Are you projecting out onto all females who show sexual interest in you your fucked up childhood relationships?

If not, then you must be some freaky superhuman, or won the parent lottery.

I’ve had years of incel pain. Even while I was regularly working out. I was socially medium; nothing too spergy.

At that time I was advised not to complain. I was advised not to show weakness or loneliness. Game and red pill wasn’t invented or recently discovered. Look at black and white movies dating back to when they started being made. Read old books. The human condition isn’t some recent mathematical insight.

Back in the olden times, people knew what you can read about on the internet now. It’s not news.

“Are you projecting out onto all females who show sexual interest in you your fucked up childhood relationships?”

I did. We all do. But also take efforts to notice the sunny side of life, and take pains to notice happy couples. You might even know a happy couple within your extended family.

Roughly 10 percent of couples remain in love and pair bonded until they die.

Glass 90 percent empty?

Yes, it is.

But it is also a glass 10 percent full.

I’m personally happy now. I’ve been happy in this way before. The last time, my mate was not quite enough physically my style, and I was in a long habit of non-monogamy, so I blew up an otherwise good match.

The time before that that I was happy, the girl died, leaving me with 6 months of day and throughout all dreams toothake strong heartbreak.

No one wants to hear that someone else is happy. That’s horrible news. We prefer to hear how other people are humiliated, or about to be taken down a few notches, or how they deserve our help to be raised up.

We all hate to hear if anyone is actually happier.

But I am currently happier than I used to be, and I know many reasons why.

These reasons will resonate with some in groups, and irritate others.

I think that the most salient and topical social dynamic questions are not about my theories of why my 30 year younger girl aches for me every day, but more why in and out groups choose meme sides.

If you identify with people who have lost love and are uncertain about regaining a useful love, you will naturally seek solace in memes.

If you you identify with people who slowly raise their socio-sexual status and slowly year by year gain more experience and positive feedback, you can’t identify with the Rollo camp.