It’s been said that Men Going Their Own Way and the anti-intimacy contingent of pick up artists who are obsessed with an in-group brand of red-pill philosophy are, by and large, bitter social outcasts whose deep underlying frustration stems entirely from their lack of fuckability.

I think that this is true.

I think that you can see this in the writings at the very top of the manosphere pyramid, all the way down.  There are very few genuine first person positive experience and self improvement oriented dating and lifestyle blogs for men out there.  I’ve mentioned a few in the past.  Revolutionarylifestyledesign is a great example of what a positive men’s movement can look like.

Yesterday I was contemplating writing a very negative blog post, entitled “How to spot a loser”, and to point out as many loser qualities that I could think of, with ideas of how to self-improve ones way out of them.  Many of the loser qualities I could see in my current psychology, and more of them in my past, and many of them I could see that I’ve already done quite a bit of work on and don’t drag me down quite so much.

Still of course the very fact that losers piss me off might be bit loserish.  But is it really?  Here is a quote from this article on ROK about MGTOW from 2014

The blunt truth is this: men absolutely hate seeing weakness in other men. This is not some conspiracy to “shame” men into doing something they’re not supposed to like, it’s a fact of human nature. We men have an innate awareness of how infectious weakness can be, and guess what? The MGTOW community reeks of it.

And I should quote the main point of his article and his reason for disgust towards losers;

Everything for them is a “shame” tactic. Want to be in a happy relationship with a woman? Pussy worshiper. Offering information on self-improvement? Scam to sell products. Free tips on how to live the life you want? More shaming tactics.

People who make these sort of criticisms leave no room for a possibility of a healthy relationship or life. According to the more bitter adherents of MGTOW, even if a man is in an intimate relationship with a decent woman on his terms, he is still a slave to pussy who has relinquished his freedom (but somehow dedicating time, money, and effort to gain validation from video games isn’t). This is the sort of attitude you would expect from a hater who is jealous of another man’s success, which is why many men feel repellent to MGTOW as a whole.

I’ve known and dated people with personality disorders.  Dangerous people.  People who can really fuck you over.  Sometimes you can just be in the wrong place at the wrong time and get fucked over by dangerous people.  The most dangerous trait of all, is the trait of persecution.  It’s always driven by an inner rage that can’t see it’s own source.

J. Edgar Hoover was an active homosexual who spent a good deal of his lifes efforts persecuting gays.  He caused untold damage to countless lives.

I once dated a girl with Borderline Personality Disorder who would invariably go through horrible mood swings in which she would dreadfully abuse and alienate all around her.  It was difficult to get out of her life, and I had to sacrifice a good deal of my business inventory to do so.  She then proceeded to stalk me for about a year, and contacted every girl in every chat and dating site in the new city that I moved to and slandered me.  All the while of course still wanting me back.

Hoover and the BPD girl are extreme examples of projection of negative qualities (or more accurately unincorporated shadow aspects of oneself) out onto an other and a complete inability at introspection.

“OTHER people are really bad, so bad that we could even righteously persecute them, and as a group take righteous pleasure in it.  And WE are being persecuted by OTHER people.”  Clear back assward insanity that is actively impossible to see by people who project.  Literally impossible – many in the mental health field will admit this openly – the worst BPD traits – especially projection – are completely resistant to any and all therapy.  It’s an active wiring, that you can’t talk a person out of.  It’s them damn Jews!  It’s them damn Gays!  It’s them damn Women!  It’s them damn Liberals!  It’s not me!!  It’s them.  Them people are decadent!

I think that the manosphere is horribly infected with this, and is for the most part rotten to the core.

The point of the post that I had in mind; all the ways we have social standing or lack of it; was futile to make, because those who are most lacking in social standing are the least able to admit it.  They will dissumulate like mad.  Literally like mad.  Like literally insane people.

Your social standing directly affects how women treat you.

Your social standing and social facility directly affects how your own woman will treat you.

Women can be kind, generous, honest, loving, extraordinarily sexual, faithful, doting love slaves willing to give their mind body and soul over to you.

Or they can treat you like nothing but an ugly ATM machine and act despicably in all possible ways.

There are social classes of women, just as there are social classes of men.  And women are very pliable, and in certain contexts can act at their very best.  Just like men.

If you are currently not in good physical shape, you are not in any position to comment on the socio-sexual marketplace.  If you are not currently as physically attractive as you can be you do not understand women.

That is because if you are not currently actively working at self improvement and being at near maximum personal attractiveness, you can not see the better sides of women.  It will be invisible to you.

And you are not in a position to comment about what you have no experience about.  Keyboard jockying is not passing on third hand knowledge.  It’s the blind leading the blind astray.

There are incredible, positive, life affirming, joyous opportunities with women.  Long term, short term – absolutely everything that you could imagine is possible.

Most of the red pill is defeatest, anti-intimacy garbage, spewed by losers at life looking for companions to complain with, or manipulating the frustrations of others into the personal gains of attention, status, and money.  Frustration porn earns ROK big $$.

And that’s not only tragic, it can be deadly dangerous.  There are some very fucked up personalities capable of real harm and damage in this world.  Genuine psychopaths.  Many in this very community.

And there are very positive people.

I know that I have a bad habit of spending too much mental energy on negative people.  I have an ex that has a deep personality disorder of being horribly passive aggressive, who is a huge mind fuck, and over the years I’ve allowed her to be very close to me; I even loved her at times, and would even say so.  Thankfully she got fat, which is way over the edge into total loserdome; totally unforgiveable for a woman.  Much worse than even the mental torture.  She was young and hot and attentive and usually loving and in many ways very positive for me, but it was completely impossible to reign in her passive aggression to a managable level; she just would not and could not shut up or stop being incredibly annoying at what often seemed every possible opportunity.  And it’s my fault for 1) not just ditching her and upgrading sooner 2) keeping going back to her over and over and 3) keep thinking about how incredibly annoying she is, when apart from her.

So, I don’t want to do that with other losers who deliberately choose to not upgrade and enjoy more out of their own lives.  I don’t want to focus on the people who prefer to complain about other people instead of upgrading themselves and therefore their own social circle opportunities.

I still have a long way to go until I deserve to be invited to the parties of the people I admire most.  I’m not quite respectable, yet.  But I’ve seen and been around good society before.  My last main GF, V, was very kind and respectable.  The current live in is in all ways at her very best.  My fathers side of the family is large and successful in all measures, especially in their marriages and family and social lives.  People associate based on perceived social fit; you can’t even know what society is, if you are a loser.  All you will see is other losers, and the girls who date losers.  Successful people don’t like to hang out with losers.

We’ve all read the same opinion again and again and again.  Many top mainstream manosphere blogs are toxic to the spirit.  They will bring you down.  No matter what truths they hold, after time they can become an obsession that leads to a very pessimistic, negative outlook.

I will go further and claim that this is partly deliberate, and is a crab basket mentality.  Losers who don’t want others to succeed claim that success is actually impossible, because it’s society and the nature of women  that is sick.

No, society is not too sick for you succeed with women.  Women are not hypergamous hypergamous hypergamous alpha fucks beta bucks feminism divorce rape false rape allegations blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.  Jeesus.  They can be everything you’ve ever hoped for, and much more.

Succeeding in every possible way you can imagine is totally possible.  It’s all up to you.

We live in a world of easy quick pleasures and very difficult attainment of satisfaction.  This is two sides of the same coin, because it’s the easy pleasures that directly cause dissatisfaction.

  • Video games
  • Social media
  • Porn and masturbation
  • Poor diet and excercise
  • Lack of meditative disciplines
  • Lack of musical disciplines
  • Lack of group face to face socializing
  • Pump and dump sexual lifestyle and lack of pair bonding
  • Easy access to addictive drugs and alcohol

Our technology makes becoming a loser the easy way out, and the standard mode of being.

That’s actually good news because all you have to do is to become in the top 10% of attractiveness in enough areas to be attractive to women.  That is the start of being in the position to become a dominant leader who women respect and treat well.  Because loserdome is so common, you can easily enough rise to become the cream.


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