Naive innocence is charming in young virginal lovers. You WANT that idealism. Not so charming in normie voters. Innocence needs to be deeply corrupted before you are eligible to vote. The Godfather Trilogy is an essay on corruptible human nature, and real politics

It makes people angry that corruption of the voting process is possible. People get angry at the imputation, or the fact. People even get angry at the real facts being exposed, because that erodes the ideals!

I think there is a widespread pandemic of narcissism, and we see narcissistic rage everywhere. Few study the psych of narcissists enough to understand wider society. Making N’s lose face leads to Narcissistic rage, then projection and other coping deflections. “Trump did it!”

True story; in grade 7 a slow witted friend was extremely angry at the teacher for calling him out on cheating, that he did do. “But you DID cheat!” “Ya, but he doesn’t know that!” He was livid, and felt deeply wronged.

Whenever you are in a reflective mood, and want a hit off the insight bong, back off and take a toke of meta big picture. An easy entry into meta pictures are meta principles; “Wherever there is motive plus opportunity, expect action”. Avoid all morals and ethics, first draft.

I also, of course, am slightly narcissistic. Sometimes it’s a problem, sometimes it really helps me. I still work to cultivate a double edged sword, and it takes great pleasure in cutting both ways. The sword of insight always does.

Film noir. Absurdist humor. There are workable ways that many people find to not lie to themselves about this real world. To be imperfect in a fundamentally imperfectable world. Cognitive dissonance is actually an aesthetic. Most don’t know that.

Every twinge of friction, every puzzle piece that matches on one plane of existence but does not fit in a parallel reality cluster, every nerve signal that points to a clue of a data-set that does not cohere well, is an opportunity.

Cognitive dissonance is an aesthetic. An opportunity. It’s naive to hope it’s an opportunity for financial or sexual or deep peace growth. The aesthetic is deeper; truth for it’s own sake. It’s a suicidal aesthetic, with a deliberately suicidal attitude towards current mental frameworks.

Agreed, it does assume that this is the best long term strategy, and will overall lead to more money and pussy. But it’s still suicidal, and jumps off of cliffs, all day every day, regardless of consequences.