Rollo has one of the finest minds in the manosphere. He’s given us well articulated original contributions that sprung from his original insights.  He continues to put in effort to help men, and he does help men.

However his website is now basically a MGTOW handbook, geared at recovering betas.

In his conception of the world, you are either the guy that women want to have no strings attached sex with in the nightclub bubble pool, or you are a chump who can at best offer security for a woman who does not sexually desire you.

Guess which guy the married with a great high status job former rock star implies that he is?

I’m not dissing the guy for drama, or as some king of the hill move.  I respect him and am able to recognize his brilliance, good works, and hard effort.  I trust that he is a genuinely good man who genuinely wants to, tries to, and does help men, and to the best of his ability.

But in building his map of the socio-sexual marketplace territory he has created a finely crafted diorama, and now lives in that diorama.  His map is now his territory, and it has come to pass that his map is now more wrong than it is right.  It resembles reality so closely that he believes that it is reality, and quite unfortunately so do many other people.

As a married man he flirts but does not date, and so has limited scientific feedback with which to test his theories.  His favorite feedback comes from low socio-sexual marketplace value disaffected betas.  He helps to save them from suicide. He warns people of the pitfalls of marriage and is careful to point out how hypergamy tirelessly works.

I won’t go into details of my disagreements with his views in this post.  They were mentioned on his blog in the comments section, and instead of organizing my thoughts coherently I just copied and pasted my comments onto my own blog post here .

Regardless of if you agree or disagree with the finer points of the map of the sexual marketplace, you will agree that

  1. Rollo’s blog is not about self improvement.

How many of his blog posts are about what he is doing to self improve as a man?

If you are not rolling the stone up the hill, then you are sliding down it.

It’s a fine thing to very occasionally mention that game can improve a mans overall chances.  I can see that he very occasionally concedes that wealth can increase a man’s opportunities with women (though Rollo will not concede that it increases a mans sexual attractiveness in the same way that looks can).  He has mentioned that working out can improve a man’s options.  But none of those very occasional concessions to sexual marketplace class fluidity change the general gist and tone of his blog.

Rollo is trying to keep men down, and in their place.

His blog is about alpha fucks, and beta bucks, and you may as well give up and realize that you have been a beta all along and that you are a beta now and that you will always be a beta.

Because his blog is not about self improvement, it is not a blog about how to take advantage of hypergamy.

Because it is not about how to take advantage of hypergamy, but endlessly talks about hypergamy, it is a blog about how to protect yourself from hypergamy.

Therefore it is an MGTOW blog.

Which self improvement project is Rollo currently passionate about?  What are his socio sexual goals?  Does he want to arrange threesomes with model quality girls?  Does he want to build up a harem of women who are in love with him?  Does he want to train his current wife to be a devoted love slave?

He talks about none of these because none of these are his ambition.

In fact I will dare to take it further.  As he made a blog post devoted to saying that it was an impracticality to be an alpha provider, that he is not one.  I can’t know that, and it’s not a generous assumption, however if his life were like that I think he’d tend to see that as a possibility for other people, and if his life were not like that I’d tend to think he’d rather not see that as a possibility for other people.

He teaches very rudimentary red pill truths in an EXTREMELY high contrast, cartoonish way.  I used to read cartoons as a kid, and when you are a kid they are a very entertaining way to learn about the world.  You learn about good guys and bad guys, and the bright colors, sharp well delineated lines and huge pixels are soothing and simple.  But as an adult I see that the world of cartoons is only barely representational of reality.  Just because it is in many ways representational does not make it accurate – it is more wrong than it is right.

If you use Rollo’s world view, and put in perfectly good data, you will get out garbage predictions.

But that doesn’t much matter for what it is.  As an MGTOW blog, you don’t need to predict what happens when you strongly escalate on the bed with a woman who has not yet shown any overt sexual interest in you.  That’s irrelevent.

I’m a firm believer in class mobility.

It’s not for everyone.  Some people are permanently damaged, stupid, or otherwise fucked up and may as well go ahead and give up now.  For such people I would recommend .  You’ll feel better about yourself and believe that you have every reason and right to just lay down and give up.

For everyone else, there are endless ways to self improve and to constantly increase your sexual market value and your sexual access and your sexual skills and the number and quality of women who want to spend time with you, fuck you, fall in love with you, and attend to you.

If a blog is not ABOUT all the ways a man can self improve, then it is a blog ABOUT stagnation, resignation, and fail.

We all get older, and sooner or later that means we all decline in physical attractiveness.  But men can still increase their romantic and sexual options into their forties, fifties, and sixties.  Maybe even their seventies.  Maybe more.  And it pains me to have to say that I mean sexual options that include the women genuinely lusting.  I blame Rollo that that even needs to be said at all.  Fucking cartoonish meme of Alpha Fucks and Beta Bucks!

I have over 800 posts on this blog, and many of them touch in on ways to do well in LTRs with women.  A big part of doing well is becoming as attractive as possible.  And being attractive is about continual self improvement.

In a recent post I mentioned some areas of potential self improvement that came to mind

We can develop:

  • Mathematically
  • Musically
  • Socially, within many distinct and overlapping contexts
  • Physically in sports and muscle training
  • In various forms of mind training meditations
  • In various forms of body centered mindfulness meditations
  • Financially
  • In sexual prowess and refinement
  • Intellectually
  • Psychologically
  • Creatively
  • In knowledge
  • Philosophically
  • Aesthetically
  • In interpersonal connections, networking, influence and power
  • As a family man
  • In skills at having sustainable hand in long term passionate relationships
  • In affect and mood and in virtuosity of emotional range
  • In writing and speaking and communicating in body language and vocal tones clearly and persuasively

And on and on.

If you are only developing your game, you aren’t pushing the rock up the hill in a sustainable way.  It will start rolling down on you and eventually crush you.

If you are only developing your finances, personality, style, physique, location, and free time but aren’t developing your pipeline then you are also treading water and will eventually sink.

If a guy is talking about the sexual marketplace, he is either talking about how to constantly and in all possible ways improve ones position in it, or he is talking about how to Men Going Their Own Way opt out.