Jealous girls, and guys, can have their entire brain circuitry hijacked, to the degree that they can only hold ONE thought, ONE emotion. EVERYTHING else becomes eclipsed.

I’ve heard guys say that the most important attribute for a woman is that she is a virgin before marriage, and never cheats. They’d accept pretty well any other attribute, as long as they get fidelity.

And for girls it gets crazier.

I have had girls who put up gigantic walls and barriers to their virginity, that ONLY an experienced seducer could surpass. They screen out anyone except for a romantic bad boy.

There is no virgin who is a good lover. It takes years to become a good lover. So I’ve trained up some virgins, who eventually came into their own, and discovered a sexuality that few other men on earth would have been able to give her.

And then, when jealous, they get incredibly arrogant and incredibly emotionally labile and incredibly puffed up and full of themselves, and declare;

“How DARE you look at other girls on the beach?!!”

“How DARE you still be interested in spending time with other girls, discreetly, when I’m not around?”

To be fair, a few girls did take pains to thank me, over and over, for awakening their sexuality. They understood what an incredible gift I gave them. Seriously, without me, they would have gone their whole life without properly developing their sexuality.

And yet because of instincts and FEELINGS, girls want a flying supertanker.

A beta bad boy.

ONLY a romantic bad boy in love can make a girl squirt and squirt and squirt and bring her to emotional tears during sex. A good boy can’t, never will, never did.

And you can’t put a bad boys balls in a purse. Otherwise he was never a bad boy, and never would have made you squirt. It’s simply impossible to tame a bad boy; he’ll grow so resentful at the attempt that he’ll start to get cranky and ignore you, and you’ll become bewildered at what changed. You did; you changed him. You wouldn’t let him be a man, and so he stopped acting like a man TOWARDS YOU!

Arrogant women. Will destroy a man’s life, for being a man. Because FEELINGS. “Oh, I’m jealous, therefore you are WRONG and BAD! I’m too good for the exact type of man I screened for! Now I only want the kind of man I kept rejecting, year after year, before I finally opened up my full sexual potential with the romantic bad boy.”

“And any feeling that the man has doesn’t exist and doesn’t count, because I have feelings, and I’m jealous, and that is paramount and erases absolutely everything else, and he can go to hell.”

There is a reason that romantic bad boy types say that 80% of girls who leave them eventually come back.

Because sexual chemistry is fucking important.

And you can’t get it with guys who will be polite with their eyes at the beach. You can’t get it with guys who are not an infidelity risk. You just can’t. Sexual chemistry with good boys DOES NOT EXIST.

No good boy ever opened up a womans sexual potential.

God, what I had to do to seduce the virgin M when she was 21. I swear no other man on the planet would have been able to do it. I literally had to wrestle her – it looked quite like rape. What good boy would be capable of it? And what good boy would have turned her from a lousy lay to an absolutely incredible orgasm machine? None. When she would keep coming back to me she’d say “Oh, you always make me come”, and occasionally admit that such a thing was rare with other guys, unless on a tongue. It took a full two years to open up her sexuality. And it was most fully open when she was doing pussy wars against N17; the jealousy brought out her absolute best. And now today without me she’s all closed down again.

And what good boy could have brought so much out of the virgin V?

No good boy.

She went from zero to hero. And that also took more than two years. No good boy would have ever awoken her. Ever. She’d have lived her entire life without knowing her potential.

The exact thing that women want is the exact thing they get furious for getting.

It’s not difficult to pair bond and have children and a life with an experienced man. It’s really quite simple and easy, and women do it all the time.

All you have to do is swallow your fucking pride and stop looking at his phone. Simple. Then you’ll be relatively happy. As happy as you can be. THAT is as good as it gets.  If you want passion and spark and romance in your relationship.

You can’t be passion happy with a beta good boy. You can’t. You’ll be secure, yes, but not mate-happy.

Update: I was still angry when I wrote this post.  I’m not so angry now, and feel more remorseful at what could not be than cranky.