Ken left a great comment that makes a good standalone post.

I think getting into qigong and meditation would be vital for the 60 year old guy. He needs everything he can to build attraction and qigong and meditation really helps with the internal stuff.

Also some workshops in tantric sex is a great way to learn sensual and erotic intelligence.

Mens workshops that work with masculinity is a great way to work deeply with masculine energy.

Learning some form of martial art would help a lot.

There are good qigong resources here including stuff that works specifically on sexual energy:

This exercise is great for building up sexual energy:

The standing meditation postures horse stance and San Ti she are especially good for building masculine energy.

For game/inner game I would highly recommend these two guys:

Sans company has some great programs:

I think their approaches jive well with Xsplats approach and I think they would be much healthier alternatives than what is often recommended to guys.

The No More Mister Nice Guy book can be very helpful. So can the Forum connected to the book:

This book is good too:

Some therapy is often very helpful in addressing psychological issues that may underpin some of the issues one has with women.

Best of luck. Never too late to start.

Once again I want to thank you for your comment. I suppose I might harp on a bit too much about the popular crowd of people looking for excuses and scapegoats for why they suffer and feel mistreated. Although 90% of absolutely everything is shit (books, movies, political movements, etc), and although most hurting men are looking for the fastest way to feel better – which is to collectively scapegoat, there really is a big movement of men who try to help each other self improve and take the serenity prayer seriously. I was looking at the red-pill reddit and was heartened to see very little whining and quite a lot of positivity and actionable content and guys posting their progress and giving tips on what to actually do to improve their lot.

So good to see. Hopefully I overestimate the negative effects of the old big three R’s. Each R once deserved to be a loud voice to a large group, but each slowly morphed and changed and either got corrupted, overstretched their abilities, stagnated, or went slightly mad. So again, so heartening to see a comment like yours which is simple sanity and goodwill with practical actionable advice.

Qi-gong and meditation are like lifting weights. It’s a required maintenance, and if you really get into it you get noticeably more attractive.

Actually chi-kung can be a spiritual power, in any sense that such a concept can be meaningful to you.

Lately my sex drive has been low. I’ve been living with the same lovely young girl for 10 months, and even though she is extremely easy to live with and constantly shows great interest and effort, this last week I noticed myself neglecting my manly duties in bed.

Today I put on some high powered music – the live stage show version of the War of the Worlds, and did some higher power chikung than the weak punk ass chi-kung I’ve been doing lately, then forcibly threw my girl down on the bed and licked her up before ravaging her to multiple orgasms.

It was about time. I’d gotten a bit complacent. How much power and love and mojo and sexual heat I carry in my body is a personal choice. It can be enough to maintain sex multiple times a day with the same girl, if I keep a strong practice up and the girl is compatible.

Or I can let my body and mind slide and the passion will fizzle. It’s got nothing to do with hypergamy – that’s all on me – all within my domain of control. Just like lifting weights.

In fact today is also gym day. And tomorrow I won’t be eating any food. Looking my best and having strong loving spiritually powerful sexual mojo is a choice, but it takes constant renewal and effort. It’s not just a matter of what words to say, it’s a lifestyle choice that requires constant maintenance.

Feeling chi-kung strongly requires a bit of willingly being kind of special. Personally I don’t have metaphysical beliefs that chi is a “real” thing, and consider it the kinesthetic sense, that maps onto subconscious body and emotional process as a type of synesthesia. Synesthesia is where people see colors associated with letters, or hear sounds associated with shapes, etc. Chi-kung can make conscious and under control what is usually below our threshold of perception and control, and to feel it strongly requires a kind of giving in to being something very different than a normal man. You become extra-ordinary. You can, with practice and if you want, feel great power in your sex chakra, and a huge heart of heat and love, and energy above your head, and a sea of deep rooted self below your feet. Or you can just mildly feel a ball of something between your palms and wave that around. You can go as deep and big as you like, or just mildly touch in. Obviously when you go deep you feel a great deal more during sex, and sex becomes chi-kung sex, and this effects the woman greatly. The more you feel, the more she will feel. Mirror neurons are a thing.

Update: Wilber said:

Good Qigong:

Zhineng Qigong has a very good reputation and is also thought online I think (same system as Chilel qigong and Wisdom healing qigong).

Primordial Qigong thought by Michael Winn is an unusually powerful and deep form and easy to learn through DVD. Winn also has a bunch of practices relevant to building sexual energy (his sexual vitality qigong series) and learning energy sex (his healing love program):

He also has a free ebook on the inner smile.

The Kundalini Awakening Process (KAP) in Glen Morris tradition is very good and powerful and their secret smile technique may be one of the best inner game tools and energy sex tools there is. Morris Path Notes book is also a great read about Kundalini and related stuff. KAPs level 2 has very good teachings on energy sex (dual cultivation)

Springforestqigong is highly regarded and can be learnt through DVD.

Standing meditation is very useful. It gives a deeper embodiment than perhaps anything else. It gives a ton of Chi Kung energy. And some of the poses build tremendous masculine energy. Horse stance both in very deep and higher stances produce a ton of testosterone. the San Ti Chi posture also create loads of alpha male energy.

A meditation system that is good for both reaching high levels of enlightenment within a relatively short time frame (not THAT many years) and reaching unusually deep levels of concentration (shamatha) is Culadasas system. Read his book the Mind Illuminated and check out the reddit community connected to his book.

For deeper sexual partner work Bruce Frantzis Taoist Sexual Meditation book is by far the best I have come across. Better than all tantra books I have read combined. Though Diana Richardsons tantra books are a nice addition for a basic neo tantric take on things.