Last August I was a bit out of shape, and it was hurting my relationship with my live in. So I started a strict regimen of going to the gym every second day, and not eating a single calorie of food on non-gym days. I kept this up quite regularly for about six months, and continue the habit to this day, but with some breaks.

I’m still a relatively small guy. Somewhere around 135 pounds and 5 foot seven. So when I come back from the gym, all excited about outperforming the huge monster men at the gym, I would not expect even my own GF to believe me. Surely I must be deluded. So I took her with me a few times so she can see for herself. I’m truly stronger (for my favorite exercises) than nearly every guy there. I’m a bit famous about it by now, and guys often approach me during a set to cheer me on, or sometimes pull out a cell phone to record me. They do this, I believe, not because of the freaky high number of reps I do with weights many struggle with for 10 reps (I might do over 100 reps on wires for butterflies, and try to make dance like routines, moving my arms in unusual directions – like double opposing direction straight armed windmill, or full speed boxing punches, or behind the back pulls. While the girls are dancing their aerobic routines, I’m keeping the dance beat with big weights on the wires, for long sets. Or I might pump and pump to the music free weight curls then push over the head – over and over with one arm rising as the other is falling, as if I can never get tired. I’ve never seen any other man touch the largest weights that I use for this exercise for anything but dumbbell bench presses.

Sometimes to really show off, while doing countless rapid forearm wire pull downs with a full stack, I’ll change it up and do them with one arm. But this fucks up my elbows, so I had to stop doing that. Too bad – it’s really fun to freak people out with that trick.

I admit that I’m a bit of a dick about it. It never gets old to wait for some monster man to finish his set, then to pick up his weights or wires and triple or quintuple his reps without any noticeable effort. Then to add much more weight and carry on as if I’m completely fresh. I no longer try to do outright contests – that causes too much obvious loss of face. But I still find it hilarious to outperform huge guys – so very noticeably outperform them.

So any way, my girl knows that I’m not delusional. She sees that I’m genuinely crazy and strangely strong, freakishly so for my small size.

But she never really saw that sometimes I get eye fucked. I haven’t taken her out for a meal in ages, so last night I took her out. Sitting at the next table was a super hottie, talking to a man. We started blatantly in your face eye fucking each other. To me, that night, I thought her face was as close to a 10 as I could imagine. Super super hottie. Then the waitress was blatantly eye fucking me.

I asked my GF if it was my imagination, and she said no. I told her that I had sparkly eyes that night, and believed that I could make any girl in the whole place eye fuck me. I was just in that zone – that perfect yet elusive zone that alcoholics occasionally find, where they are perfectly disinhibited before getting sloppy or sleepy.

She saw it was true. I asked her several times, to double check that it wasn’t the alcohol making me overestimate myself in a delusional way. She completely agreed. I had sparkle eyes, and not a single girl resisted them, and many were outright blatant in sharing sparkle eye sex. Even girls with their men.

My girl suddenly developed a headache, and I was very tempted to let her go home alone so that I could stay there and collect numbers. That hottie on the table next to me gave every very strong tell that she would have fucked me last night. This morning I did feel some regret for not taking that opportunity.

I had no idea, my whole life, what a huge difference making my body as close to maximum it can be would have.

If I take even one week away from not fasting every second day, the fat quickly comes back.

I can understand why so few people maximize their bodies.

I’m very easily in the top 1% of maximized body for what I can be. And for my age of early fifties, very easily in the top .1 percent.

And damn, it makes a HUGE difference.

Even white chicks give me open body language at times.

I’ve been strong before, but haven’t had a six pack and no belly since I was a teen. It makes a very very big difference. Honestly I would never have guessed.

I’ve let the discipline slide a bit, so I’m at least three fast days away from a flat belly six pack. It’s very difficult to get and to keep that. It only takes about 1 week of normal eating to lose it, for me.

And I did come home with my girl. Probably smart. As often happens for her, she dreamt of me fucking tons of girls, right in front of her face. Highly erotic dream for her, but she also felt rejected. So she’s clearly of two minds. She loves the orgy porn, and sometimes talks of following through – yet at the same time is very bonded and could get insanely jealous and terribly deeply hurt. She still tells me she loves me dozens of times per day, and is highly sexual with me, every day. As doting as a human could possibly be. And we’ve been living together full time for 15 months.

I realize it’s a big risk to this good relationship for me to be more attractive. Opportunity changes a persons attitudes and desires. Clearly my opportunities have changed. Very, very clearly. She even said so, to another girl we were talking to. I’m not delusional.

If you’ve never maximized your own body shape, I think you would be surprised at what can happen. You might think you are close to maximum, but I used to think that too. It’s that last 10% that can make 90% of the difference. For me that requires regular full day fasts. Other people just lower their calories, or eat within a certain window every day. For me, I find most benefit and it’s the easiest routine to simply only eat every second day. It gets easier, but it’s never exactly easy. Which is why, I suppose, that guys who do it stand out. And if you stand out, you get treated very differently.

I would like to “have it all”. I’ve done that before. I’ve had multiple young and hot girfriends, many times throughout my life. I’ve had a very unusual life, a very non-conformist life. I’ve indulged in kink that would surpise men that so many women quickly agree to. Lots of public sex, for instance. My standout favorite memories. I’ve done exactly what I wanted, many times. But I don’t believe it’s really possible to have it all.

Because I think pair bonding is something most people want – at least 25% of people, maybe 50%, I forget, are of the secure attachment style – and we find meaning and value in pair bonds – for us, it’s an emotional requirement to contentment.

And pair bonded people universally get jealous. Sometimes we can manage it. But you never KNOW when and if you will get jealous to a degree that would collapse a pair bond. You can’t second guess even yourself, no matter what is your personal history. The brain is not under narrative control – emotions happen TO us, we don’t will them into being, or into not being. We accept and use and play with them, and can focus our attentions to a degree. But we don’t drive our emotions the way we drive a car. And to the degree that we do, we are not using off road vehicles. We have roads we are constrained to.

I know there are people, like Blackdragon, who might disagree – but I would bet real dollars that it’s ALWAYS every single time apples and oranges. He lets his girlfriend veto who he fucks, and puts severe time and emotion restrictions onto girls that aren’t his one pair-bond.

I personally have no care interest or ability to limit pair bonds. If I like a girl, I like her. I’ll want to see her again. I’m not delusional about this simple fact of my life; girls almost always very very quickly fall in love with me. That might not be you, and you might not want that – but it’s me, and I can’t help it, and I do like it. I love seeing the same girl again and again and again, and having real bonded relationships. Multiple girls. And that’s drama – always. It’s simply not sustainable.

So we’ll see what happens. Will I sabotage this relationship that I’m very happy with? Would you? Will I hurt this very loving and kind and bonded attractive young woman – who is thirty years younger than me and who constantly gets offers from all sorts of men every time she’s in public? Guys would trade limbs to get the treatment she gives me every day. Most guys, I truly believe, can not believe that my real lived life is possible for anyone, ever, at any time. Too much cognitive dissonance.

Even so called red pilled guys MUST assume that I actually pay for sex, and that I’m deluded.

It’s just too painful to imagine otherwise. Otherwise why aren’t they getting such treatment.

It’s really pretty simple, and I’ve explained it again and again. Actually love the women you fuck – actually truly really love them. And fuck them well. And treat em a bit like little fuck sluts. Have strong boundaries and expectations. Be kind and fun and funny. It’s not fucking rocket science.

Sounds simple, but I truly believe that MOST men can’t love strongly, can’t feel passion strongly, consistently day after day, for the same girl. I can and do. It makes me rather unusual.

And I’m old and have a very noticeably below average fugly face. I’m short. I need a wig to not look totally out of it unfuckable.

With all these things that should place me into the totally unfuckable zone, I’m still getting eye fucked like crazy, and have pretty well all the sex I am physically capable of. With an objective hottie. And more options.

Just because I’ve maximized what I do have.

You don’t know what your options are unless you maximize also.