K said:

Roughly how old are you? 50’s? 60’s?
And would you be able to provide a photo of someone who looks similar to you? Like a celebrity that people have said they remind you of or something?
I’d be very interested to get a sense of exactly what you mean when you say you’re old and ugly, and very interested to get a sense of how long it would take before I too might be aged out of the sexual marketplace

Early fifties.

Colin Mochrie, from Whose Line is it Anyway

Brian Johnson from AC/DC

Steve Buscemi

I’ve already had a face-lift and surgery to remove bags under my eyes. I plan to do fat transfer from my belly to my face. I use make-up and a wig. On good days the wig looks real. I workout and am wiry strong, but never get big. I’m short at about 5’7″

I could always get new girlfriends, but the question is hot and young girlfriends. The cultural landscape has been changing in SEA, and girls are less and less interested in older men – at least the hottest girls with the most options are.

If you look at these photos, and then read how my most recent date, as usual, turned into an instant full blown love affair from day one
you’ll get some glimpse into how MOST of red pill knowledge is cartoonishly over simplified and more accurately called wrong than right.

This latest turn of events is so common for me, that I’ve been repeating how it happens over and over, throughout the years, and then it just keeps happening and happening. In fact just a few days before meeting this girl I described how dates usually turn into love at first sight dates. I have some posts about love at first site game, and how to do it.

I’m the ONLY person who writes about this, and apparently even the only one who knows that it’s possible.

Look at my pics again, read my post, and re-evaluate what is the real dating market and how it really works, and what “game” really can be.

Most people have absolutely no clue and are no where even in the right ball park of a clue.

I also have posted pics of some of my girlfriends on my blog, and visitors who have come out and met some of them have described them as from very attractive to fucking hot. My newest girlfriend is a slim yet curvy, just turned 25  21, 7 point something on the attractiveness scale* , who has a rare inner beauty that moves her out of the pretty category and into the beautiful category. Every part of her, individually, is beautiful, even her little shapely feet. It’s day 7, and she can’t stop saying I love you or asking to fuck again.

* – No one would call her a six. Maybe a few men might say 8. When she’s smiling she can be an 8. I don’t give 8s out easily – a crowded beach might have one on it within strolling distance, and often doesn’t. Eights get love at first sight reactions from men, and there is extremely strong competition for them, from the rare men who even dare to consider an 8 as possibly within his league.