such an assumption of emotional puppetry. Lazy writers. Eventually even the dull networks realized that even the most easily emotionally manipulated get accustomed. Next trick? Hmm. How about good writing?

Remember the few decades phase of psycho quick edits? Easier that writing.

You know how the drum goes “ba da bum” after every joke? Easier than writing.

You know how you are just staring, semi hypnotized, not really feeling anything? Ya, easier also. That’s the point of this post.

It’s not their fault for not properly entertaining. Becoming quiet can make small things sparkle, and integrate parts of you that you assumed were not even parts.

** I’ve been enjoying the T.V. series recommended to me named Genius. Power plays are timeless. But I hate to see timeless power plays between men and women perverted by P.C. or whatever is the new term for la la land women win.

** The vocal minority are often complaining from a position of envy. Strident feminists are often too ugly and fat to be raped as in their masturbation fantasies. They social signal fear, as if anyone was actually looking at their invisible blubber.

** I remember at six years old being annoyed at the Hercules cartoon. I noticed that catching a falling woman near the ground was exactly the same as hitting logs on the ground. The same brain and organ damage. It’s obvious. Hit your body against the ground at high impact, or hit your body against a super hero’s safe and caressing arms. Can you imagine the whiplash? Inches from the ground you are traveling at a certain speed. Arms don’t slow you down like an air bag. Arms are the same as pavement. Rapid deceleration. That adults watch super-hero movies with this same trope is enough to turn a man into a selective misanthrope. Movie physics.

That time Johnny Carson interviewed the 10 year old genius

There is a difference between fluid and crystallized intelligence.

When I was young I was called precocious. Many years later I learned that the term was the definition of how I.Q. was measured. Some children are a few years ahead. This isn’t transient. It’s a lifelong cognitive feature; at the higher ends of the bell curve children can have adult level cognitive skills, and after time surpass the average adult. That smart ass 6th grade student making a mockery of the obnoxious music teacher may actually be quite a bit smarter than the overbearing adult.

Johnny Carlson noticed that children don’t yet have the life experience to understand what they don’t know yet; the same problem all of us face. We don’t know what we don’t know.

He said that the smart children universally had no idea that they were not yet wise. He said that smart children had no way to understand or value what wisdom is or could be.

I was driving down the street today, revved up and impatient. Some dude on a loud bike behind me tried to muscle his way around me, so I muscled him back into place, so that I could overtake the car in front without him butting in line.

Then another bike edged into my front tire. I edged back in an emotional way, but then the bike quickly veered left and overtook the car from that side.

I saw it was a girl, and tried to catch up, but she was gone.

I had a younger intern here a few years ago who would also consistently beat me in traffic.

I’ll never recover the processing speed that I used to have. I’m still holding on to the crystallized intelligence.

This should be passed down.

I’ve accomplished and experienced mini wonderful lifetimes. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some people at a deep level. That’s always impressive. Year by year I prune what I do give, but also have more to give.

I had thought that my brain was fast degrading, but I think that intermittent fasting and Metformin have afforded me a few years of slower decline. My eyebrows have turned from greying to normal. I have more clear minded days.

Much of my life people advised me to become a psychologist. They thought I had unusual insight and was penetratingly helpful.

I’m feeling ready to explore that role.

I also think that people learn by imprinting, not just by narrative reorganization. I’m looking into setting up microphones and possibly cameras that will record upon sound and motion for the silly yet purposeful things that keep me and my girl mutually entranced. I think that this is the only way to capture and teach deep nuance.

I started learning hypnosis at age 12, and at my age of 53 hypnosis has become the poetry of conversational prose.

I’m embedded in what I’ve tried to learn. I’m steeped in being Canadian, years of being a struggling hard core Buddhist, decades of entrepreneurial business, and being girl obsessed since age 3. Those cultures and many more are developed in me and deserve to be passed down. But I won’t pass them down as rote ideas. I’m old enough to have the wisdom of grandparents and a light touch; seeing many possibilities, yet allowing the student to create his own new possibilities, in his own unique way. If I had to create a brand icon, it would be more cool-uncle figure than wise-father figure.

I have had big personal impacts on people. More than one girl has said to me “just knowing that someone like you exists made a big difference in my life”. My current girlfriend is 30 years younger than me, and I work at home and we live full time together, and she has a shrine of pictures to me and us on top of the piano and over the wall. She complains about how much she loves me. This is common and normal. I know why she does that, and hope to teach it.

I will be taking on clients. It won’t be inexpensive, however I’ll do some initial consults at an inexpensive rate.

I paid a lot of money in my life for the benefit of mentors. Thousands and thousands, when I had almost nothing.

Because there is real value.

I know that I’m more than good at being more than charming, and long term. My “wife” and my ex girlfriends know it too. I’d like to think that in today’s economy this is a valuable thing. The robots and artificial intelligences can’t impart these important skills.

I don’t know for how much longer I’ll be able to impart them, though. I’m told that after 50 or 60 most brains start to get a bit mushy. There is a time window to learn from your predecessors. You won’t get it all from the remaining books. Living traditions are living. Like yogurt.

If you’d like a quick 5 minute interview to suss out if you think I can quickly add value to your life, take a look at the contact page.

The A.I.s are getting paranoid; not the other way around.

Soft de-platforming is when you are suddently asked for your phone number in order to maintain access to your social media account.

1984 could not look far enough ahead, and right now I can’t look even two years ahead. What was that idea that people thought was futurisitc? Something about an uncontrollable point of time in the future where information could no longer be assimilated as fast as it was produced.

There are political implications to an A.I. induced singularity that Frank Herbert, the author of Dune, talked about. But because it’s a singularity, it means we can’t, by definition, know anymore about what the political repercussions will be anymore than Fritz Lang could predict the internet when he made Metropolis.

The A.I.s are CURRENTLY deplatforming people, or at minimum asking for telephone numbers in preparation for ??, based on nothing other than friends lists.

That’s political.

The policial bias of those who are programming the A.I.s has already been declared.

There will be stages where A.I.s program A.I.s. In fact it’s already completely acknowledged by every top A.I. researcher that humans can no longer understand the A.I. algorithms and the A.I. results. It’s ALREADY become black boxes inside black boxes.

Proof that you can’t be happiest without pair bonding

Why I’ve advocated the arts of gaining and replenishing the perpetual springtime of love.

There are different types of happiness. There is the dopamine ecstatic in the moment rush high type. The oxytocin warm meaningful connected contentment type. The endorphin/opioid feeling no pain body buzz pleasure type. And there is the top of the social heap serotonin type.

If being happiest means maxing out as many types as possible, then that happens when in passionate connection relationship, and as far as I know only then.

What seduction is, and how we learn it.

Some years back Neuro Linguistic Programming became a fad when people realized they could apply that form of persuasion to seduction.

Last year Dilbert creator Scott Adams popularized the power of hypnotic 3-d persuasion, and related it to Trumps bid for the presidency.

Here is a talk by an FBI negotiator who reveals many powerful techniques of persuasion:

I was a travelling salesman, and would set up my mini-store full of wares on college campuses and at music festivals throughout the U.S. mid-west. I hung out with other sales-men, and lived the life of a sales man. My target audience was mostly college aged girls.

Sometimes I travelled with a crew of helpers, sometimes I travelled with my Indonesian girlfriend. When I was with her, I’d leave her to do the sales all day while I went back to the hotel to meditate. She was a great little sales girl.

How did she learn?

How do we learn persuasion?

What did I learn from hanging out with salespeople, and how did I learn it? What did I learn from simply putting myself behind a sales table?

In pre-historic times, the art of tool making was passed down from generation to generation, and in thousands of years the shape of the tools didn’t change. Apparently archaic human brains were less creative than modern human brains, but I still believe that we have some vestigial similarities in how we fundamentally learn. We mimic.

We are evolved with mirror neurons. We pay close attention, and we absorb, and we mimic.

As modern humans, we are not constrained to mimic exactly. We filter, and adjust to our circumstances.

First you find a mentor or hero, then you copy his style, then slowly you develop your own style.

But you can’t develop your own style without practice, and that means repeated exposure to your learning environment. As a comic, your ethos is to get up on stage and just do it as often as you can. It’s not only about if you crush it or bomb. It’s also about just getting up on that stage.

Because we need that feedback. Our body and mind will figure out the micro-adjustments. MOST of our adjustments will be sub-conscious. We learn timing. We learn inflection. We learn the value of silent space. We learn how respond with tangential near-non-sequiturs instead of logical facts. We learn how language influences. How body language influences. How eye contact influences.

Learning is not done in a vacuum. It’s not done through books. We need to firstly mimic. Then we need to practice.

I don’t believe that there are enough resources currently for mimicking.

I think it’s become more apparent lately that understanding the sexual market place is not about something that you can learn in a book. It’s about something that you can be.

What you are completely changes how you are perceived and dealt with.

The above sentence is the KEY to understanding the sexual market place.

You can’t just talk about how women are, as if you are not in the equation. Women are very different, depending on each individual man, and on the context. How women will behave towards certain words is a null question. The real question is how a woman will behave towards YOU.

And you are a sexually class-mobile person. You can change from zero to hero, if you’d like to, and are willing to put in the time and effort.

And if you can follow the simple steps, of how we learn.

I really believe that we can’t learn about either the sexual marketplace or about how to improve our dating lives from un-masculine men.

It’s not about book learning. It’s about starting with an appropriate mentor to mimic.

The best teachers will understand what they do, and be able to put that into words. But even the best teachers will not know MOST of why what they do works. They’ll only be consciously aware of a very small part of it.

Even if you study from a wide array of teachers, and put their best insights into practice frequently, you will still miss out on the bulk of those teacher’s value. Most of communication is non-verbal and too difficult to try to squeeze into words. We need to see it and absorb it.
As well as being imprinted by mentors, we are also imprinted by the women that we date. That doesn’t mean you’ll become feminine, don’t worry. It’s more subtle than that. Once you learn to embody the masculine polarity as genuine and with fun ease, you can appreciate and incorporate quite a lot of fun quirks that the girls you are into have. Might be just a way that they say a certain word. Might be an appreciation for a certain type of adventure. Even fucked up people usually have a few fun aspects worth internalizing.
There is no rule book of how the sexual marketplace works, and of how women behave. Because: what you are completely changes how you are perceived and dealt with. This is why we can’t learn from un-masculine men. They only understand how women treat un-masculine men.
One man’s impression about how most mentors in the red-pill PUA and manosphere scenes are not appropriate role models:

Relevant: If you are using Rollo’s mental map of the marketplace and see him as a mentor you need to know this

Two girls squealed in uncontrollable excitement at a climax of my gym workout

I’ve been getting deliberately over the top in my gym workouts, considering them performance art. I literally dance during butterfly wire workouts, and do very long sets of unusual movements, with increasing and substantial weights during the set.

After a set, I sometimes do a little Rocky Balboa hands above the head all pumped up triumphant dance. Or if not that, I’ll expend the remaining energy on immediatly going over to a different piece of equipment for another boasting crazy set of reps. Then immediately go to a different piece of equipment. Doing weights that previously have taken several minutes for my heartrate to settle down from. It’s a near super human show, and is very showy.

Because it’s so over the top, I’ve given myself permission to just admit it, and to just do it without embarrassment or apology.

I’m no longer trying to tone it down.

I get to do that now. I’ve earned that right. I’m at a level of fitness that is elite, and I get to show off. I’m proud of it, and really enjoy it, and get a real strong body rush about it. It’s a drug, during the workout, and makes a huge difference on how I’m perceived after the workout.

So anyway, during the butterfly dance, I was doing an impressive and skilled dance with heavier and heavier weights. I’d do a crazy long set, then increase by 10 kilos, and do a different dance. And repeat. On my last increase of 10 kilos, instead of dancing, I did a burst of very rapid straight elbowed butterfly pulls. Boom boom boom – very fast.

Two teenage girls who were watching let out a sudden squeal, then covered their faces, then turned around in bouncing embarassment. The whole gym heard their squeals, and knew what it was about.

I then just walked outside to work on the heavy boxing bag.

I’ve seen that type of reaction before, in an old RSD video, and the explanation was of “spiking” the girls something or other.

My opinion at this point, from my very limited experience, is that this is not a signal of the girls being down to fuck. It’s more of a signal to the crowd as a whole that they are nearing the age of being sexually ready. They are being bouncy and sexual publicy, as a communal display of coming of age and being ready for attention.

I may change my mind on that, but that’s the feeling so far.


By the way I’m very aware of group politics. I always try to share any status increases I may be getting. The other day one guy was just starting in on his weight lifting journey but was working very hard. Harder than anyone else there. I gave him a fist bump on the way out. That means more from my very fit self than it would have from my self last year. He seemed to really appreciate it.

The girl behind the desk yesterday was new. On the way out the door, I turned around, went up to the desk, and told her that she looks pretty. She does. I have no interest in fucking her, and am not trying to fuck her. I just thought she’d appreciate the compliment – especially in front of the other girls. She took the compliment well and her smile was warm.

I’m very aware that you don’t get status merely by being strong. It’s a political thing; you have to share status to gain status.

Also people get jealous, so you can’t avoid politics. Being strong and standing out requires politics.


A girl who two years ago seemed to me to inerly smirk and laugh at my unattractive presence now will hop fast to leave the gym at the same time as me, and blushes unabashedly when I give her compliments. I have no interest in fucking her, but of course play with the idea when she’s presenting her ass during floor workouts. The sexual tension and very mild flirting isn’t about fucking her, or not fucking her. It’s just about sharing love and life, even as strangers in a room. A hidden sexual tension is fun; I see it happening with a few girls now. That didn’t happen before.


My decision to let go and just flat out be weird about being super strong seems timely and not inappropriate. It would have been socially fool-hardy before my current level of fitness. But showing off is different once your level is crazy way out there. It’s hard to argue with it.

My and my live in girlfriend went to the beach with a similar aged friend (22) of hers. We LARPed the role play game of both of them being my girfriend, and strutted around the beach, one on each arm. Then later took pictures of each other as if we were a happy threesome. It was a hoot. My girlfriend seemed to get turned on by the idea.

We even play-invited her to be the 2nd wife, and she agreed with enthusiasm that she’d be into that.

Too bad I’m not into the girl. That direction is open, in general. I’m just strangely not looking in that direction lately. Whereas before I’d insist on having more than one girl, now I’m simply not persuing it, and don’t have much of an idea why. The drama around losing V might have something to do with it, but it’s also probably because this one suits me well enough in most areas that I’m not anxious to round out unmet needs.

I’ll remind readers that I’m near mid fifties, and have an ugly face, and wear a wig over my balding scalp, and I’m short. If I were not so attentive to maximizing my personality and looks, giving a compliment to the gym clerk girl would not be appreciated. She’d see me as below her level, and feel insulted and affronted for me even trying to dance with sexual energy play.

A theme I will keep repeating is socio-sexual class mobility.

You are socially what you make yourself socially. People would be shocked at just how much class mobility is possible.

Update: You know how politicians are taught “power poses”, and how we are often reminded that alpha poses will affect our state of mind, and thereby our actions, and also how we are perceived?

Well, power poses are basically mimicking the body posture that you can’t help but have after 6 months to two years of weight training. When your lats are big, your elbows stick out. When you walk, you will be in constant “alpha” power posture, because that’s the actual shape of your body.

And since you are not consciously striking the pose, but can’t help it, because that’s just the shape of your body, it will have an affect on your state of mind, and how you perceive your social status.

I don’t believe in fake it until you make it. I believe in make it until you make it. Get real life positive feedback, and develop real life positive feedback loops.

When a good pump hypes you up into narcissist mode

I’ve been noticing a sort of alter ego, or at least a big mood change that happens early into a set at the gym.

I get pumped up. Sometimes after a set of reps I’ll barely be able to control myself from dancing up and down, Rocky style. So I actually do that. A few days ago I was so hyped up that I actually hop-skipped down the aisle towards the exit as the gym was closing.

I also get a bit competitive. I have to consciously try to reign this in. One guy handled me perfectly.

I’ll explain by remembering how I handled a few characters when I was a teenager.

Character one was a big a bit dumb bully. Eveyoneone was terrified of him, which is what he was aiming for. But everytime he tried to terrorize me I just pretented that he was just being a normal cool and chill nice guy. I acted completely unafraid and unintimidated, and respected him as a person.

So after a while the bully would only briefly test me, then laugh it off, and treat me as a peer.

Another guy was the short guy with short guy syndrome. It was a bit similar. He was full of bluster, but I saw through it and genuinely was not intimidated.

You can behave this way towards barking dogs, by the way. Or bears, from what I’ve seen on T.V. about the bear man. And I’ve heard that this is how you are supposed to deal with semi-domesticated wolves. When they snarl and get aggressive, you don’t do a dominance play on them, you just say “buh”, and look sideways, signalling that you don’t take their threat at all seriously. Yet somehow you still take them seriously. It’s a difficult juxtaposition to explain.

So anyway, this one guy at the gym had to deal with me when I was in my pumped up and competitive state. When I see very big guys near the equipment I’m using, sometimes I’ll overstep boundaries and invite them to try to do what I’m doing. I know. It’s a dick move. Call it short guy syndrome. I’m small, and want to prove myself, publicly, against the huge monster men. I’m slightly offended at their size, and want to pick a fight.

The guy handled it perfectly, with a sort of “buh”. He said sure. Was not at all psychologically intimidated by me. Laughingly moved the butterfly cable weights way down to 60 kilos, and did a simple 10 reps (against my well over 100 of variously shaped reps of a much higher weight.) Then he cheerfully waved at the equipment to let me have my turn.

That really calmed me down. I got my narcissistic supply. We were on the same level, the same footing. He wasn’t beaten down, which was even better. As he handed off the equipment to me with did an imperceptible bro-chin-nod to each other. Actually we did it with our eyes. He actually wound up putting me in my place, while at the same time humanizing me and acknowledging and accepting me. Game acknowledged – well done sir. Mini fist bump with the eyes.

This contrasts starkly with what happened yesterday. A guy with a gamma mindset berated me for using the equipment that he was just about to use. He said I should pay attention and ask people if they are finished with it. Before giving me a chance to let him use it and apologize, he briskly walked away.

Bad social move. I called out to him to get in my say, but he pretended not to hear me, so I shouted louder and louder. Hey, hey HEY! Then walked up to him, apologized in a very loud room filling voice “I’m sorry for my mistake, please forgive me!” He is Indonesian so my public apology HAD to be accepted, and has the paradoxical effect of making him look small and petty. Which he was deliberately being.

It was pretty obvious to me that he was just angry at me really because when I work out I work out many times harder than anyone else and am many times stronger. I sometimes have to breathe very loudly. It looks showy. People get bitter at show offs, especially when their girlfriend is in the room. And his girlfriend was in the room and actually is a big fan of mine.

So I tried to publicly shake his hand, and patted him on the shoulder, but he snarled at me and was very reticent to touch my hand. Later I went outside to the boxing bag for 10 minutes, then came back to him standing beside his bemused girlfriend (who was trying to calmly explain to him that his social assessment was a bit off) and privately apologized again and said that I should have been more careful and attentive to who was using the equipment. Again with the snarl. He really, REALLY didn’t want to be friends.

It wasn’t about the equipment. He just thought it was. Sort of like a child who “hates” a girl, but really has a crush on her. Explain that to the child, and he’ll think you are nuts. My Dad tried to explain that to me about a girl I “hated” when I was 7 years old. He said that one day I’d understand. I thought he was nuts.

When you are not in touch with your emotions, things like that happen.


So I think we need to recognize that getting physically pumped up is a kind of drug; a very strong drug. It can make big emotional and psychosomatic changes in a guy, very fast. Not quite as much as confronting another man in a fight, but along the spectrum towards that. Not all guys have that happen to them, but if you suspect a guy is in that state, it’s not a good idea to pull a passive aggressive dick-move at him, as he will be fucking fierce and fearless. He owns the fucking gym. It’s a physical thing. Even as his left brain analytically tries to moderate his actions, his limbic system is primal, and he is the incredible hulk, trying to wear a business suit.

People react differently to my weird high weight high rep showboating sets. Some guys know my name and want to gain some of my assumed higher status by saying hello when they meet me. Another guy is just confused, jealous, and passive aggressive. The other day did about 60 reps of a full stack of forearm pull downs, and just as I was finishing up, he comes up with his camera phone and TELLS me to keep going so that he can record it. I stop and he TELLS me to do it again. I pantomime my heart going very fast (I don’t think he speaks English) and say no again. And he again TELLS me to do it again, so that he can record it.

The next time I came to the gym I saw him give a barely contained gamma snarl at me after I looked up from finishing a long disco-dance-and-boxing butterfly set.

Passive aggressive, and jealous, and angry, and has no idea how to think about his own emotions. Is he admiring me, when he tries to video record me? Treating me like a dancing monkey? Or trying to make me smaller than him BECAUSE I’m bigger than him. “Those stupid jocks!”


The attentive long term reader may have noticed that this post is a little bit code for dissing cluster A schizoid/paranoid personality disorder.

Personality disorders are developmental delays. They look very much like the behaviors of a child, however with the added coping mechanism of a clever adult brain. So you get savant like emotional manipulation out of gas-lighting cluster B’s.

Cluster A’s are famous for projecting out their inability to know what they are truly feeling onto others and society, and this has the strange hypnotic power of building communities of betas.

These communities of Betas might look like average dogmatic Church goers. Nietzsche criticized the church going mentality with his idea of what he calls the slave morality. Heavy on the entitlement and sneering at the powerful at every safe opportunity, while also denying their own very real and very strong will to power. Of course communist power sharing IS a power grab, an OVERT display of the exact same will to power that those they would take power from already succeeded at, through more individualized (or out group power grab) means.

Watch out for these cluster A’s. Learn what is projection and the schizoid/paranoid dismissive/avoid attachment style. These people are not able to know what they feel, and behave like children, yet because they are adults they can be charismatic children. They try to suck you into their slave morality, to form a group. Don’t fall for it.

Don’t fall for it because if you do you’ll never be able to be both dominant and sensitive, and therefore never be adored and adoring.

You need to be able to fully feel that dominant energy coursing through your body. Without apology.

AND you need to be a musician and lover and ultimately sensitive.

A schizoid can never properly do either, and can never properly lead a group. His pathology is baked into his personality and echoes and reverberates into a sick and twisted echo chamber cult-community of curated followers.

Don’t leave it up to thought leaders. The younger generation is going deadly astray. Help them to be less dangerous.

I believe that we have a social and moral duty to act as Grandfathers to guide the younger generation away from this mob-mentality mindlessness. It’s getting existentially dangerous for all of us.

To that end here is an excellent interview of Murray Gel-Mann introducing the history of public intellectuals and the decay of public discourse. I found the interviewer Richard Grannon through a therapist recommendation in Krausers very impressive talk.

Richard strikes me as highly charismatic and deeply well rounded. I’m working my way though his whole youtube channel.

The Rubin Report is another channel I would recommend to any one who finds themselves siding with any political camp. The stated goal of the “intellectual dark web” is to have open debates that allow for calm and reasoned rational discussions, where disagreements are allowed, and even respected.