If you would like to argue the point, then most likely you are a newbie.

I’ll prove the point to anyone who cares.  Rooshv took a poll of partner counts of the participants in the rooshvforum that roosh thought was his personal controllable crowd.  And a poll of dark triad traits.  The partner counts were crazy low, and the hamburgertistic traits were crazy high. Heartiste has a documented history of editing peoples comments to say what he preferred them to say, or just deleting them.

Rollo’s crowd is… well, just read them.  Losers.  Read my discussions with them about teenagers, or marriage.  They are socially programmed by women to accept all the terms of womens view of marriage,  limiting lust to within a number of partners less than two, and an age group higher than anyone attractive.  Or Rollo’s crowd can be outspoken in rejection of such social programming and instead adopt MGTOW programming.  Rollo somehow accomodates both sets of opposing weak willed and minded men as his personal entourage.

The internets remember.  And the internets will never forget Rollo saying that you should not even try to be a dominant man in a long term relationship.  He responded to my comments, and mentioned me in his blog post reply – men can’t be alpha providers, “practically”, in his least humble view.

Sure, Rollo.  Good excuses.  It’s not your fault, for not maintaining long term passion, or finding a new lover.  It’s your wife’s fault for losing interest.  Sure.

I’m sad to say it – but fuck you for trying to be any sort of leader from that position.  Your relationship is invisible to readers for a real reason, and I’m not going to be empathological about it.  The needs of the many.

Older guys would remember when newspaper relationship columnists got called out for being divorced.  People have every right to talk about their own personal experience, and their interpretation of it.

After that we’re talking about keyboard jockying.

Polemic has its place.  In fact it’s a science of statistics that shows that it’s shame that moves society in directions – people don’t want to be on the wrong side of the fence.

Rollo and Heartiste and Roosh are has beens on the wrong side of the fence, with losers on the nets to stand in for in-your-slap-your-face friends.  “Where is the ban button?!  Where is my comment army? ”

Uh huh.  Chomsky vs Buckley.

Any of them would fucking melt, under a gaze of any of the moderately well developed men in the real mens movement.