There is no such thing as too much ego. There is only weak ego, unhealthy ego. A strong, healthy ego can take pleasure in competition with other people. In all things; mental and physical. That’s not only fine, it’s all around better for everyone. Very healthy.

God damn empathological women insinuating their participation trophies everywhere. Where are the debating teams? Where are the wrestling children?

If you really want to be a good person, and imagine yourself as that and strive towards that, that’s utopian, and counter productive. Start with what you ARE. Dig into your shadow side, and use that muck, in THIS world. Leave Utopia to the ugly feminist protestors.

“No More Mr. Nice Guy”. Machiavelli. Niesche. Ken Wilber. Those are healthier influences than most new age pop metaphysics and feminist/communist propaganda we’ve been unconsciously influenced by.

If you are only competing against yourself, then you’ve left unused motivation on the table, and risk not noticing advantages to what the competition is doing. Ping pong is more fun when people are cheering. Competition is in us already, may as well USE it.

Before I read any Machiavelli, I noticed that it’s just plain common sense that utopian visions and ideals are counter productive. You have to start from HERE. You can’t start from there.


I used to hang out with Buddhists, and was an extremely hard core meditator. Even as an iconoclast, I inevitably became a bit brainwashed. Took a long time to realize that “ego” is not a bad thing, that being bad, needs to be grown out of and given up. And that being too “conceptual” is a group-mind psy-op con.

There is a lot of new age and pop psychology that people take for granted, that in my opinion is little more than brainwashing. Sly ways to get people to be less competitive. I think Niesche explained that well.