Johnny Caustic said:

This ties back to the fact that I found the seduction community back when everyone was big on aloofness, and how that b.s. held me back for years. I didn’t have the courage to face the “no”s, and the nonsense about faking disinterest gave me an excuse to be cowardly.

“the seduction community back when everyone was big on aloofness, and how that b.s. held me back for years. ”

That used to piss me off so hard. At the time I wrote what seemed like dozens of posts against the idea. If felt as if I was the only voice, stating the obvious, as loud as I could. It felt as if no one was listening. So incredibly frustrating. Yes, exactly. I knew how damaging that idea was. I fought my best against it, swimming against the tide, getting nothing but flack at the time.

Really fucking stupid idea. Heartiste is a good writer, but his promotion of narcissism and the dark triad by definition makes him not a good person.

I did a google search for xsplat aloof and there are many cranky posts. But this is the anti Heartiste meme post that really riled me up at the time.

Aloofness as ultimate game is stupid and toxic enough, but the fake-it-until-you-make-it confidence-is-king meme. Man. Eye rolling is not argument, so I wrote against that as best as I could at the time also.

Swimming against the stream. Never thanked. Barely noticed, or at least not much publicly agreed with at the time. But things did change. Heartiste’s ideas are no longer mainstream – the stream is now in my direction.

The Red Quest said:

Getting angry at people online seems like a waste of emotion. Reality offers useful feedback to those who believe incorrect ideas.

Having incorrect ideas is just human nature.

But sometimes people do what seems not much different than preaching for others to use crack cocaine, and try to build up a church of crack cocaine.

In such cases, it’s also human nature to have social concern, and to try to prevent a crack cocaine epidemic.

We are evolved to have social concern. It’s an emotion people don’t talk about much, but it’s very common. It’s similar to a sense of justice. We simply don’t like to see people causing harm.

And the commentor above mentioned that the incorrect ideas had a negative impact on his life.

It’s one thing to use crack, and be open and honest about it.

It’s another thing to preach using crack.

I’m a libertine and lean towards letting everyone do their own thing. But doing your own thing is not the same as setting up a Charles Manson church.

Some influencers, such as Roosh and Heartiste, rigorously police the conversations such that alternate viewpoints can not be expressed on their platforms.

Heartiste is well known to go so far as to actually edit peoples comments, such that the comments say different things than the commentor was trying to say.

He did this to my comments several times. This could not be apparent to the other readers, and he would not allow comments on his blog that called him out on this.

I’ve heard the same thing from many other people.

So this goes beyond having opionions and speaking your mind. It becomes much closer to brainwashing people. And this can cause real harm. It’s not theoretical.

Charles Manson didn’t actually do any murders, yet wound up in jail, merely for being influential.

It’s not just a game. It’s not just all live and let live, laissez fair. It’s very real cause and very real effect.

@theredquest, you’ve mentioned before that many of the people attracted to redpill and manosphere forums are there because of social deficits.

They are, in some ways, weak and vulnerable.

They can’t know what they don’t know. They are not in a position to judge for themselves, to pick and choose the wheat from the chaffe. They simply lack the life experience to be able to do so.

A persuasive writer can be analogous to a bully picking on a retard, if he is persuasive for personal gain.

You may have heard of a once popular character called Christian Mcqueen. It’s been said by some that he is in fact parasitical.

The weak in society need ombudsmen. There are predators everywhere, and the manosphere/redpill sphere is full of them.

It can take years and years for them to be caught out. By then so much real damage is done.