I suspect that many people use social conservatism as a mask to hide their paralysing fear of change.

They use it as an excuse to avoid heartbreak, suffering, and joy.

“Heaven, is a place, where nothing, ever happens” David Byrne

People use real truths about differences in how men and women generally behave, to avoid any change.

And worse than that, gather into communities of the burned, compare experiences of being burned, and conclude that only burns happen. Life from the perspective of a person who has simply not yet learned the basic skills of managing deep passionate loving joyful long term relationships, is no place to talk about how women are. It’s so incredibly one sided. “Alpha fucks and beta bucks!” “All women are like that!” How the fuck would YOU know! From your few experiences of being ignored or burned? Grow some skills and see women from the OTHER side. And there IS another side!

“No use having any sort of pair bonded relationship, because I can’t know if the woman will stay locked down and good to me and faithful FOR THE REST OF MY FUCKING LIFE.”

Get out there and get your hearts broken, you fucking dweebs. Do it over and over, and learn how to heal and make yourself a stronger, better person. Be a fucking man. Slowly, over the years, learn how to maintain strong interpersonal boundaries, learn how to be charming and charismatic. YOU CAN DO IT IF YOU TRY.

You can’t do it if you don’t.

I used to be a tormented Buddhist, working so incredibly very hard for heaven – that Nirvana where nothing ever happens.

What an incredible bag of fools gold I was sold! Pure shit. Heaven, is a place, where nothing, ever happens.

Life is a place where we navigate risk and reward, win and lose, feel up and down, and do shit.