Rosalie__s_Unhappy_Ending_by_Eclipse_AwayAuraTaxonomist said:

need to find a new way to exhort “nofap + meditation” to my bros that doesn’t sound like
a) e-book merchant who read part of Man-tak Chia’s book once

b) fake “esoteric” account that just says random shit

Try using the term “micro-expressions”, and ask them to remember a girl who exuded very strong physical sexual presence.

I don’t believe that the Blackdragon style of dating strategy is realistic or practical. Females have been around since we’ve been monkeys, and have evolved very strong patterns. You can’t just see a girl once a week and expect anything stable.

Midlife Moves said:

Your conditioning tells you to work towards living with a woman.
I’m here to say you don’t have to.

She can stop over once a week; twice if you really like her.

The rest of the week is for you; work, gym, hobbies, etc.

I’ve just saved you a fortune and a lifetime of misery.

You’ll need to constantly be finding new girls if that is your strategy. If the girl is satisfied with sex once or twice a week, it’s not that addicting to her, therefore low interest, therefore flight risk.

I had a tall and handsome buddy who played the sax at local clubs like a pro, and was the captain of the local soccer team. He told me his super hot girl broke with him, then said he only saw her once a week or two. I said “Duh, of course she needs more sex!” Friendship ended.

You can’t tell people what they don’t want to hear. He wanted to hear that his girl was a stupid slut. Not that there was something wrong with him for not working on his libido and sex and relationship skills.

Sure, she was one the hottest girls in the city. But you are not winning any contests only seeing her once a week! That’s as temporary as a fart in a breeze. Unless you’re paying. Or she’s married and you live next door.

Sex is never decoupled from the emotions that go along with baby making. That so called slut will fall in love with a guy different than the other 300. That virgin will act slutty just like the best porn show for that man who makes her babymaker itch.

If she isn’t so into you that she wants a baby WITH you, then she’s either already married, or she’s toying around until some other guy awakens her baby maker. An awake woman will want very very very frequent baby making.

Some girls say they’ve never really felt that. Until they DO. She’s not going to stick around for tepid, even if she’s only ever had and expects nothing more than tepid. Tepid is no glue. She’ll get happy wander feet.

Once a girl has activated her sex drive, she needs sex. If she’s gettin it on the side, that makes a “relationship” less stable.

Some girls can go long stretches without sex. But the nature of their sex drive changes once their motor is running. Then they become more like a dude, and need it when they need it. So either you have activated her sexuality and she’s often aroused and horny, and therefore a risk to seek dick more than the once per week you’ve alloted her, or you have NOT awoken her sex drive, therefore she’s likely to keep looking for someone who will.

Guys don’t talk about it much. Can be very very defensive too. But I can’t see the point about talking about meeting girls and dating without talking about stamina, staying power, and recover time also. The average fucking time is under 10 minutes. It’s a crying shame. Most girls are unfulfilled. Tragic.

There have been some studies that show that women judge men based on sexual performance; it’s a fitness signal.

A girl will say that she was really into that guy at the bar until he opened his mouth. Similar happens in bed. What you say is a test of your fuckable fitness and will score towards how much she’ll be into you. So is how you actually fuck. AFTER fucking a girl also evaluates a guy. You don’t get to put a notch into the bedpost until after you’ve fucked the girl at least 3 times. That should go without saying, but unfortunately it doesn’t.

And the really really weird thing, to me, is that it’s completely useless to clue guys in. They just get angry hearing about it. So very very strange.

Update: Midnight Moves says:

 I’m not reading that. But it’s like that other guy said: I think you’ve just written a blog post about how bad at sex you are.

The expected dissimulation and deflection and projection from Mr. Midnight. Makes a guy want to both laugh and cry. It will be impossible for Midnight to examine if his strategy has weaknesses, or if there are perhaps more fundamental personal weaknesses that are MAKING him adopt that strategy in the first place.

You can’t even lead a horse to water nowadays. They’ll accuse the school of hurting their feelings and demanding the head of the teacher. Weak ego’s can come from overprotective parents, or not enough parents, or not enough competition in general.
Chances are close to certain that your grandpa had much higher testosterone than you do. Levels have been declining non-stop and hugely for generations. People coincidentally fuck MUCH less nowadays. LTR difficulties may be largely libido related.
Yes, testosterone values rise and fall depending on social circumstances, but also environmental chemicals, such as plasticizers and soy, can be very detrimental, and are.

Big generational and cultural changes. I suspect less testosterone levels in the womb affecting development, plus soy and plastics during childhood affecting development, plus behavior in adulthood, social media phones, Aderal and stims, but also music plays big part. If you grew up with this you become this: