I haven’t been in the US or Canada for over 12 years. Back then the hysterical ideas were mostly on the “right” and were called the “war against some drugs”. The culture wars and identity politics, to me, saw the right as bone headed and stubborn and deliberately out of touch with reality.

Of course even back then it was clear that feminist ideas had gone too far; gender is not a social construct. People talked about it, and took sides, but you could take a side without being shouted down.

This video shows an extremely scary cultural hysteria, beyond anything I’d have imagined possible. They say that the first person to use the word Hitler loses the argument, but what other social movement comparison can I make, other than to the great political group-mind consensus building movements of the pre world war 2 eras? Communism, Nazism, Stalin-ism, fascism. Huge groups of people who would murder and persecute their neighbors if their neighbors professed the wrong ideology.

It’s fucking scary. I’m so glad I’m not at a job in a country infected by this horrible mass hysteria. I don’t know what you guys can do about it. This has gotten to the point that many will have to sacrifice their freedoms in order for freedom to still be a thing.

And from what I hear your universities are now so overpriced as to be an indentured servitude system. And the curriculum is fucked up beyond repair by this insane feminism. I can’t call it leftism. It’s got nothing to do with what used to be called leftism. It would be disrespectful to history to group what is going on now with what went on in the past; this is more than an extention and outgrowth of the types of liberal ideas and ideals that were active in the sixties.

I’ve seen students in videos acting like brainwashed hitler youths, shouting down well reasoned statements of facts, when those facts are not in line with feminist thoughts. Young people! My god, what the hell happened!


There is no way in hell this is sustainable, but this is so extreme, so powerfully entrenched… Historically the swings from such extremes are violent. Guns and bombs and years of war violent. I have no fucking clue how you guys are going to get yourselves out of this mess. It looks BAD. Really fucking incredibly bad.

I’m not a Trump supporter (and even less of a Hillary supporter). I haven’t followed closely at all, but my dim impressions so far are that those on the left take it as a given that he is very scary bad, yet rarely if ever explain exactly why. That’s a huge tell. Argument by eye rolling. No, I don’t know why, no I don’t share your assumptions. Why?

But I do hear that he lies a lot and says stupid shit totally disconnected from reality. Ok, lots of other presidents also did. I hear some of his political appointments are out of touch with a science based view of consensual reality, and some are business as usual pro-oil or pro entrenched corruption elite businessman class. I probably shouldn’t bother talking – I really haven’t been following. I know he rose to power by appealing to those who are not identity-politically social justice warriors. What his REAL agenda is, I’m not sure if anyone knows. I never understand why voters think they know. The political process is nearly completely opaque to all of us, isn’t it? Will we never learn that campaign promises are empty? Trump used identity politics to win, but someone please let me know what identity politics related new laws have passed while he’s in office?

From Jack Murphy on Twitter:

I try to escape my bubble as much as a I can. My old face book page is 99% my old life. So I go back there every once in a while just to see what the nut jobs are up to. But this last time was a stark reminder to never go back. A short story of the times:

I have this old “friend.” We met in the 90’s. We were ravers. We broke into warehouses, danced + took drugs. We rebelled against the “man”. We were culture warriors at a time when the culture war meant more freedoms for all. Now she’s a lawyer and has become the establishment.

She has a law degree from Georgetown University. She was a clerk at the Supreme Court. She left a high paying Big Law job to become a federal public defender, because she has the luxury of choosing whatever career she wants. She owns a home, has a dog, and is single.

The other day while she was checking in through security at a courthouse she doesn’t usually go to, the security guard said to her, “and what is your business at the courthouse?” She replied, I’m a lawyer. And that was that. She wasn’t impeded, she wasn’t delayed. Nada.

It so happens this day was also the day I chose to take a quick peak into my old facebook world. and what do I see from her? SEXISM IS ALIVE AND WELL IN AMERICA TODAY The first comment was “MEN ARE TRASH” The rest of the comments were equally as bad. “MEN MUST DO BETTER”

She was wildly offended that the minimum wage minority worker asked her one single question about why she was at the courthouse. She took this to mean that misogyny and sexism were still rampant across America and that ALL MEN ARE TRASH and ALL MEN MUST DO BETTER.

Me, being me, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. So I asked her, what was the negative impact on her life? I presented several other viable reasons why he might’ve asked her that other than misogyny, + then I pointed out that he was a min wage minority worker and she the privileged.

She raged on me. And at no time could she understand that she lived a life of “privilege” She went to Georgetown, was a lawyer, a clerk at the Supreme Court, owned a home and did whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. Yet, to her, MISOGYNY is alive and well in the US today.

Her other friends piled on, they all called me a woman hater, etc. When I pointed out that “MEN ARE TRASH” wouldn’t sound so good if you said “BLACKS ARE TRASH” or “JEWS ARE TRASH” they didn’t like that much either. These are the most privileged people around acting like this.

Once upon a time this woman was punk rock. She hated authoritarians. She hated “the man.” But now, she has become the authoritarian establishment. Rage Against the Machine is now the Machine. The world is turned upside down, and it’s not getting any better. It’s getting worse. 

After 26 years of “friendship” – this woman blocked me on FB + has effectively ended our relationship, because of her blind rage. How did we get here? How can a woman who runs in the MOST ELITE circles of life still believe she is oppressed? By a min wage worker no less!?

If the absolute most privileged of all women still thinks she is oppressed today, then we have a serious fucking problem. I feel bad for her. I feel bad for her friends. But these people now run our institutions. THEY WORK ON THE SUPREME COURT This is not a delusion.   

Yesterday’s rebels are today’s authoritarians. The most privileged among us think they are oppressed. The ones with the power and money think they are enslaved. All because a minimum wage worker asked her one silly question. The world is on it’s head and we’re all suffering.

She’s an avatar for feminism and the future: mid 40’s single childless she smokes she drinks she overindulges and she’s got be lonely, sad, and confused. she followed the “plan” and what did it get her? a simmering rage ready to burst out at slight provocations.

She did everything she was supposed to do, and yet she’s miserable and therefore the world around her is miserable. more than half of people in their 20’s and 30’s are unmarried. There’s going to be many more of this type of woman in the future. Angry, sad, w/$$ and power.

This is why you got Trump. This is why 9 million people left the Democrats and Voted GOP. This is why the culture war rages. — If you liked this thread, you’re gonna love my book. It’s about all of this and a ton more. Check it out: