I think the reader can put together the connections between these ideas. I may update with more thoughts later.

Quoting theredquest:

2. Most people want a “system” to follow. Religion used to provide this. Today, religion is mostly dead, and so guys find politics instead. Once a typical person buys into a political party or system, they stay with that system, even when it is bad, or has bad outcomes.

3. Keep in mind that TRP and seduction probably selects for guys who have been unsuccessful with or hurt by women. Probably guys with bad childhoods too. Guys who are getting what they want from dating, women, etc. are probably not spending a lot of time debating pickup tactics online.

Quoting Delacroix’s Desk: https://delacroixsdesk.wordpress.com/2019/02/15/truths-about-the-red-pill-seduction-and-why-rp-may-actually-be-hurting-your-success-with-women/

While RP wisdom tells you to ignore emotions and that “feelings” are for girls. You have to realize, as an artist your ability to experience emotion and express it is one of your greatest strengths EVEN if it’s not inherently masculine.

Quoting BlueValenting: https://krauserpua.com/2019/02/21/blackdragon-is-a-pathetic-delusional-cuck/#comment-122894

Honestly, I always viewed Xsplat as a keyboard jockey totally disconnected from the reality of seducing women and the grind of game because he doesn’t approach much.

He’s always struck me as lost in a world of mental masturbation without much relevance to reality.

The only thing that gives him some “cred” is how long he’s been blogging about love and that esoteric nonsense, which is 2003. But as you can see in his first post ever, the dude was living in la la land for over 15 years now:

Quoting TheRealist https://krauserpua.com/2019/02/21/blackdragon-is-a-pathetic-delusional-cuck/#comment-122887

I’ve read your blog while ago and found some resemblance from RedPill perspective.
Give some refreshment by having the balls to diss Rollo CS.
Also at least, a good writer, I think(at that time).

After read that post I just realized you.. $%@!$@!%$@%!%%^&^!@

RIGHT BRAIN? Chi-Kung? internal energy.? chakras?

Are you TNL member?

Ok, I’ve written before how I think that the idea of being a leather jacket Alpha Fucks as OPPOSED to provider type of man is a crazy and stupid self limiting false dichotomy.

Here is a great example of why.

If you think that love and chakras and chi-kung are “unrealistic”, divorced from reality, and la-la land, then ask yourself what reality you are trying to create for yourself.

In my reality that I create, I fall in mutual love with young women that I’m very sexually attracted to, and they become extremely devoted and see me as often as I will allow them to.

In the reality that BlueValentine prefers, he focuses on meeting new girls.

What about retention?

What about retention?

What about retention?

Why not see the girl more than once?

Are you not interested? Or is it that you HAVE to keep approaching new girls, because the girls are not interested in seeing you again?

Chi-kung is EXTREMELY down to earth and practical.

It’s the technology that makes girls fall in love and come back to ride and suck on your cock.


Relevant, from this comment:

In researching the biomechenics of addiction for this comment https://xsplat.wordpress.com/2017/10/05/11156/#comment-29344, I came accross information about differences in how the left and right brain process information, and how each can sometimes work as distinct characters that we inhabit.

I think you’ll notice that most of what I advocate, in terms of relationship skills and seduction, is very right brain oriented. I’d like to do a long write up about it.

I’ve spent a great many years working diligently, without being aware of it, to be able to embody my right brain – since age 12 actually – first with self-hypnosis, then mind centered then body centered meditations, intellect to see the edges of intellect through studying Buddhist philosopy, lucid dreaming, post-meditative wide spacial awareness as habit, poetry writing, and later with musical improvisation (that I usually do using the left hand, which is controlled by the right brain).

Lately when talking about seduction I mention improv often, and mindfullness and awareness and music.

Apparently bonding and social relations are handled by the right brain.

It also thinks in terms of quality, instead of quantity. It would be an EXTREMELY left brain approach to go for notches, while not being interested in the quality of the relationship and sex.

The first video is an introduction video with animation, the second is a more in depth talk, and the third repeats information in the 2nd talk but goes into more depth. You can youtube Dr. Iain McGilchrist

In this third talk McGilchrist mentions that left brain music is only involved with beat, there is no harmony and melody.

I’ve often ridiculed hip-hop as lacking in harmony and melody. Amazing. I must assume that hip-hop is both adopted by and leads to left brain oriented people. Also I assume that modern society is heavily influenced by cocaine, meth, adderall and ritalin types of drugs, instead of the pot and lsd and heroin that influenced musicians in the ’60s and ’70s.

He also mentions that culture on the whole is becoming more left brained, and children are now needing to be taught how to recognize facial expressions – a right brained activity.

For me, not drifting into left brain seeming to be the driver of conciousness requires regular habit maintenance. The habits of meditation and chi-kung – especially when combined and practiced daily – have profound changes on how my mind works. Music and improvisation also seem to be making big changes. And I have to include now, only now just realizing it, the improv that happens when talking to my girlfriends – or fucking them. The sex of course can sometimes be a profound meditative bliss experience, or it can slip into something more banal and routine. But the verbal back and forth – I did not realize until now that this is also a type of poetry writing, or left-right integration that is heavily right brained.

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