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Why I don’t hire teachers. And why you should not study from teachers.

Posted by xsplat on April 25, 2016

I’m bootstrapping a small startup, and so interview for new hires every few days.  Every day I spend an hour or two going through applications.

I sometimes come across people who don’t know how to be career oriented.  They might stay too long in a job that does not advance their skills, or jump around between unrelated fields, or work at jobs that don’t match their potential.  They work at places because they need a job, not in order to advance their career.

I used to be the same way.  In Canada you needed to graduate from grade 13 high school in order to go on to university.  Grade 12 counted as a High School diploma, and that’s all I got.  After that I lounged around the house for most of a year, before getting a series of temp manual labor jobs.  I had zero career ambitions.  My ambition was to move to a Buddhist mountain retreat or monastery.

But as an employer, I have gained a different perspective.  It’s required of me to be able to understand career ambition.  I need ambitious employees who want to work near the peak of their potential, and who can grow and learn and develop along with my company, constantly refining their skills to stay relevant and cutting edge in a competitive cut throat marketplace.

Sometimes I’ll look at a resume and see that the person went straight from school into teaching.  Or they dabbled in working in their field, before moving into teaching.

Teachers are not useful to me.

You’d think that a teacher of PHP programming would be a great hire if I needed a PHP programmer.  It doesn’t work that way.  In class, you are teaching the same thing, over and over.  You are stuck at the beginners level, by design.

Only in industry are you forced to face novel situations, and only in industry is it adapt now or die.  In academia your students can’t easily evaluate the value of your teaching, and unless you have a large faculty specializing in teaching PHP programming, neither will your peers.  Even if they cared to.

I once had some specialty chemistry commissioned from a university lab.  They were affronted that I demanded a budget, and said that in Academia it doesn’t work like that.  They not only resisted, but acted insulted.  They explained that they were used to an open ended unlimited budget.  It costs what it costs and takes as long as it takes.  When I explained that I had to know the costs first before deciding if I wanted to start the project, they acted as if I was insane, and refused to even calculate the cost of materials.

I interviewed a business major and professor recently.  He agreed that he had no practical experience at all – all his experience was theoretical and only within the classroom.

Can you learn how to fuck by reading Penthouse and watching porn?  Can you learn advanced PHP programming by teaching PHP classes?

School is a preparation for learning how to work hard and consistently against deadlines.  It teaches some thinking skills, and some practical knowledge.  It is PREPRATORY.  After school comes the real training, which occurs on the job.

Companies that hire fresh graduates consciously do so in order to find that one in 10 hire who is the blockbuster of productivity.  He won’t know his value, and can be paid much less than the man who spent 10 years carefully honing his skills on a well planned career track.  These blockbuster hires make it worth the expense of hiring and training (and usually eventually firing) the other nine.

Fresh graduates are useful if they are extremely talented.  Otherwise it usually takes years of focused development before they are good at their job.  And this gets reflected in their salary, and in their job title.  A Senior PHP developer can earn more than twice as much as a fresh graduate.

Most companies can’t afford to gamble on blockbusters or wait years for their staff to to grow into their potential, and so hire the most experienced and proven staff that they can afford.  No amount of university training counts as experience, whether it’s being trained or training others.

I’m writing this post because it’s the perfect metaphor for the act of teaching about relationships between men and women.

If a man is not currently actively dating, and yet is teaching about relationship dynamics, then he is an academic.

Academics do not know that they do not know.  Instead they think they know more!  Academia is insular and self referential, and this has been an open joke ever since there was academia.  Academia and industry are like Penthouse vs Sex.

There are good, and even great academics.  And yet we have the saying “Those that can, do.  Those that can’t, teach.”  If someone is ONLY an academic, even a great academic, then he can’t do.  He can’t even know.  It’s not possible to be good at any field and ONLY teach about it.

If someone is married, and is trying to explain about relationship dynamics, he is an academic.

I don’t hire academics, because they have chosen the career path of being deliberately stuck.  Academics are treading water.  They think they have a broader perpsective, by virtue of thinking about things, but are just stuck in a very narrow and limited world.  The more they teach the same thing over and over, the more they mistake the map for the territory.  Their maps over time become loaded with sign posts that are jargon words that mean so very much to their students and to other academics, but so much less to those in industry.  “Stages of mating”.  “Hypergamy”.  “Alpha fucks and beta bucks”.

So that’s my warning.  Learn relationships from those that have the types of relationships that you strive for.

Would you like to have multiple attractive women in their most peak years in love and devoted to you?

Then don’t study about relationships from a married man .  Especially if his wife is of a similar age!

My god, I can’t imagine how a man with a similar aged WIFE expects to be and is taken seriously, when talking about how to relate with women.  Jesus what a waste of potential!  A guy would need to be blind not to notice young ass, and incompetent not to tap it.  On the regular. Or whipped or low libido.  Which are both much worse than being blind or incompetent.

And unless you want a similar lifestyle, don’t take on as a mentor a PUA.  From what I see all PUAs have a paltry sex life, and none have a bottom bitch, let alone several women who pray devotedly from their hearts and other warm spots at the alter of his lingam.  A top PUA might in one of the best months of his career score 10 girls and have sex maybe 15 times. And he’ll have to work very hard for it, using up a lot of his limited time and energy.  Whereas a guy with a harem of devoted women may have sex several times a day with different women.  And most of it will be much better quality sex.  Just by inviting his girls over, or doing a circuit between their apartments.  And he’ll never have to cook or clean.

The PUA lifestyle is in industry.  It’s practical and hands on.  The married lifestyle is a communist industry – no competition at all, and you can be wasteful and inefficient and incompetent and clueless and still think things are fine and dandy.

I strongly believe that PUA and being married are both extremes.  To be functioning at peak potential by definition means that one is neither monogamous for more than a few years nor a full time playboy.

A man needs BOTH variety, and deep and stable intimacy.  That really should be fucking obvious.

PUAs can’t know about intimacy, and married men can’t know about dating.  Both positions are too extreme.  There is not the overlap that people at the extreme ends assume.  Most of the skills for LTRs are vastly different than PUA skills.  And PUA skills are also highly specialized, and not learned through LTRs.

And multiple long term relationship skills are again a different skill set.  No PUA or married man is going to have more than a sniff of a clue about MLTR skills.  But most will assume they are experts anyway.  And won’t be shy to teach you what they don’t know.


Either you are fucking multiple attractive young women who are in love with you, or you do not understand and do not have the skill sets involved.

Either you are dating now, or you do not understand dating now.

Having dabbled in dating long ago and retired means you are not industry relevant now.  No matter how many people you talk to who are in industry.  Having specialized industry skill in one area is not transferable to another.  And deep down, we all want to be neither a PUA nor monogamous forever to the same woman.  I firmly believe that.

And anyone who says that he is an MGTOW guy who does not want or need women is a liar and a loser.

MGTOW guys are like born again Christians.  They must devote a lot of time to proselytizing, because deep down they can’t believe their own bullshit, and the only way to maintain the faith is by splainin and splainin and communing and communing.

Nope.  All men want what is the most valuable asset that has ever been.  Young attractive women.  And we all want these precious assets to adore and be owned by us.

And ONLY men who consistently maintain what we all truly want are in the industry, and worthy of hiring by you, to be your teacher.

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Humble-brag. I suck at interviews because I keep blabbing inspiration

Posted by xsplat on April 19, 2016

I’m really into my businesses.  I have vision, and am articulate, and am passionate.

I interview a few people each day for new positions, and instead of probing their personalities and talents, I go on and on about my business.

It hypnotizes people.  I may as well admit that I have a talent for sucking people into my world.  I have a vast and detailed visualization about what my world is, and what it could be.  It’s seductive.  It’s a great world.  I want to be a part of it.  You would want to be a part of it.  Everybody wants to be a part of it.  Give me a few moments, and you will ask for more moments, until we will be dreaming about our certain future.

I can convince you, because I am convinced.  My dreams are crystal solid.  You will love my dreams.  Around me you will start to smell and touch my dreams. You will want to be a part of making them happen.

This isn’t a talent I tried to develop.  It’s an offshoot of optimism and belief in my own projects.  I’m not manipulative.  It’s totally genuine.  But back off a bit, and it’s way manipulative.  I’m really, really good at inspiring people.

It’s got to be unconscious skill.  When I interview applicants, they wind up wired and inspired.  Geared up and pumped up.  They want to work here, and they want to work for me.  Over the next few months they want my feedback.  They want performance reviews.  They want interviews.  I’m the big pappa, and they want my time.

Surely I’m doing the inteviews all wrong.  I’m not asking enough questions.  I’m not filtering well.

I am so personally inspired, I can’t stop myself from talking about how inspired I am.  In every little detail.  It rubs off. I could go on for hours, but it’s really interesting stuff, and people don’t get bored.  They get more and more interested.

This is an obvious humble-brag.  It’s a good talent.  But I wind up having to fire people that were not properly screened.

As my team grows, it gives me momentum and credibility and resources.  A business is a chicken and new hires are an egg; you can’t hire good talent without an established business chicken.   And you can’t afford to pay salaries without a chicken.  And if you are growing from cash flow, all business chickens are carefully grown from eggs.

So I have to hire crappy people to attract mediocre people to attract good people, all the while earning an overall profit while dragging around dead weight.

My idea at this point is to have my current mediocre talent help me screen the new hires.   I can’t help but blab on and on inspirational messages to the interiewees I mesh with.  They get all pumped up and therefore I attract talent out of my league.  My staff may be able to then screen on the second and third interviews, before the 3 month trial.  After which I’ll be happy to fire.

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What drugs you should do, what life stage you should be at.

Posted by xsplat on April 19, 2016

In case you have not noticed, I have a common weakness. When I see some thing inside myself that could be developed or aggrandized, I write a post as if I’m an expert on the subject.

I have some habits in writing. I embody a persona when I write. Forgetting all about other personas.

Have you ever done any drug?

The creative types are famous to be into heroin. It increases creativity. Check out what percentage of jazz musicians shoot up. It not merely cultural.

What about copy-writers? Pot. And booze. Is it a culture of drunk writers, or does drinking make your first draft wider?

I am this person. Until I am in that context. Until I’m on 50 micrograms of LSD. Or until I’m infatuated with a fresh teenageer. Until I’ll be introduced to the CEO of Plastics Incorporated.

When I was 17 me and a friend “went sane” on LSD. Our realization was that if we only had the opportunity to at will change places with a tree or a hedgehog or a sales executive, we could have realized that reality had an underlying principle. A principle that awareness has a nakedness to it; that even neurotic thoughts had a basis that was not neurotic. That awareness itself had a quality.

As this insight slipped away over the coming days, I felt the need to know and embody more of what I had touched on.

Through study of meditative philosophies and the deepest possible meditative practice that I could embody, I developed beliefs. That I no longer hold. I’m less interested now to know and understand the ultimate question and the ultimate answer. I feel a bit silly now that I had expectations to know.

But you can’t know what you don’t know anymore than you can know what you are unlikely to ever know. I had to try. For a while it seemed I was involved in deep natures.

On stimulants you’ll understand better than your other selves about focus, drive, and future orientation. To the extend that you still identify with who you used to be, you’ll feel naive and  mildly embarrassed for ever being so distracted.

On pot you’ll be here and now and feel stupid for ever being anything else. You’ll appreciate a massage as if every micro-moment is the incarnation of incarnation.

If you tend to being wrapped up in yourself, drinking will unfold your petals and you’ll be proud that your essence enhances the smell of the party.  Now you can dance.  Now you are among the among.

The brain holds unlimited personas and potentials, as we see in our dreams. But dreams often hide inside forgoten spaces. Drugs force dream variety into wakefulness.

I’m sitting down at a streetside cafe. The menu is presented. Do I want to be a successful entreprenuer? Do I want to be a living in the world enlightened Yogi? Do I want to be a Chi-Kung Sexual Savant? Do I want to be a free as a bird traveling lover of yum?

When I was 17 and did that LSD trip with my friend, I did go sane. I did realize Buddha nature. There is an underlying priciple, and monkeys and men are all trapped within context. Awareness itself is something. We are too distracted to see it.

At the same time, you can have had orgies, you can have developed businesses, you can have lived under a bridge, all in the same lifetime. You can have developed deep meditative awareness and lost it. Over time we switch between contexts. Just like I wished we could, and just like I imagined would lead to a profound insight.

I doubt that the hoped for insight could have been more than an ephemeral shock outside of context. This post is about the value of shifting context. The fact that we are many personas. The fact that drugs help us to shift.

* Post written drunk. The first time in six months.  The sobering up personas edited.  It was a collaboration.

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Alfred Hitchcock Presents deserves to be taught in history and sociology classes.

Posted by xsplat on April 16, 2016

I’ve been watching Alfred Hitchcock Presents over these last few days. What an eye opener. All these new-fangled game techniques and social insights are old hat. I’ve been impressed by classic movies before, but was surprised at the consistency of quality Hitchcock manages to get, using different writers and actors over so many episodes.  The level of sophistication in understanding the human condition is superb.

Hitchcock made a point of having a macabre humor, and the series is laced with the bitter sweet ugliness of the human condition. Cheating husbands and wives, greed and murder. With occasional love and redemption. The series holds up perfectly well in this modern world.

I suppose one must develop a macabre sense of humor if one is to be clear eyed.

The 30 minute episodes change actors, writers, and directors, and yet each are infused with a grandfathers depth of wisdom.  He doesn’t pander to pretty social expectations, and instead expects a lot from his audience.  I have to conclude that people were more socially savy back in the day. Stuff it takes top notch manosphere bloggers to come up with as original insights used to simply be common knowledge that everyone took for granted.

It’s a useful education to get some context to our age. The more that changes, the more that stays the same.

Hitchcock makes young social conservatives come across as hopelessly naive. Cluelessly and stridently pining for a world that never was. Having endless fainting spells over the human condition. Acting as if the world has changed, or as if some new insight has been articulated.

It’s easy to get tunnel vision and focus on divorce stats, or be alarmed at graphs that chart single motherhood. But step back to get some context, and you’ll see that “society” changes very little, because human nature is barely influenced by culture or setting. Opportunities change, and people follow changing opportunities, but people are as predictable now as they ever were.

People talk about infidelity as if it’s some new trend.

People talk about “the sexual revolution”, as if there were only one. There have been hundreds, if not thousands of them. The roaring twenties. Bohemian Paris. Medieval peasant ritual orgies. Roman orgies.

We have the same major themes now as we ever did. Falling in and out of love and lust. The desire for fidelity from mates while at the same time having the desire to not always be faithful. Greed at the expense of others. There was no golden age or location where these were not foundational motives for action. The idea of a “society” is such a silly and naive construct, that good literature and movies pierce. Over and over movies tear apart the illusion that we have a society. And yet people continue to fiercely cling to the belief and fiercely advocate that others follow their morals.

Society is only the behaviour that we wish other people would adopt. Nothing more. Individuals act selfishly. Because of this, old movies will always show our current world.

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Digital nomads aiming for $2000/month keep trying to buy a clue

Posted by xsplat on April 16, 2016

I’ve been a serial entrepreneur since I was a boy, and have supported myself since my early twenties.

I hear people mentioning a digital nomad income goal of 1, 2, or 3 thousand dollars per month.

That goal will ensure failure. Most businesses are cyclical, and a low income means you have nothing to invest into R&D, talented help, and diversifying. Mediocrity is death.

Your goal needs to be at least $1000 per day.

And the reason to have THAT goal, is so that you can continue to reinvest and diversify, so that you can earn 1 million per month.

A low goal means you can not think clearly about how to make money. You ensure that your efforts are wasted. And as other commenters mentioned, any specific actionable entrepreneurial advice that you come across is bad advice.

The only useful advice is broad.
1) work hard every waking hour
2) hire or work for the most talented and hard working people you can attract
3) take risks

It’s correct that a business is about filling a need. I agree that products or services are the way to go. Some people make money with ebooks and blogs and online content, but it’s rarely more money than a plumber can make. There is money to be made in teaching people how to make money, but that’s exactly the same as selling lottery tickets. It’s willfully selling stupidity tax. It’s a pure pyramid scheme. Amway. Lot’s of money in that, but it’s not adding value.

Sustainable businesses are about adding value, and so are sustainable lifestyles. Hope and entertainment are valuable to some, and are big businesses. But the big money in hope and entertainment comes at the top of the pyramid. It’s easier to break into product and service industries.

The easiest thing about being an entrepreneur is having ideas about what businesses to get into. Great ideas are cheap and endless. I have a long list of very good business ideas, and it continues to grow.

The longer you are an entrepreneur, the better you will become at spotting and creating great opportunities.

The difficult part is the action. That often requires momentum from previous action, especially if you are growing from your own cash flow.

A person has to start somewhere, and it’s usually with low or no investment beginnings. None the less, edit your entrepreneurial ideas and limit your actions to businesses that can realistically earn at least $1000 per day.

And just because some other blog or forum or social media software became big, does not mean those are realistic businesses. There are too many uncontrollable variables involved in the popularity of user content generated social media. Unless you have a huge advertising budget. And just as in the publishing industry, author generated content on average pays poorly. Do you want to bet on your own horse? The best risk/reward for writing comes from copywriting for selling goods or services.

And as for tropical MBA, his business plan is to sell hope lottery tickets. It’s a lucrative business.

It’s easy for the uneducated to be unable to differentiate between valuable and distracting education.

I myself lost years of time and investment to an open source education site, called blackhatworld.


There is no such thing as open source information capitalism. That does not change by having limited memberships.

If an idea is scalable, then it is scalable. If it is not, then you sell the idea. Therefore any idea you purchase is not scalable, or has already passed it’s usefulness.

ALL entrepreneurial information is entrepreneurial ONLY to the man who is charging money for it.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, don’t expect to be spoonfed. The only way to truly learn from others is to be a protege, and that will require working long and hard hours for a mentor, earning him money. There is no online club or secret society that can help you. That will only distract you and cost you time.

What you can learn from others will be broad enough to apply across many industries. You can learn the art of persuasion. You can learn about business management. You can’t learn about what business to do or the steps involved in doing them. Those who retain hope for that are subject to naivete tax.

This post is from a comment I left on the NN forum

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Being an entrepreneur is being a full time professional gambler

Posted by xsplat on April 9, 2016

Risk isn’t risk unless it’s risk.

When entrepreneurs advocate risk, it means something. They aren’t just being edgy.

Yes, keeping a nest egg is important. And yes, a nest egg can take many forms; at a certain level it is ones fame for being able to make money.

I have my own money that I don’t touch. I have redundancy. I won’t starve if some of my businesses fail. I have solid business plans that I’m confident about. But I’m still going all in, in that all my resources (not including an emergency nest egg) are directed towards business growth, and I have next to no cash flow buffer.

When planes were coming back from battle with bullet holes in certain parts, engineers first thought that those were the parts that needed reinforcing, because they could see that they were most vulnerable to and got hit with the most bullets.  Later they realized that it was the bullet holes NOT in the places they saw that crashed the planes.  This is called survivorship bias.  What survives does not directly point to what is failing.

But in business, we do study the commonalities of the successful.  Survivorship is exactly what a person needs to study, IF HE IS WILLING TO LOSE. It is not survivorship bias, if you are completely aware of and willing to accept real loss as part of the process of success

Risk is real. The fundamental value of risk is a common thread in the narrative of nearly every entrepreneur.

Real risk, by definition, means that many times the entrepreneur fails. Statistics show that failure can be expected 90% of the time.

As I’ve explained before, 90% is an acceptable failure rate. An entrepreneur can function and even thrive, EXPECTING that failure rate.

Survivorship is not about entrepreneurs who succeeded, vs those that failed and then went on to live ordinary lives, working for some other company, or scraping by in a modestly successful new venture. Survirvorship is about getting back on the horse.

A great many entrepreneurs went from rags to riches to rags to riches to rags to riches. It’s just part of the game. There is no failure in entrepreneurship. There is no survivor vs non survivor. There is only trying again. And again. And again.

I’ve seen the archetype of the rags to riches to rags entrepreneur on sit coms many times. Sometimes he is portrayed as fundamentally a loser. A loser because he is at heart a gambler. A genius gambler.

Well, yes. That’s what entrepreneurialism is. It’s being a genius full time professional gambler. You know the odds, and you expect to lose, but you know that often enough you’ll win. It’s a discipline of risk.

Taking risks means being willing to lose 90% of the time, and to keep trying again. And again.

And then AFTER succeeding, to risk again. Rinse and repeat.


This image is not complete.  There is no final win.  After the win comes the next series of fails, then another win, and so on.

Transcript of this 10 second clip with Elon Musk:

My proceeds from Paypal after tax were about 180 million dollars. One hundred of that went into SpaceX, 70 went into Tesla, and 10 into went into Solar City. And I literaly had to borrow money for my rent.

Eventually there are multiple businesses, with many failing, and the ones that succeed acting as venture capital for new ventures.

Venture capitalists also expect failure from most of their investments.  As do movie studios.  As do publishing houses.  As do drug companies.

It’s the blockbusters that fund the “failures”.  Failure is not failure.  It is just the cost of doing business.  It is factored right in to the model of success.

No producer ever expects any particular movie to lose money.  And yet the movie business model is that most movies will lose money.  No editor expects any one book to lose money,  but they all expect most books to lose money.  Entrepreneurs are always confident that each attempt will be a success.  And yet it’s not a contradiction that he knows that overall, most investments will not be successful.

You can call the blockbusters luck, but it’s not like stumbling on money in the street.  It’s luck in the same way an oil company striking oil is luck.  Eighty percent of the time, even after careful surveys, they strike nothing.  An actor or  musician might become an overnight sensation, after decades of grinding away at honing their talent, and constantly exposing themselves to lucky breaks.  If you read Steve Martins autobiography, you can’t call his grind and rise to the top luck.  He kept honing his craft, while creating chance after chance for himself.  Roll the dice often enough and you’ll roll four sixes.  Was the big roll lucky?

Most stories told by the very successful are stories of long hours and big risks.  But it’s not black and white.

My cousin adheres to the rule that he must take 3 months holiday every year. He insists that it increases his productivity.  He is a multi millionaire with tens of thousands of staff earning him money.

There have been many productivity studies that show that after a certain number of hours worked, productivity does not increase.

And yet the bulk of success stories are from men who don’t fit into the middle ground of the productivity bell curve. The most successful are either innately able to work more productive hours than other people, or they learn how to.

Entrepreneurs hone their skills while increasing their financial momentum, and are always poised to seize the moment.  There are plenty of lucky moments to seize.  Being an entrepreneur is being in the business of spotting luck – of spotting opportunity.  Opportunity is an unlimited resource.  I have noticed more opportunities than I could ever develop.

Spotting great opportunities is a skill that can be learned, and so is executing them.  As the skills grows, so too does the financial momentum that allows action.

Nothing stands still in business.  Innovate or die.  Recreate yourself or die.  Diversify or die.

And no amount of money is ever enough.  There is no such thing as a financial goal.  Even owning all of time and space would not do it, because there would still be inventions to discover and create within that time and space.  There is no such thing as retirement, just as there is no such thing as not being turned on by young women.  As long as a man is breathing, he wants to fuck hot girls, and earn more money.  Procreate, gain power, and make a mark.

As failing or going out of style is the expected outcome of most entrepreneurial activity, the most useful skill a budding entrepreneur can have is to limit expenses.  If you can live on next to nothing, you can more easily survive while you continue to fail.

If an entrepreneur puts in the hours, and can live cheaply when the chips are down, and continues to work full time on his businesses, success is only a matter of time.  That time might be measured in decades.  It does not matter.  An entrepreneur KNOWS that success is only a matter of time.  He is not guessing.  He is not hopeful.  He KNOWS it.

He can be penniless at 40 and KNOW that his decades of entrepreneurial efforts are worth more than a lifetime of scrupulous retirement savings.  What is 1/2 million in savings, compared to the certainty of an eventual larger annual income?

And why settle for mediocrity?

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” – Sir Winston Churchill

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I’m up to 18 full time staff now

Posted by xsplat on April 7, 2016

And have more in the wings to hire.

The first floor office is having walls torn down to open up the office space.  It’s thirty meters deep, so we’re keeping the front showroom, and back kitchen, but the middle will be an open floorplan office.

I’ve hired a second 3d animator.  Impressive portfolio, and solid work experience.  We’ll be installing a motion capture studio on the 3rd floor.  The animators are just to help to make cool product promotion videos for now, but I have plans to expand on their numbers and talents into other industries.  It all has to be done with cash flow, so each expansion will be incremental, with new revenue streams with each growth spurt.

I also have a new video production manager. His portfolio seems adequate, to get us started.  He’ll hire freelance cameramen and lighting technicians and whatnot.  He says he got help on his previous projects from student interns who worked for free.  It was a no-brainer to hire these three, instead of flying in Western talent.  I had a few quotes in the neighbourhood of 10k to make one short product promotion video, for one or two people and eight days of work.  With that money I can pay all three for many months.  Almost a year, if you don’t count the bonuses and raises I plan to give them.

After the first successful product promotion video, I should be able to re-invest some of the profits to grow the video production team.  I’m told that a quality 2 minute short 3-d animation takes a team of from 5 to 10 people two to three weeks to produce.  Somehow or other I need to do top quality video advertising work from this country, and that is going to take some fine HR work.  I’ll need to get great people, and lots of them.  And then manage them.  As I manage teams of engineers.  And marketers.  My God, I’m the Center of the borg.

A big shipment of machine parts and raw materials arrived from China by sea-cargo a few days ago, and the trucking company is delivering them tomorrow.  About 12 grand worth of cool.  My three welder/fabricators will be making some awesome man-toys, under the direction of one of my engineers.  But I need to design and build a smaller machine for making some smaller precision parts, so that will delay the big project.  A second sea shipment is being put together now.

I’m having my secretary research finding the parts we’ll need to build this:

What happens when you RAID 24 SSD Hard Disks !!!!!

We need it to for 3d video and image processing.

As the staff won’t work 15 hour days like I do, progress still crawls along.  I’m still desperately understaffed.  I’m expecting the new hires for the marketing team to increase income enough to expand the staff.  Plus we’ll have some new income streams in the medium term.  If we make our deadlines, then by late November I should be able to at least double the staff.

When things don’t go according to plan is often when luck is beaming out from new cracks in your world.

For a year I had a bright young Westerner out here on a generous tax free salary, plus room and board, with options for profit sharing.  His job was to help manage my staff, so that I could have more time to be visionary.  We also invited and worked with Western interns, and had as many as four interns working at once, with four more visiting to see about working.  The optimism was through the roof, and life was at its best.

One guy I let go, another left to go take care of debts, another got homesick and decided to go on a 6 month to a year long mountain treck with his brother, and then finally the last left to work with a friend on his own startup.

Socially it was a loss, but that loss was the best opportunity I’ve had in my life that I can remember ever having.

I was forced to take over Aarons job of managing my own staff.  I got serious.  People stopped downloading and watching movies while we partied in Bali, and now are micromanaged and put in full productive days.  I’ve figured out how to hire qualified, smart, educated and talented Indonesian staff.  I’m learning how to effectively manage staff.

If I was not in the water, I would never learn how to swim.

Losing my manager was the best possible thing that could have happened to my business.

Shit is getting real over here.  The buck doesn’t stop at my subordinate anymore – I’m the one with the finger in every pie, I’m the eyes over every shoulder.  Although there is a hierarchy of command, and I get teams to self manage, and I’m working on profit sharing incentives (yes even for locals), I’m still Big Brother.  I’m the picture on the wall.  I’m all seeing, all authority.

The attitude has totally changed.  It’s not a lax laissez faire environment anymore.   I no longer have inept and stupid secretaries arriving late to work and going home early after doing nothing profitable.  Not a single stupid employee remains.  Now I have secretaries with cum-laude masters degrees, and physics, and engineering and business double major degrees.   People are all way into their work.  It excites them.  They are thrilled about the company, and take pride and pleasure in watching it grow.

I’m no longer afraid to fire people.  My personal assistant is devastated that I fired her.  She had to go home early today as she was too sad to focus on her work, training up her replacement.  She considered this place her family and her home, but I’m not running a social club.  This place is now much more like Glengarry Ross than a loose and haphazard clan of people stumbling their drunken way up and down searching for laziness.  It’s perform, and perform well, or be fired.

At first firing people was difficult.  Then it became easier.  Now I’m starting to actually like it.  I can still empathise with the staffs pain, but I get pleasure from making my business engine perform to a higher standard.  First it was 5 horsepower, then 20, like an old model T.  I don’t mind throwing away old parts. I’m not in love with nostalgia.  I’m after performance.  I’m not about restoring some classic car.  I’m not about creating a lovey dovey family.  Out with the engine block.  Out with the engine.  Out with the chassis and body and body plan.  Only one of my current staff was here two years ago.  Actually, by next week only one will have been here 1 year ago.  I’ve had my office buildings in this area for over six years.

I’m not using model T parts anymore.  Now I’m getting genuine modern parts, and even some performance aftermarket parts.  I’m not hands off anymore.  Now I’m working 15 hour days, learning how to properly manage a serious business.  I’m not joking around, and no jokers are allowed to be around me.  This is business, and business is serious business.

Oh, and the first bungalow is looking great.  The water, electricity, septic, toilet and shower are installed, real stone tile on the first floor, sandstone tile in the bathroom walls, huge fridge moved in.  It’s two story, and they have started work on the next one, which is 3 story.  I haven’t seen it in person yet, but should be able to sleep there within a week or two.  The plan is to lease out the first one on a long term lease to pay for construction for the other 4 that are on that parcel of land.  Then lease and rent all those out so that I can copy the same architecture on a larger plot of land, with more bungalows.

I’ll either sink or swim.  I’m not in a boat, and I’m a long, long way from shore.  Nothing left over at the end of the month.  Hiring people on planned income.  This is way better than playing the stock market.  Very risky, all in, but I’m learning how to play this game.  I’m starting to really like this game.  I think I can win at this game.

Or I’ll lose everything, like I have in the past.  I’ll have to fire everyone, like I have had to in the past.  Then I’ll start all over again.  As I’ve done many times.

But I just. might. make it.  This just. might. work.  Really work.  Work big.






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To be persuasive, limit your reality to a cartoon

Posted by xsplat on March 12, 2016

Glenngarry responded to the post on how being persuasive can be a superpower with a comment about the Frank character from Shameless that I used as an example

OK, so Frank then, who annoys me. He’s a literary creation, of course, and so can get away with some things. In the real world, he’d ultimately be reduced to preying on his family, because his glaring weakness makes him so easy to take down for someone who gets fed up. If real-life alkie Frank ever gave me any serious trouble, I could destroy him for a couple of hundred bucks: just send him a case of cheap whiskey and watch him self destruct. Repeat until you’re satisfied.

Glengarry may not have been implying any diminishment of Franks persuasion skills, however his comment inspired me to riff.  My conclusion is not sarcastic.


Seems like a good take down plan. But as far as I know most alcoholics have unlimited access to booze. Alcohol is cheap.

When I was a teenager I used to steal sugar from the donut shop dispensers to use to ferment into wine. My friends were aghast that I’d reach for the sugar, and instead of pouring a little into my coffee unscrewed the lid and emptied the jar into a plastic bag. Then sat at another table and repeated. I had no job and next to no allowance, and had to hide my fermenting vats in the closet, under the bed, in an abandoned warehouse and in bushes, but I still managed to have all the alcohol I needed, with enough left over to share to crowds.

At one point in the fictional narrative Frank winds up “waking up” from a black out drunk binge drinking episode that lasted over six months. We assume he arrived to Mexico with little money.

And in the story his liver does finally give out. It took a long time, as it often does.

And at one point he is near death “living” in a heroin house. No stranger to self destruction.

Yes, he’s written as a despicable, self destructive character. He’s written to be unredeemable. He’s also written to have some innate and developed talents, and those were what I wanted to point out. No matter how despicable and destructable he is, he’s persuasive.

But I suppose this is a failure of persuasion on my part. Most people do not like to mix good and bad, even if the good and the bad are in different categories. Either a person is good, or a person is bad. People don’t like think of Batman as being bad at anything, or the Ridler as being good at anything.

When is the last time you heard of Hitler being used as an example for something that Hitler did very well? Even his incredible persuasive charisma is uncomfortable to tie to him, because, well, Hitler was bad, therefore everything about him must be bad too. He can’t be incredibly good at something also.

And after all, Hitler got crushed in the end and everything fell apart, therefore he wasn’t actually incredibly and outstandingly great at some things at all, right?

DAREDEVILIf I want to be more persuasive, I’m going to have to be more cartoonish and up the contrast to 11 and learn to think in black and white terms.

Nothing short of that could ever be popular.


Good goes with good, and bad goes with bad. Alpha traits are “good” (not merely useful) and therefore must also be admirable. Persuasion is “good” (not merely useful), and therefore only mastered by good people.

But I was the first person to ever point out that alpha does not equal admirable, in the comments section on the Roissy blog back before there was a manosphere. I argued and argued again and again with countless people about it. I met with HUGE resistance, again and again all over the place about it. I pointed out the category error that people were making.

After a while Roissy started to repeat my idea as if it was his own. After more arguments elsewhere on the manosphere, and making posts on my own low traffic blog that is read by some other influential bloggers, slowly it came to pass that nowadays it’s just taken as common knowledge. Alpha isn’t equal to admirable.

I had to fight very hard for that.

Y’all are welcome.

I can’t overemphasize the resistance people have to mixing categories of good and bad. If a person has bad friends he’s a bad person by association. If a person is a racist all of his philosophy is suspect. I’ve heard someone argue exactly this explicity, when the evidence of racism was slight to none. I could not argue him out of his position.

As soon as something is bad, everything around it is supposed to also be bad. As soon as something is good, everything around it is also supposed to be good.

This is a very true and real principle, and is ACTUALLY how real people in real life think.

As much as I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE it, I’m going to actually have to act like a fucking idiot in order to persuade people.

Related: Our emotions can not process statements that include IF, AND or AND/OR.

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How persuasion becomes a super-power

Posted by xsplat on March 6, 2016

I’ve loaded up my Medi8er media player with enough torrents to entertain and educate me for years.  I haven’t bothered with my Indovision Satellite TV in two months, and when I do glance at it to see if there are any new shows I’d like to download, I’m surprised that I spent so many years putting up with the commercial interruptions.  And how did I ever watch TV without a pause and rewind function?


When I was a boy we had a black and white TV and would gather to watch I Dream of Genie reruns, Laugh In, Sonny and Cher, and the Osmonds.  We pulled in 4 or 5 channels on our rabbit ears.  By the time I was 12 we had a cable box wired to the color tv with instant push button channel changing between an amazing 35 channels.  The family would squeeze into the sofa and I was usually given command over the box due to my uncanny knack to switch over to a new channel during commercial breaks, and then back again seconds before the show resumed.


Media technologies conceptWith TV we had to tune in at a certain time to catch a viewing of a weekly installment.  Now I can spend days watching nothing but one show.  Alfred Hitchcock Presents still stands up today.  Cheers and Frasier are worth a 2nd look.  Drunk History is a blast.  My documentaries folder has sub-folders such as History, Dinosaurs, Space, Travel, Science, BBC, Mind Control and Persuasion.  The singularity is here; new information and programming is being produced faster than it can be assimilated.


Last week I watched the show Shameless, from the moment I woke up until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any more, for days on end.  A lead character is a shameless alchoholic narcissist.  William Macy is brilliant in the role of Frank Gallagher and somehow manages to make his unredeemable asshole character likeable.


Frank is a self absorbed dissipative shit who would gleefully incarcerate his own grandson to win a power struggle with his daughter.  He had a blackout drunk episode that had him sobering up in Mexico 6 months later with no idea how he got there or what year it was.  He has no remorse or empathy.  And yet he has a sparkling talent and when he uses it becomes immersed in brilliant flow moments.  When he’s in his flow moments you can almost see him glow.

Frank is a master manipulator.   He is quick to size up anyone and figure out just what they want and just what angle to play, in order to get what he wants from them.  He is a master orator with no morals, shamelessly willing to be a chameleon to the moment.  One moment he’s collecting checks for public speaking to a crowd of gays about why he advocates cohabitation benefits for his own purported gay partnership, the next he’s collecting checks from a group that purports to cure gayness and speaking on their behalf.  All the while he’s hetero.

shameless-grandsonThe Frank character is most interesting not because of the entertaining wake of wreckage that follows his ever blazing narcissism, but because of how his one skill allows him to be so adaptable.  Through the power of persuasion he is able to stumble from one moment to the next without ever having a job.  And when people around him need his help, if it’s in his best interest to do so he is supremely confident that all he has to do is show up and off the cuff he’ll be able persuade whoever needs persuading.  Because it’s true.  His speech at the principles office defending his grandsons essay supporting Hitler is hilarious.

I started this essay with the intention to laud the value of learning the art of persuasion.  My initial idea was to copy quotes from wallstreetplayboys.com .  I fear bringing in the Frank character may have sidetracked the issue, especially as he’s such a dick.  So I’ll highlight the point now that I point to his character as an example of highly developed persuasion skills.  Above a certain level of competency, skill starts to look like magic.  And it acts like magic.  Persuasion can be a super-power.

Scott (Dilbert author) Adams is a trained hypnotherapist who has been blogging about Donald Trump in his Master Persuader series.  His view is that humans are meat machines and that a few people are extraordinarily skilled at persuasion.  In his view a person can rise to the presidency through the power of persuasion alone.

A man emailed me recently, inquiring about interning out here.  I saw in his email a talent for writing.  A talent that I doubt he recognized in himself.  I’ve encouraged him to develop his potential by studying copy-writing, and starting in on a project.  I’ll help to edit his work, and we’ll also hire a professional to edit our collaboration.  It’s exciting for the both of us, and even though the initial project is one of my smaller ones, it will earn us both steady income for years to come.

Good copy-writing can be sold through freelancing to clients.  As a skill it’s similar to the saxophone, in that if you have developed it you are free to wander anywhere on the planet and people will always pay to hear your muse.

The most lucrative way to earn from copywriting is of course to use it to sell your own products on your own website.  That seems the ideal use of the talent, but I will explain why in practice this is rarely done.  It’s simply not practical.


busy-avoidingThe main roadblock to building your own business is motivation.  Very few people will have the life experience to be able to understand that.  Building your own business requires a wide jack of all trades talent set, fierce and unstoppable determination, psychotic levels of self belief, and the ability to hunker down and focus on getting a job done when there are a thousand more interesting things to do.  In theory and in our minds we can all do that; just as in theory and in our minds we are all better than average drivers.

But in practice not one in 1000 people will be self motivated enough to build his own successful business.  But that’s just the initial roadblock.  After that are the potholes, tire puncturing road stars,  meandering dirt roads and dead ends.  Entrepreneurialism by definition comes with no map.  Not only do you have to motivate yourself to make your own path, you can’t know until you get there where you are going to get to.

There is a principle called the wisdom of crowds.  If you fill a giant jar with jelly beans, the odds of anyone guessing the correct amount are stupidly slim.  But if you average all the guesses from a huge crowd the number will be shockingly accurate.



When pioneers first explored the jungles of Africa, or migrated overland to the western US, they did so in expeditionary teams.  It wasn’t just a matter of not being lonely.  It wasn’t just a matter of a community allowing for specialists such as a cook, barber-doctor, or a wheelwright.   It was also about motivation.  A group effort has the momentum of a pillow, whereas a single persons effort has the momentum of a feather.  When one person stumbles or loses his way, the crowd not only has specialists on hand to tend to the sprains and cuts, but has the resources and momentum to keep the guy safely moving along with the party.  Individuals stumble, but a team does not.


1-hour-glassIt’s not easy to convey decades worth of entrepreneurial experience.  I’ve started up more profitable businesses than I can easily remember, and forgotten many times more.  The singular most potent distillation of all that experience is that everything takes 10 times more time than you originally think.  Even outsourcing does not solve this problem, because managing people takes 10 times more time than you think.

Another thing that I’ve learned is that my attention is a limited resource.  I can go through stints of months of long days of focused work, but that’s not sustainable.  Those stints are invariably followed by periods of lower productivity.   And even at my best there is only so much this one man can attend to in a day.

All this is explains of why our world is dominated by corporations.  All governments I know of are run by the dominating power structure; corporations.  Real power comes in the form of corporations.

Men can’t achieve greatness alone.

share-in-the-biggest-pizzaA copy-writer might think that owning 100% of his own profit from his own copy is his best possible outcome, but in the real world that is not how 99% of copywriters earn their income.  And that’s not because 99% of them are stupid.  It’s because men profit more in teams, and a small share of a larger profit is larger and more secure than big share of a smaller profit.

Most businesses require a sales and marketing division.  I worked in one company where the engineers were all resentful of the commissions offered to the salesmen.  They applied their rare IQ and education to inventing the damn product, yet the salesmen were earning many times their salary!  Fairness didn’t enter into it; the salesman brought in the sale.  From an accountants point of view, the salesmen created the money.

Marketing of course involves more than copy-writing.  Not even the best time management skills will allow a single man to maximize marketing.  A marketing team will include specialists in:

  •  managing banner ad and pay per click campaigns
  • contacting blog and website owners to get the to write up product reviews
  • researching and gathering sales leads
  • cold calling prospects on the phone
  • video production and editing
  • managing print media ads

I have several current and new businesses for which I need more staff, and that will be the case until I die.  I will always have new startup businesses, and new ideas waiting to be turned into businesses.  Creative marketing will always be a core requirement for my businesses and lifestyle.

I’ve long had a general interest in persuasion.  At 12 I studied and practised hypnosis.  In high school my favorite activity was writing stories for creative writing assignments.  In my early twenties I took a few poetry writing classes.  I’ve been discussing and debating on forums since usenet.  I was a travelling salesman for a decade.  This blog has entries going back almost 13 years, and most posts focus on persuasion within relationships.  During all that time of developing my persuasion skills, I rarely stopped to consider the art of persuasion directly.  Kind of like a kid on the baseball field never stops to analyse the details of his throw; he just gets better through practice.

But now I’m discovering that the arts of persuasion have been scientifically studied.  Robert Cialdini’s demonstrates his findings in highly entertaining videos.  I plan to follow my advice to the new intern and study the art of advertising directly.

And the reason that I’m now finally ready to put in that effort to study instead of just learn by doing is because I will be collaborating.  I’ll be borrowing from and contributing to the momentum of the group.  I’m not just relying on my own motivation.  That point can’t be overstressed.  We work so much better in teams, that without teams most work would not even begin.

Here are some quotes from wallstreetplayboys:

Here is a list of 10 items that offer a tremendous payback:

1) Sales: We’ve beaten this one to death in a separate post but it needs to be mentioned again. Sales will be used every single day in your life so you better learn how to do it today.

3) Writing: While our entertainment writing is mediocre at best (just look at the blog!) you’re going to need solid writing skills for putting together contracts. At *minimum* everyone needs to understand the basics. In addition, you’re going to be forced to communicate with people (a lot!) assigning tasks via email etc.

Copywriting: In the case your main skill is writing and you have a solid understanding of sales… Learn to copywrite. If you become good enough… you can then charge a fee based on performance rather than an hourly rate. Even if your “dream” was playing in the NFL, you can go ancillary and sell NFL related items for a large margin. (notice you’re combining many of the 10 skills here)

I could mine their excellent blog for more pro-persuasion comments, but I think you get the idea.  Persuasion is a skill that can be developed and has value in life and business that can’t be overestimated.  Copy-writing is one form of persuasion that can offer large and lasting rewards.

I am building a tribe of men who will work together on business projects.  There will be a marketing team, and within that a copy-writing team.  We will study books privately and watch videos as a group.  After watching instructional videos we’ll compare notes on how to apply the lessons to our copy writing assignments.  We’ll write privately and in a group, and critique each others copy as private notes and orally as a group, similar to the structure of my old poetry writing classes.  Learning writing as a team is much more effective than trying to learn it alone.  And much more fun.  The quality goes up faster and farther than possible working alone.

Most TV shows you see were scripted by teams, as portrayed in the Dick Van Dyke show and 30 Rock.  Most books you read are a collaboration of a writer and an editor.




Since teams outperform individuals, teams out-compete individuals.  The business world is dominated by men collaborating, because together we have more and better quality output.  Not to mention that it’s more fun.






  1. Learn persuasion.  For business you can specialize in copy-writing.
  2. To most effectively apply yourself, work in a team.

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The Made-Men business model, 3 years later

Posted by xsplat on March 1, 2016

Two interns and myself published made.men.com back in 2013. The archives of it can be seen on the wayback machine here.

Since that period I’ve had 6 other interns and 3 lookyloos living the dream here in Indonesia.

I’m going to repost my last post from made-men.com, but first I’ll detail some ways that my thinking has been evolving.

  • I still want to set up a lifestyle/business oriented community.  I’d like to build a brand around it, and that means that at least some of the people who come out are going to need to be able to boast of the great income that they are earning.  Everyone should have opportunities to boast about the lifestyle and environment.  We’ll set up a website where we can share videos and pictures of the life and money we create.
  • I will want to set up compounds of bungalows in several different cities in different countries.  The first compound of 5 luxury bungalows is in Bali, and we’ll make a 2nd larger compound here.  Other cities to be considered could be Chiang Mai or Ko Chang in Thailand; Somewhere in the Philippines (preferably on the beach with good diving); Saigon Vietnam, Sophia in Bulgaria, Some place in Morocco, at least one place in Central or South America; and possibly locations in Japan and China.  In common gathering areas we’ll have large screen TVs and cameras so that the common areas in each city can video conference.
  • The interns will have the opportunity to travel and spend time living in the different cities.  Some will choose to rotate between the cities, perhaps every five months.  Travel makes the environment weird and fresh, which is a lifestyle improvement.  I think it also will contribute to creative thinking and neurogenesis.
  • It is possible for me to take any smart man off the street and guide him to creating a lucrative location independent business.  I started off as a solo entrepreneur, so it was natural to think in terms of expanding on my original approach by having more of me doing more of similar things as I had been doing.  But now I’ve changed my thinking and want to do much more than that.  I want to set up lucrative organizations, and for that we need specialists.  The bigger money is in organizations.  There are no multi million dollar corporations with a staff of one.
  • I’m going to have staff focused on outreach and marketing to attract men with education and experience in fields that we require help with.  We will advertise to universities, on job boards,  and possibly on entrepreneurial forums.  This is a big change from the past where I would accept anyone who showed smarts who was willing to work.  I’ll follow the corporate model more closely, and have positions to fill, such as video producer, copywriter, telephone sales marketer, lawyer, engineer, programmer, and so forth.  There will still be some flexibility to allow talented men to learn a skill on the job if enough potential and drive is demonstrated.
  • The work schedule and expectations will be in line with what “real” businesses have.  The emphasis will shift from having a party while doing some work sometimes to working while having a party sometimes.  See the first bullet point “some of the people who come out are going to need to be able to boast of the great income they are earning.”  If the group culture is not one of taking the work seriously and bringing in the profit, the brand will have no value.


Here is my post from July 2013:

There are two fundamental ways to approach life satisfaction;

1) Lower your expectations, limit your desires, and be satisfied with the present moment.

2) Harness your ambition and work towards goals to realize pleasures that are currently unattainable.

People generally emphasize one approach or the other, and will associate with like minded fellows. In Japan the growing number of men who have opted to forgo ambition are called “grass eaters”. They will content themselves with making the minimum amount of money necessary, and many stay home and play video games, making no attempt to better their position or attract women. The status game is not one they want to compete in, and they take their pleasures from the low hanging, most easily attainable fruit. There are similar movements and crowds in the west.

Foregoing status and living the easy life can be good way to go – at least for a time, but bands of men who opt out can be seen to have a pity party mentality, and complain of not receiving as much respect and social perks as those who deliberately seek the respect that status brings.


It can feel good to have a community of peers who care about you and support you, when most of the worlds attitude to those who don’t impress is this:


But commiseration is only of minor use. Made-Men seek compatriots who add even further value to our lives. Sometimes that value is even in the form of criticism. We choose companions that add value to the team.


If guys who forgo the game required to build status, wealth and access to women are at one extreme, the other extreme would be guys who play the status game with tunnel vision, and are heavily motivated by getting gold stars on their life report cards for all to see.

We at Made Men see that there are many ways that we find fulfilment and happiness. Some of those ways are not the low hanging fruit. So we’ve decided to make a fun game out of the process of having as much of the good fruits of life accessible as possible.

It’s not just about the goal, it’s also about the process. We’ve designed a holistic system to make life as good as possible, in all possible ways. To that end we work and apply ourselves, apart and in a team. And we play and socialize in private and together. It’s fun and inspiring, and we get to watch our seeds and talents and resources and social connections grow and enrich our lives.

And we’re not afraid of being awesome. It’s true that being awesome arouses jealousy and contempt, and haters are going to hate. But we’ll take that risk and stand out. We’re about self development, and are mindful of the value of tactful displays of our hard earned skills and resources.



And furthermore we play to our strengths, maximizing our advantages and minimizing our weaknesses.


But happiness comes from many directions and has many flavors, so we’re careful to avoid tunnel vision. It’s not all about one goal, and the ends don’t justify the means. We have to enjoy our work, and be satisfied broadly.

So we don’t just aim for a distant financial freedom.


Alongside our work efforts we try to structure in group trips. Our last was a 5 week trip to Bali. The jungles of Borneo will be next, and on the agenda is China and Eastern Europe.

We’d like a varied, stimulating life. Some days will include being in places like these:




But broad goals are not what we are about. We are about realizing broad goals. To that end we must learn new skills, and apply them. Recently we’ve been learning about marketing.

We’re going to try our hand at viral marketing too


And we are always on the lookout for untapped markets.


Happiness also comes in the flavor of that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you help others. It’s therefore built into our system of thoughts and actions that our work should be of broad benefit. This will make us happy, to do good work. We put up a glass wall between ourselves and unethical ways to fulfill our desires.


But while we want to feel good through helping, we want to choose how we help by ourselves. We therefore take steps to avoid oversight of our private matters.



And while we recognize that a reality based view is the most pragmatic, we also see how our attitudes and perspectives can shift the direction of things.


It is for this reason we screen for positive, ambitious, cheerful and forward looking men. The best and the brightest. We are exclusive.

Being backed by a tribe is big all around plus. A tribe with shared interests a bigger plus. A tribe of guys who also self improve as a lifestyle choice helps each individual reach potentials he didn’t know he had. And these small changes in one area of self improvement that we pick up from our mates can bleed over into other areas.


They say “you are the average of your 5 closest friends”. But social life is only part of what makes up our influences. The environment we create for ourselves can have a big effect.


But making big changes to our environment is not a matter of just dreaming about it, or making good intentioned motions.


So we aren’t satisfied with “faking it until we make it”. We are not about creating an illusion around our selves and waiting for that to become something solid.


And it’s not enough just to have a dream and go for it. It’s important to have a mature, considered, realistic dream with broad all around long term benefits.


One of the benefits of working for a dream is the pleasure in doing so. The thrill of puzzling things out. The child-like enjoyment of playful creativity. Entrepreneurial-ism is a fun creative art.


We get to create cool things, and then share them for profit.


In becoming an effective entrepreneur one must harness a world of elements. Through small tasks we embrace big things.


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Keeping drama at arms length

Posted by xsplat on February 28, 2016

A girl I’m dating is a teenager with a rough past.  Her head is as undersized as her body.  It’s common for people with troubled childhoods to have personality development problems. Developmental impairment is similar to being permanently childish, except that not all aspects of the brain don’t develop, and so you can get deep cunning mixed with a childs sense of boundaries and morality.  Cluster B.

I’ve dated a lot of Cluster B’s.  For many years I would get deeply intimate with them, and work hard to communicate on a deep level and effect some sort of positive long term psychological change.

The more functional Borderlines will be able to hold engaging discussions and convince you of their desire to change.  But they can’t and won’t; all the discussions are a total waste of time.  An annoying waste.  It’s worse than taking your time and flushing it down the toilet, you are exchanging good times for shit.

The less functional cluster Bs are too narcissistic to be able to let any glimpse into awareness that they ever did or could do anything wrong.  Their brains are wired to actively patrol for any thought with any negative self image connotation, and aggressively disallow the thought.  They use techniques such as dissimulation and projection, and when those fail resort to narcissistic rage.

Cluter B’s are also called “high conflict personalities”.  They require occasional conflict in order to feel inner peace.  It is through conflict that they unbalance those around them, and only when those around them are psychologically weaker can they feel any sense of power.  They need that power to feel at ease.  And so paradoxically, in order to feel at ease, they use tactics of hysteria and deliberately pushing other peoples buttons and annoying them.  They try to provoke rage out of others.

It can be a catch 22, because you can’t be a doormat.  You have to fight back from being abused.  You have to hurt them more than they hurt you to make them stop.  But as cluster Bs have a high tolerance for drama, either you out drama them, or you abandon them.  Abandoning is far more threatening to them than drama.  Drama tells them that you care.  Drama means they have power over your emotions.  Abandoning means… death.

A month or so ago my little fluff was causing drama, so I kicked her out and didn’t answer any text messages for several days.  When I did resume contact, it was through a third party who told her that I would not talk to her until she apologized.  As she is a narcissist that was constitutionally impossible for her.  It’s not possible for neuro-normals to empathize with how that works, and since we can’t wrap our minds around it we tend to dismiss the possibility of people being that unredeemable.  But it literally was not possible.  She was not just being stubborn.  She was constitutionally incapable of giving a genuine heartfelt apology.  Narcissists are not capable of either remorse nor negative introspection.

I knew this, but saw it as a power play.  I was not trying to correct her psychology so that she would grow up and act like an adult and so not want to give drama, I was trying to have hand over her so that she would not give drama. I treated all attempts at dissimulation and projection with no response.  I did not accept her apology forced concession to my rules until she worded it stating precisely what she was apologizing for.  “I’m sorry for whatever made you angry” doesn’t count.

A few days later I happened across the blackdragon blog, on a recommendation from another blog I read.  It was a good recommendation; it’s a very good blog.  In one article he linked to his glossary , in which he has this entry:

Soft Next – When a man removes a woman from his life for a short period of time, usually three to seven days, during which he completely ignores all communication from her, because of drama she gave him. At the end of the soft next, the relationship resumes as normal. Soft nexting is one of the most effective tools in a man’s relationship arsenal. Soft nexting is impossible to use on a woman you live with. Women can also soft next men, but it’s executed very differently.

So what I did with The Fluff was a thing.

It worked, and I got a month of drama free affection.  Until yesterday morning, when she woke up after only a few hours of sleep.  She can be a bit weird, and prone to demanding attention through look-at-me antics, hysterical laughing fits or teasing by being contrary when she lacks sleep.   I’d been very ill the last few days, and sleeping a lot, so she was also starving for attention.

When any girl is starving for attention long enough they will act out to receive negative attention.  It’s better than nothing.  But Fluff was as over the top deliberately annoying as she could possibly be; she would not stop until I was infuriated.  Pushing every and any possible button, as blatantly as possible, worse than any terrible two’s toddler throwing spagetti on the wall to get a reaction.  She just went on and on.

So I yelled at her once, told her to go home, and took my laptop to the adjoining atrium.  As she was in her “I won’t do anything you tell me to do no matter what it is” phase, she didn’t immediately leave.  So I had my live in assistant remind her to go now.

There is no negotiating with terrorists.  Cluster Bs will win all negotiatons, simply by drawing you into them in the first place.  The best option is to disengage.  And to disengage you have to personally start from a place where YOU are not very engaged.

Which removes the foundation of mutually caring relationships; intimacy.  People can and do get very intimate with cluster B’s, but doing so is always a cluster fuck.

The three girls remaining in my life now are all a bit developmentally impaired.  In Bali I also had my V, who I really liked, but she left me because she found out twice that I would not stop fucking other girls.  She knew that no matter how strong her attachment to me that the heartbreak was unhealthy for her.

So even while I now have the skills and emotional detachment to manage girls of poor psych development, it comes at a personal cost.  It’s like eating junk food every day.

The junk food was fine and great when I had the nourishment of V, had other girls on the hook, and was active in hunting.  But lately I’m just focused on work, internet dating does not work in my location for me, and daygame leads to one weak IOI every three trips from girls below my threshold.  Combined with having no buddies around, this has led to a build up of angst.

And that’s a good thing; a really important sign.  Thank goodness I don’t feel good!

Some quick fixes to angst are drugs and entertainment.  Meditations can help to rebalance.  But the root causes can only be fixed by life crafting, and for that a guy has to get creative.  Sometimes the solutions are only long term, and he has to plug and slog away, day by day, towards a distant reward.

Luckily I’ve created my own luck and have built up some stored kinetic energy.  I have momentum in the form of my businesses and knowledge and connections, and can redirect that momentum for life crafting.

I’m going on a trip soon, and will have several dates lined up.

Upon returning my Bali bungalows will be ready to live in.  I’ll have fresh scenery and slightly better dating options.

Shortly after several interns will come out.  Good guys on my level who I like.

In the medium term one of my businesses will start to act as a pipeline.

There are solutions to small problems, such as how to manage a cluster B girl.  But sometimes there is no small solution to a big problem.  Life-crafting often requires very big solutions.

And big solutions require momentum.

Another reason I suggest wealth to be built into a man’s lifestyle.  Money gives important options.

Money is a circle in the Venn diagram, that while overlapping other circles, is a distinct category with distinct powers.

Money is long term game that must be woven into lifestyle.  When the other guy is up against the wall with no options, the guy with money has bribes, helicopters, lawyers guns and money.  He isn’t a pawn on a chessboard, he has greater mobility plus the command of other pieces.

No amount of charisma, daygame, nightgame, social circle skill, meditative insight, or personal development, can substitute for money.

And by money I don’t mean being chained to a career and mortgage in return for numbers sequestered in savings and retirement accounts.  I mean real power and real options born from having your own stake in your own businesses.

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Why pure selfishness is a recipe for failing at life

Posted by xsplat on February 24, 2016

Krauser recently published an extremely well written overview of the philosophy of selfishness, which suggests a mirror in PUA philosophy.  If your mind is suited to philosophy, it is a well organized and clear headed read.

I left these comments:

You mentioned that altruism has at it’s root a search for personal happiness.

If you flip that truth around, all the nihilism disappears, because you realize that in order maximize happiness, we MUST do as our biological programming demands of us, and recognize and contribute to and receive positive feedback from those around us.

We are not only individuals, but are individuals that come pre-programmed to act as social insects. An ant is more than an ant when he is in a group. And human individuals are more than human individuals when in groups. Neither ant nor human is fully ant or fully human alone; we are built as social animals.

Our individual happiness is not individual after all.

Krauser replied:

I agree, but it’s a rather odd state of fairs. Doing something altruistic for selfish reasons. The problem with it is it’s not a very strong bulwark against the temptations of nihilism K.

Buddhism holds that karma holds within it no morality at all. Buddhists try to do good deeds for selfish reasons. Do good and good things happen to you, or a more nuanced version, do good and you’ll generally feel better.

Most people feel first, and their inner press secretary later explains why they feel that way. People feel that they don’t want to get cheated, and so explain that cheating is therefore wrong. Or they feel that they would be served by cheating, and therefore explain that the self is the only arbiter of right and wrong, and that what is right for the self is all the right that is required. There actually isn’t any contradiction between these two viewpoints, if you pull back the focus and notice that everyone who is not a full blown sociopath has no option but to swim and soak in the fact that we are socially plugged in and can never unplug. It is therefore simply both true that there is no ultimate right or wrong, no matter how much we FEEL bad when other cheat us, or FEEL good when we cheat others, plus it’s also true that doing good to others overall improves our social standing and feelings of well being, and that causing harm overall brings our feelings and social standing down.

The Buddhist notion of karma can be understood in a highly nuanced way, or for those who require more black and white barriers to action, it can misconstrued as a superstition such that “do good things and good things will happen to you”, and imaginary Karma Gods who control fate are dreamed up.

Some people can handle and understand the nuance, and work perfectly well with nuance, others can’t and so default to Karma Gods. Either way, once we realize the inevitable fact that we feel better when we are helpful, there is no falling back to delusions that being purely selfish is somehow a philosophy of life or a way towards happiness.

When you realize that our evolved psychological nature is built to reward you for sharing rewards with others, you’ll want to consciously craft your life such that you give and receive recognition for giving.  It’s just another hedonistic pursuit that is required to maximize life’s potential.  Avoiding that aspect of life would be a blind spot so large that it would not be possible to steer life towards contentment.

And so it is with all relationships.  Anyone who advocates “pumping and dumping the bitches” is deeply ignorant as to what causes happiness.

You don’t need Karma Gods or morality to acknowledge simple evo-psych facts.  Our emotional rewards were evolved within the context of being social, and therefore it is natural that overall we get rewarded for doing social good.  The idea of morality is completely unnecessary to come to the conclusion that having mutually beneficial relationships (including with women) is more satisfying than trying to get one over on anyone.

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Lifestyle crafting via the tribe

Posted by xsplat on February 24, 2016

We’ve had some amazing brainstorming sessions over the years here in Indonesia.

It’s unfortunate that we don’t have any surviving recordings.  The videos and voice recordings would have conveyed our excitement in our progress and developing potential and displayed the joy that comes from amplifying creative insight by bouncing it off each other.

There were times when we discussed team building.

The vision is of men collaborating on lifestyle and happiness, through a focus on business.  I came up with a logo, and we talked about how each aspect of the logo could stand for important aspects of lifestyle development.

The branding was meant to appeal on many levels.  I can’t access my memory or notes, but we had subdivided up human fulfilment into categories.

I will be using my home made CNC router and smelter and other machines designed and built in house to create the logo as pendants and signet rings.  Different metals for different hierarchies of achievement in the growing group.  Doors with the emblem can also be CNC carved out of tropical trees sliced by the portable bandsaw mill that I had made.

I’ll start fresh and brainstorm alone on things that lead to happiness, joy, contentment, fun, fulfilment, moments of ecstacy, hope, and a sense of a life lived well enough to be not feel gyped out of life by the time death comes knocking.

  • Ongoing adventure.  Adventure doesn’t count as much if we can’t share it, either after or during the act.  Before uploading Gopro videos of the team mountain climbing adventure, our forefathers sang tales of heroic hunts.   Adventures are a type of legacy; experiences so vivid that they spawn little memory-children.  And more than just comforting nostalgia and subjects to reminisce over, they are the training grounds for our next adventures.
  • A feeling of belonging.  As adults we don’t just suck nipple milk to belong, we contribute.  Helping others is one of the joys of life, and to maximize life satisfaction, helping others must be designed right in to the lifestyle.  We help ourselves through personal improvement and banking coin, help our closest group, help those we network with, help those we will never meet, and help those not yet born.  Helping others and being recognized for it increases the oxytocin warm fuzzies that make falling asleep and waking up so much more pleasant.  It’s also tied in with a sense of purpose, that ineffable and ever-changing goal humans are designed to require.
  • Goals.  People stuck in dead end jobs imagine that if they won the lottery that they could finally spend their time lazing on the beach, skiing, hosting big parties and fucking hotties all day.  Strangely enough all wealthy people will tell you that’s not a satisfying life.  The super rich know very well that to give that lifestyle to their children would be cruel.  People need work.  We need to challenge ourselves, grow, and apply ourselves in the service of  projects that affect other people.  Partying and sex and unstructured free time are like sleep is to being awake.  We need that time, but we can’t only have that time.
  • Contemplative mindful quiet.  This aspect of satisfaction usually takes some discipline to be able to develop, but once a person has worked to get a taste for it, he finds it a major source of life enhancement, as each moment of the day becomes deepened with greater clarity and awareness.  Dreams become more vivid.  Dreamless sleep becomes accessible imbued with consciousness.
  • Great sex.  This can be consciously developed through body awareness meditations.  Like hatha yoga, chi-kung meditations can be practiced alone or co-ordinated as group practice.
  • Group sports.  Whether it’s tossing a football on the beach or organized team soccer, there is no substitute for feeling embodied and actively alive as a living object among strategic objects.  Primal physical being.  Sporty like hunters.
  • Friendly chat.  No matter how insightful and creative and smart any one person is, everything he comes up with is also a product of every one he interacted with.  The very building blocks of our thoughts, our words, were taught to us.  We are enmeshed, and can’t think clearly without interaction.  We need chat not only to think, but for mental health.  Ready access to guys who share our interests and are at our mental level is an enormous life improvement.  It can’t be over stated.
  • Hope.  This is an aspect of goals.  We have attainable goals that we work towards, and even if we can’t yet see what is beyond our immediate goals, we see past them to see hope.  Our life is on track and is aimed towards hope.

I’m going to take a break and come back to this later.

I’d love it if lurkers jotted down a few coat-hanger ideas that we can drape something more onto.  If you were involved in an open-source-happiness-project, what would be your code contribution?


I’ll drop a few coat-hangers here:

  • Nature
  • Continuing education
  • Networking
  • Family
  • Lover(s)
  • Travel
  • Unusually large wealth



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Reader is isolated and going nowhere, asks for advice

Posted by xsplat on February 21, 2016

A reader emailed me:

That is the first time in years i acknowledge that i have major problems.

This will be the first time i will talk about my problems with ANYONE.  Im 21, almost 22.

I scored the highest in my class on iq. I had fantastic scores on my high school diploma. Im not a ‘nerd’. Yet im friendless. I have ZERO friends.  None. I have NO ONE to talk to.

My father is virtually exactly the man that the ‘manosphere’ is talking about.  COMPLETELY weak and depressed. My mother is exactly the WOMAN that they are talking about. she hurt me in ways that i cannot, at this time, explain to you.

I dropped out of college a few times already because i just couldn’t make friends. So i only have my high school diploma. im still a virgin.

i have no job and no money. the ONLY thing i do is sit behind my laptop reading blogs, books and watching movies/tv shows. Reading blogs and books are the only things i have done right. I KNOW a lot more then my peers now. But it is useless because im not doing anything with it. The only physical excercise i have is almost 2 hours of biking that i do virtually everyday.

Im completely lost and confused. I dont think im depressed. Or im so depressed that i dont even notice it. I dont do anything fun in my life.  Everyday im tearing myself apart with the knowledge that i already wasted so much time .

Im so scared of the time that im wasting, but i just dont know what i should do.

you are the only person that i think can help me with advice. Please, dont be afraid to be harsh with me. I really need some advice from someone i respect. I dont have someone like that in my real life, so i come to you. The things you’re doing with your life, gives me the one thing i really needed. Hope. Hope that it isn’t over yet. That i still have a chance. Thanks so much for having read this. you have a fantastic blog and i know you will make a REAL difference in so many peoples life.

Good luck with your life and dreams!

My long rambling and unorganized reply:

I’ve been in a very similar position before.

I used to live in the States and there were a few periods where I had no friends or girlfriends. It was physically painful and life was very uncomfortable. The loneliness and stress eventually caused my amygdala or hippocampus to shrink due to the excess cortisol, and so I started the cycle of stress and depression. I had to seek out anti anxiety meds from my Dr.

What I did at the time was to load up my social calendar with as many continuing education classes that I could find that interested me. Some of those classes were Buddhist or Chi-kung or poetry writing related. I hoped to meet girls in the classes, but even though that usually didn’t happen, I forced myself to follow the calendar to get out and get the stimulation.

That helped somewhat.

But for me the big breakthrough and cure for the depression and anxiety only came after moving to SEA.

I understand that you said that you are not suffering from depression and you didn’t mention anxiety. But I think the root cause of my depression and anxiety was social isolation (plus financial stress), so our situations might be similar in that way.

I lived in Bali, Thailand, the Philippines, and again in Indonesia. I found it easier to date girls here, and as the cost of living is so much lower, was able to get by even when my income was very little.

But I was still isolated from hanging with male friends, for the most part, in SEA. That really only changed for me after getting guys to work together on business projects.

I’m not in the habit of giving advice, and have doubts about giving advice. But I can share my own experiences and mental map, and you can see if it relates to you and see if some of my solutions might work for you.

I like to try to focus my free time efforts onto things that I enjoy that could have the possibility to improve my life. For a few years I spent a lot of free time reading and posting on manosphere type blogs, and I think that can be quite helpful. There is a lot to learn that way, and for me it was substitute for face to face social interaction, intellectual stimulation, and creative output, and I needed that and it helped. But after a point it’s a bit of a time suck that gives diminishing returns.

So I tried to pick hobbies more carefully such that they had the possibility to improve my current and future situation. I took up a musical instrument, and that has been fulfilling. The hope is that the skill will be as impressive as I hear that musical ability often is, and so be seductive. My father is retired and plays music with other people all over the world wherever he travels in spontaneous get togethers or organized group meets. I saw him and his friends get together to jam through much of my boyhood. So I can see music has potential to gather male friends and to seduce women. Plus for me it’s something that I enjoy in solitude. I’m a slow learner, but that doesn’t bother me because I figure any progress is progress. As long as I enjoy it, I’ll keep doing it, and in five, ten, or twenty years, I’ll be pretty good at it.

For the last two months I’ve been working on Ellie Gouldings “Love Me Like You Do“, and I’ve pretty well got it down now. It’s a complicated piece that demands a lot from the left hand. For a few years before I mostly just improvised, and didn’t even try to learn any set musical pieces. I figured that the most important thing was to enjoy myself, and at first I didn’t enjoy trying to learn set musical pieces. After my fingers got accustomed to what they taught themselves through improv, they now do enjoy learning set pieces. So for me the most important thing was that it was fun, that way I never had to force myself to practice; I always enjoyed playing as something I wanted to do.

I’ve heard that fitness reduces stress, boosts the immune system, and of course a good physique increases sexual status. So I’ve made it a habit to regularly go to the gym. Like with most habits, once you set them up they are not difficult to maintain. It’s just something that you do. More so after many years.

Your regular cycling seems great. You might consider weight lifting also, for the different benefits, especially physique.

If you are going to spend a lot of time in front of the laptop, you may as well shift your focus towards something that can earn a scaleable income. I can’t give any suggestions about what online businesses could work. I have many business ideas, but I plan to profit off of those myself. If you wanted to work on those it would have to be in the context of being an intern out here.

I’ve always found that meditation and chi-kung are life and mood improving, however for me they can’t overcome the requirement for social interaction. Meditation and social interaction can be combined because people gather to take classes and meditate together, and then later socialize together. The social part didn’t always work that well for me, but I did make some friends and girlfriends that way.

When I was about your age others considered me a bit shy and awkward, and on my part I felt I’d like to improve my ability to chat with people, and that played a part in my decision to take up sales. I bought jewelry and clothing and sold it first at the flea market and local university in the student center, and then later in music shows and special events and on long road trips to universities in other states. Through this every day I was chatting up girls. Sometimes I would travel with a girlfriend, or on Dead tour I’d have a group of people helping, but for the most part the road trips were done solo, so after a while I again felt a bit isolated when on the road. I did make some vendor friends and friends in other states.

Travelling sales was lucrative at first, but eventually most vendors were struggling. I can’t recommend it as an option for you, but brought it up as a generally orienting principal of trying to have ones profession work to augment ones own personal deficits. Many people mentioned to me that I was the most unlikely person to be in sales as my personality seemed so aloof and quiet and even shy. Yes, but that’s WHY I was in sales. And my own style actually worked just fine – I was an above average salesperson. I found my own authentic way to engage with people. I had to or I would have burned out. If you have to force yourself to do something it isn’t sustainable. I had to find my own way that worked for me.

Even so eventually it was time to move on into a new entreprenurial profession. I was in travelling sales for about 7 years. My vendor peers congratulated me on being able to “get out”, as the economy was no longer supporting most of us in the style we were accustomed to, yet people were trapped by their investment in inventory and their own momentum.

You are asking for advice and I’m rambling on about my past. Not sure if that comes close to counting as advice. I’m just thinking that you are going to have to come up with your own solutions, as only you know your problems and interests and opportunities intimately. I’m just giving examples of how my challenges led to my own choices, in the hopes that you can look to your own challenges and find your own solutions.

I’d like to think that my offer of internship could be an instant one size fits all fix for social and financial fulfillment. It might be for some. That could be something for you to consider.

Otherwise I’d consider looking into lifting, taking up an instrument, finding some job that is social, finding some continuing ed or other group gatherings that interest you that can put you next to people who share your interests, starting your own business, limiting the time you spend on persuits that don’t improve your future, and taking up meditation and chi-kung.

You asked me to not hold back on being harsh.  I expect that your situation is very common.  Westerners are lucky to have all the blessings that come from valuing individuality, but there are downsides that are built into that system.  Many of us are terribly isolated.  The harshest thing I have to say at the moment is that you should be more cautious with your punctuation.  i find that people are, like, too casual with their speech and writing and stuff.  If you are going to do something – anything at all – you may as well do it well.  It is not only how you present yourself to the world, but is an exercise in mindfulness and awareness and craft, which improves both mood and social standing.

Best regards,

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Rebuilding the tribe – read this and tell your friends

Posted by xsplat on February 16, 2016

Men need a tribe.

In this age of easy travel and high speed internet in every pocket we still manage to have an atomized and disconnected culture.

People feel best when they feel connected to a group, and contribute.  It’s not just about shooting the shit over poker chips and beer every Friday.  Our ancient ancestors lived in literal tribes, and those that survived thrived best within a tribal social setup.  We are at our best when we rely on each other and help each other.

We also need hope.  Hope for a better future.  Working together on a common cause can be more than the kind of hope that you scratch at the lottery ticket counter.  Guys can pay their dues through long hours of diligent effort, and over years purchase their own freedom from this system of slavery that everyone assumes is inescapable.

Being an entrepreneur on your own is dangerous and difficult and risky.  I didn’t go to college and just could not bring myself to get a career.  For me working for a company, no matter what the salary, did not offer enough hope.  I don’t want to just work the system well, I want to conquer it and have financial freedom.  More than freedom, I want real power.   Some periods I profited over $1000 per day, other periods I lived hand to mouth.  During long lean periods I never wavered in my dedication to entrepreneurialship, because I new that I had a shot at greatness.

I’m 50 now, and have earned my food through my own self employed efforts all my life.  Actually I’ve had little businesses since age 9.  I didn’t go to business school, and there is a lot about running businesses that I have yet to learn.  Some things I try fail, other things work.  But by now I’ve built up some experience and momentum, and know how to be an entrepreneur.

I have two solid income streams that earn me enough to keep a staff of 3 engineers, two secretaries, one web developer, one 3d modeller, and two manufacturers.  I also pay for a four story shophouse that acts as an office, R&D and fabrication lab.  We are starting to smelt our own aluminum to use for making parts on the CNC router table that we manufactured.  The staff is mostly working on a new startup that has not made one sale yet, but my profitable businesses earn more than enough to fund the new startups.

The shop house is in Java.  The town doesn’t have much going for it, but I’ve made my 4th floor very comfortable, with a piano conservatory in an atrium beside my room, and a second atrium abuts the other side of my large room, so I like staying here.  I have three girlfriends and another ex girlfriend is a personal assistant.

But I can’t be happy just with my businesses and the girls.  Men need a tribe, and I need a tribe.

I have a ten year lease on a plot of land in a great area in Seminyak, Bali.  The first bungalow is nearing completion.  I will build three bungalows that have two stories, and two that have three stories.  The land will be well landscaped with gardens and a good sized swimming pool.

I can use this land to house my tribe, but my plan is to sell off leases to some of the buildings, and get into the real estate development business.  This means that I’ll be renting other plots of land and repeating the process.

I will also be building a factory in Bali.  If all goes according to plan then construction will start before 2017 comes around.  I’ll open a retail outlet in Bali too, that will attract tourists and locals.  I also have a new startup business in the modelling industry, so there should be a steady stream of attractive women that need our attention.

I have plans to open up retail and engineering offices in other parts of the world.  Bulgaria is one option, but I may also consider tourist towns in South America, Japan, and who knows where else.

When I was a teenager I wasn’t satisfied with my group of friends, and so I looked through the yearbook and thought about every guy in it, and chose a new friend.  He didn’t live in my neighbourhood, but the travel was worth the effort.  We quickly became good buddies, and it was great to finally hang with someone on the same wave length.  We only hung out for a year, as he started doing too many drugs and hanging out with a bad crowd, so I gave up on him.  He dropped out of school and committed suicide one year later.  But that’s not the point.  The point is I deliberately chose to create my own tribe, and it worked for a while.  We had some of the best sympatico I’ve experienced in my life, and that’s a genuine treasure.

Or maybe it is the point.  If he had not surrounded himself with a bad crowd, his life would not have led to suicide.  Our friends are the biggest influence to our happiness, and we can choose them.

I’ve had guys out here before helping with my businesses and exploring the lifestyle that Bali and Java have to offer.  I’ve had very positive feedback from most of them, while here and after they left, and no negative feedback from anyone.  There were periods when not a day would go by that we didn’t each one of us give spontaneous thanks and gratitude for the lifestyle we were able to create.  A big part of what made us happy was just each other.  It’s really very good to have a tribe of men.  A huge life improvement.

Sometimes there was just one guy out here, sometimes two or three.  The max we had was eight.

I remember talking to Aaron about getting us all to work harder.  I told him that if he was unable to help to motivate the guys to put in more hours then people would think that I was nothing but a guy with great ideas, but that I could not get things done and make real money.   I know he heard me and that made solid sense to him, but we never did buckle down as a group.  Aaron knew I pulled in ample money, and I don’t think he ever felt the same urgency to generate new profit that I did.  I was offering everyone a good lifestyle of good food, booze, places to stay, and access SEA chicks and tourists.  We were interested in entrepreneurial growth, but I failed to get people to put in 8 hours of productive work each week day.  And that’s a small ask.  Most entrepreneurs put in much more, and in many careers the expectations for work hours are enormous.

So when people didn’t work, they didn’t grow the businesses, which means that they only got a great lifestyle on my dime, which is not enough for people.  People want to bank coin also.

To be an entrepreneur and grow your own businesses you have to pay your dues.  Just like in any other way that you want to make money.  Lawers put in HUGE hours in schooling and office work to get to the point where they succeed, and even then not all do succeed.  Doctors are sleep deprived for years before they earn their high income lifestyle.  Entrepreneurialism can bring in big money, but it doesn’t come easily.  It doesn’t always come on the first try.  It takes a lot of work.

I’m going to get a team together again, only this time we will work.  At least 8 hours of productive work per day.  I want men who are ambitious.  I want men who will motivate each other, and not slide into habits of drinking and partying and surfing and fucking and schmoozing too much.  We have a future to build.  Not just a solid future, but a top 1% future.  Maybe one in 10 guys who will join us will have the skill and diligence to make partnership, I don’t know.  I’m only offering opportunity, it’s up to each guy to make something of it.  I know that most people don’t have what it takes to put in hard work when they have the option not too.  I personally have a hard time with motivation sometimes.  Last week was a rough one for me, and I just couldn’t seem to motivate myself.  It happens.

But one of the reasons I was unmotivated was because I lack social stimulation from a tribe.

Having a tribe is fucking great.  If you haven’t had that, you’ve got to try it, at least once.  We were built for that.

So I’m going to be working to build that up again.  This site will go to a new domain, and someone will redesign it.  I might have people start to post on some entrepreneurial forums.  I might put ads in job boards.

What I have offered before is free room and board until the intern earned enough profit to pay me back everything I had invested in him.  After that he could keep 20% of profits that he earned.

That 20% is difficult to keep track of, unless the intern is the only person working on a single project, and that’s not likely to happen.  So we’ll have to come up with some way to get more clear about that.

Now some people might think 20% isn’t enough.  Twenty percent is a great offer, and if you don’t think so go start your own businesses or build your career.

I’m also not going to give away 20% of businesses that I have already developed.  The % is for new businesses that the interns develop.

I take all the financial risks.  Nobody has to buy a franchise and risk losing his investment.  The worst someone could lose is time away from developing their career.  The best they can get is happiness and a great lifestyle and eventually vast wealth and global social connections.

As an entrepreneur I’ve had some really tough times.  I’ve been too broke to pay my rent or even to cut my own hair.  Entrepreneurialism is about risk versus reward, and you’ve all heard the statistics about what the risks are.  Something like 90% of all startup businesses fail within the first few years.

But very few careers can give the big financial rewards that can come from having a stake in your own business.  My father told me that nobody is going to make you wealthy working for their business.  The system doesn’t work like that.  Employees get compensation, but not a percent of profits.  If you want to be wealthy you need your own business.

But one man businesses very rarely earn big wealth either.  The corporate structure is thereby a necessity; men must work as a team in order to compete and bring in the big dollars.

You can get a good position in a good corporation.  I’m not offering that.  I’m offering starting corporations, from the ground up.  I take all the risk for the entrepreneurship, I provide all the capital, and you get to earn a % of the company.

If five guys are working on a new company, they can’t all get 20% of the profits and leave me with nothing of course.  And we will want to re-invest our profits into new ventures.  So we’ll have to work out how company shares are distributed.  Startups have done that in the past, so we can look to precedent.   I also like the idea of a pool of resources only available while working in the corp, such as company cars, company villas, company yachts, and expense accounts.  That way people will be better off staying then just building an income and leaving.  And not everyone is going to make partner just by showing up either.  People have to pay their dues here, just like anywhere else.

If anyone is interested in joining one of the first things I’ll have you do is work on recruitment from where you are now.  Later you’ll need to relocate out to Indonesia.  Later we’ll have travel and relocation options to our other offices.

I’ve built a good reputation here with my guys.  People who have left have gone on to tell other guys that I’m a good mentor and that they had very positive experiences here.  I think for some guys they will look back on the times here as some of the happiest in their life.

What is offered:

  • A tribe of guys to collaborate at business and life with
  • Access to tourist and SEA women
  • Good accomodations in a good location in world holiday destination
  • Good food
  • Internship in real world hands on entrepreurialism from a successful entrepreneur with three decades of experience in many different fields.
  • A possibility to get shares in the companies you help to build

What is expected of you; you have to be valuable to the group.  That means:

  • At least eight hours of productive focused work per day
  • You have to be willing to follow orders, even if you disagree with those orders.  Just because we are working as a group does not mean that there is no chain of command.
  • You can’t have any mental or mood disorders, and you need to be able to be pleasant and even fun to be around.
  • You have to have ambition for your life.  The bigger the ambition the better.
  • You need to be able to share the wealth.  If deep down you want to own 100% of your own business one day, then don’t apply.  This isn’t a school of entrepreneurialship or a summer camp.  This isn’t a dress rehearsal for something else.  This is start up businesses that you become a part of.  I’ve had guys leave or not join because they wanted to work on their own modest effort, such as freelance web design.  They preferred to keep 100% of something small rather than 20% of something big.  If that’s how you think, you are not ready to contribute to this team.
  • You have to be willing to go through periods of missing your home.  It’s common to get home sick, but this isn’t summer camp where you call your Mommy to come get you because you are home sick.  No matter how great the environment that I provide you with, it will not be your familiar home.  You have to be able to deal with that.
  • You will need to give notice if you choose to quit.  I’ve had guys tell me one day that they are really happy to be here, and a few days later tell me that they bought tickets to leave tomorrow.  What the fuck man.  Grow up.  When you invest yourself out here, take it as seriously as you would any job.  It’s not only an opportunity, it’s also a responsibility.  Give proper notice if you choose to leave.  And that doesn’t mean “I’ll be in Bali for  a few weeks on holiday before I fly out.”  It means wrapping up your work and training up people to take over.

I’m expecting that we’ll again have a high turnover rate.  Living in another country is not for everyone, and you’ll never know if it’s for you until you try it.  And some guys will not be invited to stay on after their 3 month probation period.  What we are building is a team of the best and the brightest PRODUCTIVE men.  We will work in all possible ways to be as happy and fulfilled as possible.  The business and the money is only one part of that.  But it’s the best excuse to work together on the happiness project that I can think of.  Those that succeed here will know a level of life success 90 percent of the world has never even considered possible.  People already tell me that when they get to my age they want to have what I have, and I’m only getting started.  You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Lurkers, now is the time to get out of lurk mode and leave productive comments.  Tell your friends.  Suggest how I can make this vision reality.







The application form linked in one of the above posts is not working properly right now.  If you are interested email from the email address on the contact page and tell me about yourself.  Please don’t waste my time with idle curiosity.  If you are not emotionally capable and ready to live in Indonesia then don’t apply.

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