A few thoughts about Chi-Kung/Qi-gong:

Chi-kung is a broad umbrella word that holds within it many different types of body centered meditations. It’s a thing the way “martial arts” are a thing.

I learned many styles, both moving and not moving. Not moving includes standing chi-kung, where you take a pose as if holding a tree, with your legs slightly bent, and also includes many sitting down types, such as the inner smile, or moving energy up your spine, over the top of your head, and back down the front into you lower belly area, then back around.

There are forms of chi-kung that look more like tai-chi, with some ritualized movements, however with chi-kung your focus is less on the dance like body movements, and more on internal energy.

To highlight the energy aspect, one type is where you hold your palms near each other, and feel a ball of energy there. From there you can wave your arms around in some different ritualized ways, and feel energy inside other parts of your body and even outside of your body – especially above your head and below your feet.

So with repeated practice, your mental map of your body image gets augmented, and you create phantom limbs, that are felt quite strongly, just as amputated limbs can be felt quite strongly. You learn to feel your chakras, and move energy around very consciously at any time; while watching a movie, or having a conversation, or while having sex.

This type of activity is a great example of the satisfactions that can only come from delayed gratification. While it is pleasurable, it’s also a discipline that is additive. Very similar to practicing a musical instrument, it requires maintenance and continued learning. If you don’t practice for even a few days, the sensations drop off. Regular daily practice will bring the sensations even into your sleep state.

Meditation is a great way to get out of the habit of being inside the left brained analytical ego-centric narrative. Just focus on anything other than your internal dialogue, and that’s meditation. Well, anything that isn’t also story-line based – so that rules out most entertainments. Focusing on the sound of a fan will expand you out of your narrative. Some people use the breath. I’m fond of the visual field as a relatively form-less meditation; just sit and be aware of the environment.

The advantage to chi-kung as a form of meditation includes of course expanding out from your narrative, which frees up a lot of attention to enable you to enjoy more of the present moment. But then it has other advantages that I respect so much that I very often mention it.

The most obvious and perhaps profound advantage is that it increases both sexual intensity plus sexual control. You can feel more energy in more of your body, and are even a great deal more sensitive to the cues and energies and emotions and vibes of your lover. You get much more embodied and present, but in a way that is not so much of just having feelings happen to you, in an out of control way, but also of participating in the feelings; you can move the energies around, in a great many ways; very much like playing music.

I don’t know what percentage of the population is able to strongly feel the kinesthetic sense and create and work with these phantom limbs. In the classes that I took, people naive to the idea very quickly felt chi between their hands and the practices made a lot of common body centered sense to them.

My life has been so incredibly enhanced by it, and it’s so integral to my life and personality and being, that of course I can’t imagine dealing with women as effectively without a very strong grounding in chi-kung. It’s very much a gigantic portion of how to communicate. How to connect. How to share love and space.

I have many interests in my life and am constantly studying about some newly discovered interest, be it about biology or science or music or history or whatever. But usually I limit the blog topics to be about increasing relationship skills.

Chi-kung is not exactly about relationship skills, yet, just like maximizing your body shape with diet and excercise, if you don’t take it seriously, you are not operating at your peak potential.

I’ve been fit for decades, and have consistently maintained a gym regimen, however these last 6 months or so have been more consistent, and fast regularly. So my body is looking a bit better. It doesn’t seem like a huge change to me, but I’m getting noticeably better treatment from strangers when I go out. I’m no longer sexual invisible, and in fact often blatantly not invisible. Indicators of Interest for a 52 year old guy don’t just happen from your location.

And indicators of interest also happen because of vibe, and vibe is of course influenced by your real lived day to day life and how happy and socio-sexually content you are.

So chi-kung is not only great for maintaining strong passionate love affairs, it’s also crucial to simply having a strong and positive stage presence.

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Update: One of my chi-kung teachers hypothesized that an increase in kundalini awakenings that started in the late 60s was influenced by the music of the day.

Listen to this:

Notice the high above your head feelings that are in harmony with the beats below your feet.

That is the essence of chi-kung; co-ordinating the whole body all at once. Feeling refinements that take deep concentration, then feeling other deeply refined bass lines. And more. Music and chi-kung are analogous and even intertwined.

These types of personal development of course bleed into interpersonal development.

Shorthand: if you do not talk about giving and receiving love, then you aren’t doing that. We talk about what is relevant to our lives. If you you are reading someone who rarely mentions love, no matter how much he mentions notches, love isn’t that relevant to his life. If that’s the case, he is not able to feel and give love.