Most of the most common red pill memes are more wrong than right. It’s become the blind leading the blind, with people parroting facile hand waving generalities that barely correspond to what they see with their own eyes.

And that have no clue of what is on the other side of the fence. No clue about a frame of reference that isn’t a beta frame of reference. No clue about that it’s a real option to be treated with passionate loving attention long term by a woman who maintains acquisitive mode, even while supporting a woman or living together.

This is a very DELIBERATE cluelessness. It’s clueless for two simple reasons.

1) Pua’s rationalize their lifestyle by turning it into superhero status. They choose to believe that women actually aren’t sexually interested in boyfriends. They only get really hot for pump and dumpers.
2) Guys who are not being treated as “Chads” are bitter and angry and want to maintain an attitude of sour grapes. They NEED to believe that the grapes are not attainable, and that the grapes don’t exist. Women are just shit, end of story.

Magnum said:

Women over 26 years old or so push for monogamy. Women in their sexual prime (18-24 or so) actually prefer to keep their options open. Even the older ones get bored of monogamy after 2-3 years and either cheat when a worthwhile opportunity comes up, or they lose sexual interest in their monogamous partner (or both).

You can offset this tendency by not living with a woman and keeping the relationship open, and avoiding legal marriage so she knows you can leave when you want.

It’s just how women are biologically wired to endure genetic diversity of their limited number of offspring. It’s not something to be upset about, but rather to accept and plan your actions around accordingly.

Ya, I don’t witness the same stages of mating so many people seem so certain about.

I’ve dated teenagers who were trying very hard (and sometimes succeeding) to get pregnant. My live in girlfriends have usually been early twenties, and all were pushing for marriage and wanted kids.

I also don’t buy this biological 2 to 3 year clock.

I’ve witnessed long term pair bonds. Yes, sometimes people have affairs within the pair bonds, but I’ve witnessed extreme long term and sexually active pair bonding. My grandparents, for instance. Boinked daily, got along great.

And in my own life I’ve been able to maintain strong passion past the 5 year mark.

All these “red pill truth” rules… I really mistrust them. It sounds to me like the blind leading the blind.
Magnum said:

Yes but you’re in Bali and not the US, correct? Context can play a big role

Yes, I’ve been in SEA for about 15 years.

But the US and Europe also has subcultures. Just like any high school has archtypal subcultures.

And women aren’t all like that, in any culture.

And women are different depending on the man. They are like water to a glass.

It’s well known now that there is no pussy paradise; the sexual marketplace is not grossly different anywhere.

Culture (and education) affects stages of mating. Latinos in the US like to get pregnant as teens.

Women are still the same basic primates, everywhere. Culture makes minor adjustments. Stages of mating is not a biological trait. Therefore YOU can be the culture that affects the woman.

I’m sure if we look at real statistics, and at what ages babies and marriages are happening, we won’t find anything corresponding to this stages of mating idea, in any country or culture.

Update: People are marrying later and later, and it’s a dramatic trend.  But still, 29 percent of white women are married by the time they are 25 years old.  And 12% by 22.  Here is an interactive graph showing which groups are married by what age.

And keep in mind education level makes a big difference.  So if we excluded college girls from the data the number would be higher.

This graph breaks it down by education level and shows 24% of people with high school or less are married by age 20. (You have to add up all the percentages up to and including the final age you want.)  You can clearly see the peak age for marriage for this group is 21 years old.

Stages of mating?  Nope.


But I bet that a percentage of readers will go on talking about stages of mating as if it’s a feature built into women, even after seeing the facts.

I think it has to do with social signalling for some victim based in-group.  “I’m one of the boys!  I’ve been red pilled!”

And isn’t it also just a touch of gamma socialist entitlement? “Those girls are doing it wrong, waiting for their epiphany phase to hook up with a beta like me.  They should marry younger, like they did before!  And be thankful for it!  They’ll be sorry one day!”

The entitlement is off the fucking charts.  If you want a mate, be mate worthy.  I doubt top guys have trouble finding marriage partners.  Are you a top guy yet?  No?  Oh, better find a community of fail to complain and commiserate with.  That’ll make you feel MUCH better.  That’ll help.

Or maybe go after non-college educated girls?  Girls in your own country from a different background to your own?  Or in a different location?  No?  It should be delivered to you on a platter?  Still fresh and virginal?  One per customer?

Out-grouping women as the enemy and in-grouping the victim mentality socialist gamas and betas together helps the meme grow in strength.

Ya, but just look at the graph right in front of your face, and tell me again how you need that meme so bad, that you’ll just ignore your lying eyes.

Girls are girls are girls.  If there is some upper class Asian girl in the U.S. who plans to wait until after she’s finished her grad degree before marriage who comes across an unusually good match, chances are she’ll marry him, if her family is into him, even if the average age for Asians to marry is over 30.  It’s not cooked right into female nature to wait.  Girls pair bond beginning as teenagers, and want babies beginning as teenagers.  That’s biologically baked in.  Stages of mating is not.

And conversely it’s not biologically baked in for high status men to only pump and dump.  Pair bonding is biologically baked in, to men of ALL status.

I’ve read that some ideas are deliberately batshit insane, in order that to profess belief in them you are professing that you are REALLY REALLY a member of the group.  Think Mormons, or Christian Scientists.

Update from comments:

Please keep in mind that a lot of the research has not yet differentiated between high T or alpha males vs lower status males. The ones that do differentiate, are along the lines of “women orgasm more for wealthy men”, and show that women don’t have a dual mating strategy as showing up in hormonal/ovulation patterns when their partner is high status.


Rollo heavily curates what studies he’ll admit into evidence, based on his motivation.

His motivation is to:
1) Prevent beta suicides similar to what happened to his brother in law.
2) Rationalize his passionless marriage.
3) Maintain and grow his position as a social influencer.

He has no motivation regarding sexual marketplace class mobility. He has not seen and does not believe that there exists the possibility to be treated as a King or Alpha or Wizard within the context of marriage or a supportive LTR.

As an example of his rationalizing his passionless marriage and of not believing in class mobility, he does not believe the Dave in Hawaii story of a married man learning to be the dominant leader and turning his marriage completely around. He doesn’t believe that this is possible, and said exactly that in a comment on his own blog.

He’s also said the he does not believe that it’s “pragmatic” to be both an alpha and a provider. He continues with his idea of an extremely strict dissociation between alpha fucks and beta bucks by insisting that high value men only choose to pump and dump. Yes, he said exactly that, in the comment section. Look to comment sections to get the gut feelings of writers.

His entire worldview, which he advocates as the ONLY worldview, is coming from the place of a beta. He thinks that this is reality.

Yes, it is reality. Unless you make a different reality. And from then on that reality is completely irrelevant. Has nothing to do with you. Women behave nothing like what Rollo would teach you to expect.

From an old Saturday Night Live skit on sexual harrassment in the workplace:
Rule number 1. Be attractive.
Rule number 2. Don’t be unatractive.

Rollo isn’t attractive, doesn’t know how to be attractive, and doesn’t teach how to be attractive. He doesn’t care about it.

All he cares about is preventing beta suicides.


Marriages are lasting on average about 10 years, give or take a few years.  And average is not what readers of this blog aspire to be, I assume.

Divorce rates are between 40 and 55% depending on country and region.  I’m not sure how the math was done to get the 10 year average marriage length, considering that MOST people never divorce at all.

Ten years seems fine to me. But some people are still chemically and romantically in love till death do they part. About one in ten, I ‘m told. That’s not a small percentage, if you consider that many of the variables are under your own control.

Card counting is not exactly gambling.  If you are inexperience with women, you are rolling the dice on a marriage lasting forever and not being divorce raped.  If you co-habitate and safe-guard your finances, and have a long history of doing better and better and learn expert level of co-habitating with women, it’s nothing to do with gambling.  It’s called enjoying the best that life has to offer.

I’ve made claims again and again that I know how to keep passionate romantic attachment alive.

It’s a bold claim.