It’s been explained to me that unexpected, and even expected, infidelity can have profound psychological effects on young women. And I’ve seen this first hand. Saw one girl have a mental breakdown and later become a prostitute.

Saw another horribly heartbroken and near suicidally depressed.

Saw lots. I loved non-monogamy, but the collateral damage wears on you. I’m not sure who can keep that up. Some people seem to claim they’ve got it all sorted, but I navigated minefields, and saw explosions after explosions.

My current girl is deep down very similar to me, I think. Similar impulses. We don’t trust each other AT ALL. But we still keep things simple. Risk reward.

Humans are a product of war. Villages and cities razed. There is no land that has not been conquered and reconquered; there are no indigenous tribes.

All is fair in love and war. The girls will break your heart. You will break their hearts.

Rapists make babies, and girls get wet for, and dream about rape.

There aren’t happy rabbits and unicorns. It’s a mess. There is no advice.

But. We are also evolved to feel the most contentment and happiness when we make others around us happy.

But. Girls are evolved to fuck axe wielding terrorists.

There is no actual solution, it’s all minefields. The only reason I’m in a happy satisfying stable long term relationship is because I caused so much very serious damage. I really believe that.