The middle aged handsome woman walked up the stairs, and there was immediate sunshine. She made me feel as if this was completely normal, and was warm, fun and funny, and at smiling ease, as if she knew that I already felt exactly like this. She introduced herself with a twinkling hello, and noticing all the instruments joked that I’ve made the room into a music studio. Her assumption of immediate rapport made it so.

Later in the day I interrupted the man at the gym, and told him that he was the biggest man that I’ve ever seen, and that I was curious as to how much food did he eat every day. Seven Chickens? Very close, he said. I need to eat 8 meals every day. I was struck by how much attention he kept trying to focus on me, being attentive and interesting in my life, as if he was David Bowie and not taking any of this hero worship bullshit and wanted to engage and learn something. Humbling. It made me realize that I’m deficient at paying attention to others, and so I tried to snap out of it, and ask him about himself. Turns out that he is a professional bodybuilder, and that he makes his living this way. His girlfriend at the gym was not only way above average in attractiveness, but her voice was calm yet full of fun. A well rounded yet excitable personality, and hot. A good pair, and they are more than happy with the pairing, they are calmed the fuck down. I’ve only learned about that option recently.

After the gym, I went out to see how attractive I was. Because my girl keeps telling me stories about ever since I’ve convinced her to wear form fitting dresses onto her tiny little 12 year old looking uber slim figure, she’s a constant magnet for guys hitting on her.

I love that. But I’d not feel at my best if it was one sided. So I tested it.

And I got the results that I wanted. Two 17 to 19 year old super hotties and me exchanged holy fuck I’m interested in you long stares and big smiles. Which grew all around between us openly squirmy and fully unabashedly wide after an overt hello wave and “Hi!” voice. I could have sat down at their table. I’m not talking about one girl, I’m talking about two. Two as in two.

So that counts. Then I came home, and explained all this in detail to my “wife”. That it’s fair and good that we both have options. She explained that she puts everything she has – all her love and devotion and attention – into me. And I told her that I respect her voodoo. That I’m different now, and I have no idea why. She’s doing a good job. I’m calmed down.

Later I did a magic power on her. I don’t talk about my magic powers on my blog. I don’t talk about my magic powers to my girls. It’s been said that a man should display value. But I keep some talents hidden, yet pull them out sometimes. Like in that episode of Taxi where the stoner suddenly played perfect piano, then a moment later had no recollection that he could do it.

I have some literal magical powers, if you choose to look at them from a metaphysical point of view. Usually I choose to look at them from a hypnotic point of view, however sometimes more information that is coherent with the facts is conveyed by a more metaphysical view. Neither views are complete. Neither are correct. I don’t claim to know what is reality. But I do claim to know that I can at will put people to sleep by touching them.

And that I was taught this, and that it’s a thing. A teachable thing.

As a student you are taught to try to maintain awareness as the teacher does healing touch on you. You get better at it. Like lucid dreaming.

I’ll leave it here.

Love is as real as you want it to be. You could have spiritual powers, if you were interested.

Sometimes people are stressed and not at their mentally best; maybe they feel insecure in a moment, and so choose emotional paths of “logic” that are actually political paths of agreement with a group in order to get hoped for group benefits.

But think about Joe Rogan for a moment. A man who is not even a mid-wit. He’s an ordinary bloke, with tons of wrong ideas, but he’s a good listener.

It’s not always about hardware. Software changes won’t make you the biggest guy in the gym, but you can be decent. You don’t have to be the smartest, and it’s not always the most attractive to be the biggest or smartest. But you can be that sunshine walking up the stairs. Slowly, step by step, you can.

Oh ya, one guy I really admire is Daysofgame, not because he’s Joe Rogan humble and so has a good reason to be a good listener, but because he’s smart enough to not have to listen, yet is an incredibly good listener.

Way better listener than I am. I’m too involved in my own wonderful and very engaging genius to have learned how to properly engage with people who don’t smell like women. It’s not game over, and I’m getting better, but Nash is one of many inspirations of men who listen and learn.

There are more – I’ve been focusing so hard on breaking wrong views that I’ve neglected the healthy and varied respectable men.

Oh, that reminds me. My last ex. A shout out. A young woman, but youth doesn’t mean lab rat stupid. She had not only free will, but wisdom. I really respect her, and I don’t know how to say it in a way that won’t sound like “oneitis” to people. Think of a friend or grandmother or anyone you intimately know and trust to eventually sooner or later make good decisions for themselves while at the same time being as kind to others as possible. That was V. I’m so glad to have been influenced by her. I learned a lot, from someone half my age. For one thing I learned that it’s possible to be low drama kind and happy. That’s a fraction of it. Anyway, you never know whats around the corner – there are surprising men and women, who are worthy of respect and admiration.

I have more and more shout-outs. Maybe I’ll get to them in post updates.