We know that there are developmental windows where neuro-development must occur for many different human developments. Motor development. Vision. Learning a language. If you aren’t subject to the stimulus that leads to language acquisition during those few years of developmental opportunity, you can never learn to understand speech. Not enough stimulus can cause severe developmental disorders in many areas, if the critical windows are missed.

What if a lack of unsupervised play causes developmental harm? What if a lack of face to face communication during our major neurological developmental open window, which lasts up until about age 21, causes permanent developmental delay – or social and mental retardation in other words?

Will we wind up with an older generation scratching their heads at the mass hysteria of a new generation of college students who can’t snap out of their collective group think identities?

As the older generations die out, will they leave the planet to a bunch of retards?

And that’s not the scary part.

I’ve been forecasting for decades about upcoming technological changes. People thought I was a raving futurist who’d read too many science fiction books. Ya, but now it’s getting in your face, isn’t it?

AI and robots are not only changing the job market, there is talk of existential threat by people as respected and famous as Elon Musk. Whatever changes Facebook and Twitter have brought us are as nothing compared to what AI and virtual realities and life extension and body modding will bring. And bring soon.

We aren’t talking about your grandchildren’s lifetimes. We are talking within my lifetime – and I’m already over 50. We are talking about your lifetime.

Society right now looks fucking insane to anyone my age. We’d never imagined this could have happened. It would never have happened to any of us who grew up with two parents in a home that had one rotary dial telephone that hung on the kitchen wall. Oh, and our Mothers and us kids only had glass bottles to drink from, meaning no BPAs to mess with our crucially important hormone levels as infants and children.

You guys are fucked. If you have kids, will you let them use a smart phone? Will you force them to go out and play, like my Mom did? Or will you let him stay inside and watch TV?

Well, for some of you, by the time you have kids, it won’t be about smart phones any more. It will be some equally unpredictable new socially disruptive technology.

The social conformist insular group think cliques and fanatical power hungry bureaucratic social justice or right wing conservative warriors are out of fucking control.

Did you guys just not go out to play enough? Didn’t see your Dad enough? Too much time on the joystick? What the hell happened to you?

If you don’t have any older friends, get them now. You need people who grew up in a different era to imprint on you. Believe me, even if you don’t know it, you need mentors. Find knowledgeable and respectable older people and be valuable to them and befriend them, before they are all dead and it’s too late for everyone.

It’s what I did when I was young. By dating older women and by befriending the wisest men and women I could find in the communities that I was interested in.

What if listening exclusively to hip hop and other non-melodic genres that lack complex harmonies is a definite sign of the developmental delay caused by not enough right brained activities, such as having emotionally bonded social interactions, playing music, body centered meditations and sports, and so on?

Only having same aged friends with similar interest is a horrible missed opportunity for young men . What if most of your similar aged friends are all fucked in the head? How could you possibly know?

Update: Just saw this