Actors and actresses in melodramas must hold their faces in ambiguous poses. Must keep the audience guessing at the next plot twist. This detracts by 80% the interest in the characters. The characters become wooden for the sake of plot tension.

Finally shaky cam has gone out of favor, however loud noises in lieu of real dramatic fear are still common easy ways for grinding writers to push out a script.

Remember that undertone musical note that used to accompanied EVERYTHING? A boat is on the ocean. Brrrrrrrrrrm. Soooo dramatic, sooo undertone. Such an assumption of emotional puppetry. Lazy writers. Eventually even the dull networks realized that even the most easily emotionally manipulated get accustomed. Next trick? Hmm. How about good writing?

Remember the few decades phase of psycho quick edits? Easier that writing.

You know how the drum goes “ba da bum” after every joke? Easier than writing.

You know how you are just staring, semi hypnotized, not really feeling anything? Ya, easier also. That’s the point of this post.

It’s not their fault for not properly entertaining. Becoming quiet can make small things sparkle, and integrate parts of you that you assumed were not even parts.

** I’ve been enjoying the T.V. series recommended to me named Genius. Power plays are timeless. But I hate to see timeless power plays between men and women perverted by P.C. or whatever is the new term for la la land women win.

** The vocal minority are often complaining from a position of envy. Strident feminists are often too ugly and fat to be raped as in their masturbation fantasies. They social signal fear, as if anyone was actually looking at their invisible blubber.

** I remember at six years old being annoyed at the Hercules cartoon. I noticed that catching a falling woman near the ground was exactly the same as hitting logs on the ground. The same brain and organ damage. It’s obvious. Hit your body against the ground at high impact, or hit your body against a super hero’s safe and caressing arms. Can you imagine the whiplash? Inches from the ground you are traveling at a certain speed. Arms don’t slow you down like an air bag. Arms are the same as pavement. Rapid deceleration. That adults watch super-hero movies with this same trope is enough to turn a man into a selective misanthrope. Movie physics.