I’m listening to some JJ Cale on Youtube, after reading in comments of a Clapton tune that he was the author. He’s not popularly known, but is seen of as a musicians-musician. Popular and influential to musicians, who often cover his stuff.

YOHAMI says:

“chi-kung” I was just going to recommend that.

That’s good to hear. I’m hearing more guys start to talk about meditation and chi-kung.

I read long ago that there are hubs of influence, and that inputs into that hub make the 6 degrees of separation connections.

So although I’ve had my own blog for going on 10 years, most of my influence, I think, will have come from posting on other blogs, or from writers reading my blog, chewing on my ideas and fitting them into their own.

Meditation is widespread in the culture, and a natural fit to self improvement, however it’s great to see people fit that seamlessly into their notions of game, and if I’ve had any influence to add more momentum to that ball, that would be cool.

I used to never hear about people not coming during sex. Now that seems to be a thing.

Chi-kung was extremely fringe back when I was in the states. Like a favorite album in a record collection though, it somehow started to catch on in my community, after people caught wind of it, seemingly from hearing it first from me. And again it was the bigger influencers that were the hubs – I just happened to influence the influencers.

This is a reason why I sometimes take pains to correct harmful views of major influencers, and have done so with Roissy, Rollo, and Roosh. I know for sure that my efforts have seen good fruits. Although I do seem to remain rather invisible.

Do you remember how you came to learn about Chi-kung?


I was unclear – I’ve written extensively about harmful views, in many blog posts and comments, however it’s never been the influencer who changed his opinion, but the readers of the influencers.

The sphere, on the whole, has been correcting itself. In places it gets mighty fucked up, but as it grows, it’s been self-correcting.

That’s very important to me, personally, and some people can’t seem to understand why. As if caring about your brothers is an impossibility. Or worse yet a social faux-pas imposition.

Original comment that Yohami replied to:

Nash said:

Xsplat said: My method to keep girls attached is frequent sex, which usually means meeting two and sometimes more girls per day

Per day??? Or per week?

I should have included in the comment that I don’t really have that system working in my life right now – only two girls I see, and I’m not trying to keep them exclusive. Before that also my situation was not about running around seeing the girls all the time.

I was talking about what I was doing about two years ago, and for some years before that. Yes, per day.

A dozen years or so ago I started to have experience with seeing two girls in the same day. Made me feel like a king! Wow! So naturally I turned that happenstance into a lifestyle. Then a lifestyle system.

So I became quite comfortable with seeing at least two girls in a day. To manage the libido I managed my orgasms, and did chi-kung and lifted weights, ate well, plenty of rest, etc. With that system libido was never a limiting factor – only time was.

Lately I’ve almost forgotten how to fuck. To my surprise I’m coming more. I guess I don’t want to be holding so much libido in my body, because I don’t have enough lovers that I’m into to share that high voltage energy with. I think a lot of guys also don’t feel too comfortable being too horny – we relase that tension with jerking off. But releasing that tension becomes a habit that is difficult for the body to break. I’m going to have to go back to kindergarden and relearn what was once just a natural habit – as if I’m learning to drive a car again after a bad stroke.

I do think it’s down to not having appropriate lovers.

Like I said, I turned a happenstance into a lifestyle, into a lifestyle system. I’ve thought deeply about and systematized what works and why. Having three or more girls, and occasional dates, greatly increases my libido. Increased libido when increased opportunity is natural to mammals, and is called the Coolidge effect. Chi-kung and not coming GREATLY increases this effect.

So ya on some days I’d see three or four girls. I remember 5 visits one day, and I was still horny. Thats tail end of the bell curve, but it’s not down only to high libido – it’s also the full system working.

About keeping girls on a once per week rotation, ya, I did that once, although I tend not to because if I’m into a girl why not see her more? Both usually want it. I didn’t see that girl more, because I was ONLY into the sex, and preferred other girls for hanging out time. Later I’d see her more often, but usually leaving one girl in my bed, and then going to visit the fuck buddy in the middle of the night. Later we did see each other more – sexually it got quite intense – I think I came 11 times with her once – probably my record.

But anyway, I wanted to make the distinction between having a harem, and having a fuck buddy. If she is not exclusive – if she has her own harem, it’s not really a harem, is it?