That being said, most of Nick’s trollery actually serves to make important distinctions.
->Shoring IS distinct Sugar Daddying or being a John. Not because of morals, but because a man’s self respect is important, even if it flimsy to the point of delusion.
->’Dating’ in the west is mostly shoring anyway, but that doesn’t change ^
->Convincing an Eastern European model to bear you children and stick around and be nice to them, raise them, and be nice, respectful to you IS distinct from either of the above, and requires a similar leap in ability and character from a man.

Yes, good distinctions. But I think Nick still displays a glaring blind spot. In this guest post by Jimmy the subject is of settling down after a career of daygaming. I commented:

The options for relationships are MUCH vaster than is generally discussed. The possibilities are MUCH bigger than is usually even hinted at.

I assume because it’s an overlapping, but still distinct and separate skill set. You can’t just transition out of day game into relationship game, as if it’s all the same thing.

Krauser appears to have bought into and built upon this very weird idea of alpha only fucks and only betas provide for a live in mate. His crew dress alike in costumes that highlight the bad-boy archetype, and we never hear him talk about him having any long term relationships with any of his conquests.

So he’s deliberately created this reality that deliberately excludes developing or even valuing long term relationship skills.

So it will be invisble to him the very concept of giving and receiving love, and MAINTAINING strong passionate long term love affairs.

So the skill sets required to have a live in and raise kids are completely outside of his radar.

Which directly relates to your comment:

The skills needed for shoring, for pickup, and for raising the next generation of men to be more than damaged goods, these skills are learned skills.

Pickup skills can be learned, and somewhat taught.

LTR skills are what my blog is mostly about. I write about them because I believe that they can also be somewhat taught.

They are overlapping but distinct. LTR skills include developing your self in ways that are not important for pick up.

Deliberate blind spot.

And they only pay attention to you after they see the way other people behave toward you. In theory cold approach can short cut past social proof and wealth and AMOGing and all the rest, but in reality all of the guys, myself included, [B]appear [/B]to only be able to approach girls with real success AFTER we earn the respect of our peers in some way.

People do fight for serotonin. But sometimes that fight can get not only a bit ugly, but a bit pathological. Not only not win/win, but more towards lose/lose.

An anti-Krauser website has a few people saying that Krauser can be prickly in person with other guys, and AMOG his own wings, or just generally bring down his friends state with arrogance. *(Update – see Krauser’s comment about that website.) Someone did contact me before with a 1st hand story that jibes with that, of Krauser seeming to value his pick up skills so much that he gives off the vibe of dick measuring about it in what would otherwise be pleasant company.

We all rationalize our choices of what is the best mating strategy based on exactly what we are doing. Krauser does it, and I do it. But I think in the back of Krauser’s mind, he realizes that his mating strategy is bodering on pathological and doesn’t really measure up against mating strategies where people actually love and take care of each other, and want to see each other again. So I think he projects out his insecurities, with an offensive psychological defence.

I’d love to make this comment a post, because I believe that Krausers overall attitude towards women could lead spergy men towards only developing a spergy approach to women; never learning to open their hearts and lean into their artistic sides. I’m of two minds – with one mind not wanting to be too dickish. I suppose I could re-write it in the abstract, but where is the fun in that?

Although Nick disparages guys who talk about women for not being as good or interested in daygame style pick up, he also said in 2012 that daygame tends to fuck up your life and turn you into an narcissist who can only attract fucked up people.

More recently Nick has been thinking about converting to Christianity, and said:

If I do make a conversion to Christianity, I’ll be withdrawing my key pick-up products from the market, so if you want *******, 2019 is the time to buy them.

So he clearly is of two minds of the value of the lifestyle that he’s devoted so many years to, and of the value of that lifestyle to others.

Which makes it all the more weird that he is so arrogant about it. Not weird, actually. It’s just a common divided brain. Not integrated personality.

I keep talking over and over about unifying the mind through practices designed to do exactly that.

I think we can see a good argument here for why that’s fucking god damned important, exactly and especially regarding dealing with the women in our lives.