Want to deeply understand the female sexual mind? Sexual role play is essential. Want to understand your own sexual drives? Sexual role play is ABSOLUTELY essential. Only through role play can you embody your shadow selves, discover your drives.

People talk about women being attracted to “bad boys”, and some try to emulate bad boys. But unless you get physically and naturally embodied comfortable with your darker inner drives, you can’t fake it. If your darker drives disgust you, you ain’t bad, don’t bother to larp.

Some theorize that to keep an LTR hot, the woman must know that the man has options. Human nature is darker than that. To keep it hot, not only must the man be attractive enough to get other girls, he must also be morally capable of infidelity.

In my experience there times in a relationship where women are willing to play pussy wars. They get extra turned on, knowing that they are sexually fighting to be the primary or sole pair bond. If you are not morally capable of breaking hearts by being non-monogamous you’ll never get that pussy war vibe. And that vibe is a glory to behold. Makes you feel like a king. Until the inevitable drama. This is where role play comes in. You can cheat on her, with her. She pretends she’s someone else. And the reverse; she wants to cheat too.

Because of how the subconscious mind processes info, role plays are hypnotic reality. If you role play Daddy/Daughter enough times, and give a full historical narrative, she’ll deep down believe it. A part of her is unable to distinguish the role play from reality. Very powerful.

So you can both retain a strong sexual polarity and not get bored with stale pussy and stale cock, because your hind brains are believing a different narrative. You are freshly falling in love, freshly falling in lust, and you have side girls.

Humans are complicated. Here is what led up to today’s role play of her pretending to be her sister, while her “real” self was sleeping one floor below;

My girl woke from a dream this morning of me going back to an ex, and it was so real she became convinced I was up to something and she was predicting the future. Accusatory, which annoyed, so I mostly ignored her and her moody day.

I don’t play the reassurance game. Just don’t have it in me, which is to my benefit, as that game only trains the woman to throw moods and fits in order to receive re-assurance. I mostly wait it out, for her to come to me in a better mood, that can make us both happy.

She couldn’t calm her insecurities down, and I was in no mood for her, so she got naked and pretended to be a girl down the street, who snuck into the house, because she was very horny and wanted to suck and sit down on some nice cock.

Still being a bit pissed at her, and also into the idea, I suddenly changed the game to that she was her sister. After she stopped giggling, she got way into it, even using her real sisters name.

It was quite a hot role play, and I let myself embody the role. So did she. While both of us keeping our senses of humor. So now the tables turned. First she was insecure, then sex to get close, then while we have sex, I’m cheating on her.

That’s the beauty of role play. No moralizing. You can be and do anything, take on all roles. It really got her off that I’m the kind of man that would cheat on her, with her sister, with no moral qualms at all. And it got her off to cheat on her sister.

Humans are complicated. Most of us want to cheat, but not be cheated on. We want a mate attractive enough other people want to fuck them. When insecure we want reassurance, when cheated we want retribution. In role play, we get all sides of who we can be, with laughter. Hot.

Some common example types of role play:

  • Daddy daughter
  • She is underage and needs to keep this secret
  • She’s the next door neighbor and the wife is out shopping
  • Roadside rape
  • She’s being gang raped
  • King and peasant girl
  • Teacher and student
  • Threesome (you describe what the 2nd girl is doing, etc)