energy-body-coupleIt’s fine to focus on how to bed new girls. But what about after you get a girl? The chase is not even the first chapter of the book. Can be as little as the first paragraph. No limit to what’s possible after you catch a girl. Chase is merely chase.

It’s no accident nor anomaly. I’ve done this many times. 2.5 years living together, fresh and different sex many times a day, like rabbits. This is usual, and is a craft. It is a decision. It is a life art. A careful art.

Libido is not a mood. Libido is a cultivation.

So so so much value in bonding and partnering mutual care. It’s a forever deep craft, and it can work very well. I always have a loving personal attendant, constantly infatuated with me, and this is normal. This is craft, not luck.

It is a full life craft. Not a matter of pick up lines or some goals or mind sets. It’s a full life system. Being your best so that you can give and get the best out of your mate.

You can embody love, and be loveable. An object of devotion, every day. Giving love and fun every day, naturally. Because it’s completely natural. This can be YOUR personal normal. It takes time, but there are steps to get there; repeatable real methods and steps.

Lots of angst and discontent out there, but my house is always happy and fun. I’m dancing while the world goes crazy. Anyone else could dance too. It’s simply a choice.

A choice to take a path. But there is a path, and it goes somewhere.

When I first learned meditation, I was taught a rather mental form. Later I changed it and relaxed into the visual field, later learning that’s also a thing. Later I changed it again and now usually do more body centered meditation. Being embodied is important to me. An art.

There is nothing like the body rush of free form dancing with heavy barbells to a high powered song. Every muscle group you can find, plus cardio, plus rhythm. Fuck me that’s fun.

Few people know that you can listen to and co-create languages and moods and worlds in feelings in your body. It’s sometimes called chi-kung. A great source of balance or power or entertainment or healing or integration; it’s a doorway to you.

Just like creating music, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. You not only express yourself, you find yourself. Integrate yourself. Give yourself new voices.

It’s a mystery to me why chi-kung is not more popular. It’s been an indispensable and huge value to my life. Indistinguishable from being me, and indispensable to being my best me.

Why don’t people know? You know how you charge your cell phone, so that it doesn’t run out of juice? That’s what chi-kung can do for sexual staying power. But it’s much more than that. You know how harmony and melody can create subtle moods? Sensitivity plus power.

A girl is a way to meditate. To become and express and share love. A girl is a way to be a householder every-day yogi. Some consider a girl indispensable to “enlightenment”, whatever that is. A girl is a way to really be who you are, but better.

If you want to deeply rock someones world, you have to be deeply rockable. If you want to rock out for years, that takes dedication and attention to the craft of rocking out.

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