It’s slow going, but steady and noticeable. I really like this one day eat as I please on gym day (focusing on high protein and some veg),  and the next day water-fast body resculpting method.

It’s surprising how not difficult it is. A few times a day on fast days it’s slightly annoying. It’s the morning after a fast day and hand on heart I’m not feeling hunger right now. And that means about 24+8=32 hours since last eating, if I ate just before sleeping on gym day. I was productive right into the late evening last night, and had no problems sleeping. Again; not troubled by hunger.

I find drinking boulion helps on fast days; I guess the body needs the salt, and it’s strangely satiating; in a fasty kind of way. I hadn’t thought of it until day three of not eating at the initial shock-start to the fast, and wow did my body ever appreciate the salt!

There is a noticeable difference between how much fat I could grab, slouched over on the can yesterday morning, than how much I could grab today. The belly is within normalish range now, and it’s not going to take much longer at this rate until any hint of a protrusion is dialed to within exactly any spec of my choice.

Really easy, really efficient way to diet. I’m lovin the method, and the results.

For me I  had  results inside of decent range for both the belly and my muscles attainable within two weeks from starting shlub point.  Decent meaning nothing to be embarrassed about, and bordering on attractive.

I’d guess that pretty well most any fat fuck could get himself looking decent within two months.


I guess that means no excuses then.

It’s really not hard. No, really – I’m not just saying that. It’s totally doable. And what a difference it makes!

I feel SO much more sexy in bed now, and feel so much more deserving. It’s not easy to keep an attractive girl in her prime, especially at my age, height, and facial symmetry. I’ve no choice but to maximize my body, as well as anything else I can. And that, plus the everything else part, is making a huge difference to how the girl is treating me. She’s taken up a new hobby, and is very eager, focused, and attentive at praticing it. It’s getting in the way of my work, but I don’t want to get in the way of her hobby. She’s into giving head now. I guess we all need a hobby.

I’ve got a new hobby too. I’ve got a new 7 string hollow body jazz guitar, and have it hooked up via usb to the computer for software effects, and from there it goes to the stereo amp. It sounds great, and it’s really quite amazing to me just how much faster I’m learning to play music on it than I could since about 5 years ago when I last used to dick around on a guitar. It’s because of the piano playing. The fingers have a new intelligence now. It’s almost shocking. I had no idea that the musical ability in the fingers could transfer over like that.

I’ve got a tenor sax on the way.

So that will be piano, guitar, and tenor sax. Later I’ll add few more instruments, such as chromatic mouth harp, tenor flute, and a large bass cello. But the trio of guitar, piano, and sax is fucking awesome to get and keep a girls attention.

Again; really easy. All I did was dick around on the piano, at my own pace, with no lessons, no structured learning. Never played when I didn’t want to. Never pushed myself. Year after year after year, pure improv plus learning a few songs that caught my attention led to some actual musical ability. And that makes a huge difference in overall attractiveness, which is fucking important if I like blowjobs and sex. Which I do.

Best money I ever spent was the 4 grand on a Yamaha Clavinova electric piano. When it comes to musical instruments, get value for money, but get value. Get a good one. You’ll play more because you’ll sound way better. I bought two cheap ass guitars – one electric and one acoustic – before importing my 7 string jazz from China. The $100 guitars are kids toys compared to the $500 import. It’s a very different experience between playing them, and as you can imagine I’m much more inspired to play the good instrument.

And the $700 yamaha keyboard I had before springing for the Clavinova is also like a kids toy in comparison. I suppose the difference might be between fucking a fat fugly vs fucking a hottie? Both can seem good enough in the moment, but you’re going to want to fuck that hottie more often, and overall get a hell of a lot more pleasure from her. Especially for public performances.

A good instrument feels like an entity – like a living entity. You entwine with it, talk to it it, breath with it and discover with it. It’s a being. It makes a really big deal and difference to get a good being.

* Caveat; any fat fuck who is merely fat, and not obese.