A pretty face is a drug. And a tight and firm little girl body with ample breasts that are high and firm enough to have sprouted the night before will arouse me into a fervour of religious reverie.

I love being in love. Mutual love is the best possible drug.

I’ve tried heroin, crack, codeine, valium, pot, lsd, shrooms, and more. I’ve had experiences of strong meditative bliss, and screaming chi-kung ecstasies. But nothing comes close to the drug of being in mutual love with a hottie who orgasms regularly and easily.

XSplat, quick question: what is the best exercise or tip for increasing one’s horniness toward a particular female?

I wish I knew. There is a girl that I really like in many ways who doesn’t physically turn me on as much as I’m used to. It’s a shame. Especially as I recently took her virginity and she’s obsessively infatuated with me.

I’ve been in the same situation before, in Thailand. There was a time when I had two girlfriends – one I loved but would go soft inside sometimes only after a few minutes. The other one I didn’t like at all, but we fucked for hours and hours pretty well every day.

I really wish I had a choice in these matters.

It could get very confusing if I didn’t have the comparisons. I’d think my dick wasn’t working.

And the same happens for girls. For some girls they only come with me. But sadly, also for some girls they come for other guys but not me.

Chemistry can be discovered, over time, and it can grow. I’ve seen that many times. But I’ve also seen it not grow.

I wish I had a button inside me to push so that a girl with a great personality but body shape that doesn’t quite do it could turn me on as much as a hotty bitch.

And I wish my personality and skills were always enough to get 100% of all women’s motors fully running.

I appreciate the different kinds of love and passion I can feel for women. The companionate appreciation can be real and deep and meaningful. But it’s very different from the effect of eye candy. I just love a pretty face.

And I know women can be the same way. They can love a man, but not feel that rush.

And yet chemistry isn’t an easy calculation. I’ve known girls to come easily and passionately with me, and not at all with model handsome men.

And the types of girls I’m most into would not do it for a lot of guys. I like them micro mini and way over the top neotenous. Like Japanese Anime girls. Sopping wet with sexuality, but with a look so young it’s on some edge. Blossomed, but freshly pink.

I was out hunting yesterday. I started with the beach, and then cruised a shopping mall. It’s a fascinating endeavor. Scouting around, thoughts will scamper through my mind; “Is that girl hot enough for me to bother to approach? Na. Even if I got her interested I’d quickly lose interest in her. Woah! That one is so hot! I can’t possibly stand a chance. What is my state like? Am I in the best possible zone, or should I do a few practice sets and come back? I don’t want to use a hottie for practice – she needs my best possible a game, just for me to have the slimmest of chances.”

One girl was dressed up in a fuck-me outfit, walking with her plain friend. Boom I opened. “Hi! What’s your name? I had to stop you.”.”Why?” I look her up and down and say as if it’s obvious “because you’re so hot!” Everything I said came out with a side of lame and awkward and greasy, and I was leering at her with a creepy grandpa smirk. I was hurried and urgent in my rapid fire questions. “How long are you staying here? What do you do?” In the end I let her escape by handing her my business card for a purported modelling agency.

But you know what? She actually messaged me an hour later. And then gave me lols when I told her that her name Sasha sounded Russian, and that I would call her Natasha instead.

So I’m an old guy, creeping around the beaches and malls, hunting for girls who are WAY the fuck out of my league, so that I can fuck them and feel that most exquisite of highs. And bond with them and get them to fall in love with me and make my sheets all wet.

I met a girl at a shopping mall some months back. She chose my checkout lane at a department store so I struck up a conversation. I’d had one date with her and her friend, that seemed to go ok, but I could never get her out on a second date, so I gave up and hired her as a talent scout for my purported modelling business, and to do some part time data entry. She only visited a few times for training after that, but when she did I couldn’t help but stare at her face. I literally fell in love each time she’d visit. It would last at least an hour.

So yesterday I finally got her out on a date. I told her that I wanted to get to know her better, and so she agreed to an “interview”.

We started out on the beach, and the interview went well right off the bat. Two glasses of wine later I took her to a restaurant near my villa. During dinner I finally got to the three big questions that I wanted to ask her. 1) Is she a virgin? Yes. 2) Has she ever watched porn? No. 3) Has she ever masturbated? No. When I told her of of how I had to rape-start M21 and how it took her a year to grow into her strong multiple orgasmic sexuality, the little virgin threw her head onto my lap and started laughing. She was laughing all through dinner and then asked about my piano, so of course I took her to my room to play for her.

Then she kept going on about 50 shades of grey and comparing me to Dorian. “I can’t believe I’m in the arms of my boss right now! I’m so nervous! This is so wrong! You are my boss!”

The girl is petite and felt oh so good in my arms. My hand resting on her lower belly. Looking at her face made me nervous, but what a drug that eye candy is. She kept staring and staring at me, with a big nervous smile. We didn’t even kiss but it was electric.

So my dating skills are good, and my conversion rate for girls who I get on a date is high. And then keeping girls interested is a skill practised to an expert level. But day game is an entirely different story.

Walking up to some girl and stopping her, and then getting her interested in me? I’m nearly 50, short, noticeably well below average in facial attractiveness, and balding. And I go for girls in their teens and early twenties, and am only satisfied if I think they truly could be models.

A few days ago I was driving along and I spotted a pink haired hottie walking alone. I pulled right over, stalked her, crossed the street and overtook her, then doubled back to say hi as I walked towards her. She was on her phone but not one fuck was given. “Hi. You’re really cute. I had to say hi to you”. She kept talking on her phone and I kept not giving a fuck. I was there now. I took precedence, obviously. So she hung up her phone and chatted with me for a while and I did get the number. A student from another island, here for a week. A few days later she answers that she’s already flying back, but could be available next week.

And back in Java I got a girl I’d met out for a date – four months after I got her number. I must have invited her out 10 times before she agreed. The date went very well, and she all but offered to be my girlfriend, but I flew out to bali shortly after.

So it’s not impossible. It’s a matter of numbers, and state, and game. I am what I am, but even at my age, I can win sometimes.

I know what I want, and it’s a difficult thing to get. That perfect young hottie who arouses hot devotion. I have not yet built up my business pipelines to feed a constant stream of girls into my life. I’m working on that. In the mean time I’m just going to have to regularly hit the streets and do the hard work.

Because I’m not in mutual love with a hottie lately. I mean, I have sex with my girls all the time – sometimes pretty fucking good sex too. But I’m not in love with anyone. And I want that. I’ve had that. And I’m going to get that again, or die trying.

There is just nothing else like it.