Living with J25 is going well.  We laugh and joke around a lot, she’s getting sex addicted and coming more, we’re in mutual love and she tells me she loves me at least 20 times a day.  Maybe a hundred some days?

I think of V less, the more J25 comes, but when I do think of her it still aches.

It’s unusual in my life for a girl to stay broken up with me.  V was in love and very bonded, but made a decision it seems she will stick to.  That seems foreign and strange to me, but I can understand and respect it.  She’s got some new guy, for better or worse, and she has some strong ideas about relationship, and her future.

This blog is dangerous to my relationships.  Most girls find out about it eventually.  It likely contributed to losing V.

So it’s dangerous and tricky to talk about non-monogamy.

In a previous post I talked about settling down to be with just one girl instead of the usual habit of maintaining multiple long term relationships.  However in some dreams I still have fresh loving fun with a harem – often newly found.

So I’m wary of kissing and telling, for fear of destroying hearts and my life.  It’s a shame, as I do enjoy having an open diary on the internet.  Long time readers will be left in the dark as to the status of my social life, except for references to my new “Daughter” J25.