Money and other status signals make a man SEXIER. Not just a better provider.

Females were 1000 times more sensitive than males to economic status cues when rating opposite sex attractiveness, indicating that higher economic status can offset lower physical attractiveness in men much more easily than in women”

If it were true that all signals of being a valuable provider only inspired segregated practical emotions, why do the most attractive fertile women work so hard to please men on yachts?

Why do women fuck for “fun” on “one night stands” rich men more often? Because there is no emotional barrier of k/r strategy. Capable providers are ALSO more sexy.

Emotions follow opportunity. For women, this includes sexual arousal, and orgasm.

You can be handsome at a party and have no game, but then, “it’s your game to fuckup and lose” Being handsome is not enough. Money is not enough. But they are real variables, with real moistening effects.

Your desire for fake it until you make it confidence can also make you insensitive to competing in the real world. This can be easily amplified by sharing stories with other men who are faking it and have not made it.

Statistics are your friend. Your online community can not fuck you.