They say that as you get older you lighten up, and don’t sweat the small stuff, and thereby get happier. Self reported happiness is usually much higher over the age of fifty than below it.

The same process happens with gaining the life experience of having lived with many girls.* You learn what to let go of, what not to sweat. You learn what arguments aren’t worth it. How to be kinder.

You also of course learn what shit not to take, and what shit to walk away from.  Boundaries and expectations go hand in hand with kindness.  Rights and responsibilities.  Common sense normal human business.

This very strongly imprints on and affects your mate. You’ll both wind up being kind to each other, because YOU learned how to do this first. She’ll notice. You won’t both be playing games such as “whose fault was it” and “see, you were wrong!” and “gotcha!”.

Instead you’ll tease exactly up to the fun point, and no further. You’ll compliment just enough, but not too much. You’ll learn a comedians timing for all of it. You’ll be able to have the seemingly impossible combination of being BOTH very passionate towards each other, and best friends. And that feeling of being in love will, instead of fading, seem to deepen and grow constantly. Like a full cup that somehow manages to keep feeling fuller.

This is normal.

Unusual, and rare, but normal. Just like lightning is normal. It happens everywhere, everyday. And you can make it happen anywhere you want, if you know how and put in the effort.

So please realize that self defeating hand waving memes about “all women are like that”, and ideas about rules of how women and men behave are for the normies.

Are you a normie?

No? Then stop the self defeating self talk. Women are what you make them, and that depends on who you make yourself.

And for keyboard jockeys who’ve been burned and then discovered “the red pill” and think you are now women experts, who are ready with your book knowledge about how the new car smell phase doesn’t last, I have two things to say to  you.

  1. How the fuck would YOU know?
  2. It’s been repeatedly studied that about 1 in 10 pair bonded couples remain happily in love indefinitely.  I’ve even heard that the same physical correlates to being in love are equally measurable in such couples.  One in ten is not a random crap-shoot gamble.  There must be real reasons why some people live like this.

* In my last post I said I’d be hard pressed to remember how many girls I have lived with in my life.  Counting in my head I got 8, then on paper I remembered 11 girls that I have lived with full time. Three of those were in the U.S., before I emigrated at age 38. The many other girls who would visit and sleep over most nights were not counted  among the 11 full time live-ins.