I’m starting a new business that will produce enough money to go around.

I’ve had good and bad experiences with interns and potential partners who came to Indonesia to collaborate with me.  The worst experiences have me quite wary to bring people in again.  But the best experiences made it so that I’m not a misanthrope yet.  Good chemistry and timely opportunities can make for explosive life improvement win win situations.

My current plan is to build a prototype new product, and use the income from that to hire Indonesian staff.  I’ve learned from previous mistakes and will not try to run businesses that the local talent pool is not skilled at.  My new direction can be handled very well in this country, which has a high reputation in the field.  So local staff can be paid relatively low salaries and quickly expland the product range, and continuously update products.

So I don’t really need interns and Westerners like I did before, when I tried to get several high tech endeavors going.

We got REALLY really really close with those businesses, but tech savy staffing was simply too difficult in this country, making progress too slow and expensive.

But the new business will be in a basically bottomless marketplace, and we’ll have near bottomless new product options.

I exel at creative invention.  It’s my strongest point, mentally.  For whatever brain power I have, it’s tuned mostly towards creativity.  My memory is quite poor, and my math aptitude is merely above average.  I’m also bottomlessly and widely curious, so I know a little bit about a lot, and this wide range of inputs into the multi-parallel creative process means that I never have a lack of business options.

I took one and a half years off of work, despite hundreds of solid new business options, and completely neglected a few working businesses that would have only required (and still only require) a slight amount of effort to tweak into exponentially more profit.

But, as was mentioned in Pirsigs Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, sometimes people are going sideways, when it seems like there are merely not going forward.  Aimless drifting is not nescessarily without direction or purpose, even if the direction and purpose could only be pieced together in hindsight.

It took me 1.5 years just to realize I had to go into a new direction, and to discover it.

The very fundamental and most important part of any business is what you are doing.  You can make money doing so many things, and can be successful at nearly anything, if you do it well.  But one good idea is lightbulb-invention-priceless.

And in entrepreneurship, a main, rock bottom fundamental issue, is motivation.

You can live or die based on motivation.  You need a strong synergy between motivation and profit.  Personally, I have that sync up now.  I’m interested in the new business, and expect to remain so until I die – even if I die centuries from now.

It’s difficult to get to the point about what I’m offering, as I’m still tentative due to being burned in the past.  I dont really want to risk paying for someones business schooling for little return.  Interns traditionally had been expected to work at the company for several years, as compensation for the value received in training.  I don’t want to again put myself in serious jeapordy by exposing business ideas to competition.  Things can go pear shaped fast, and horribly, all on my dime.

But I could be open to someone who can fund himself to work with me, and get in on the ground floor for profit sharing.  Maybe I can give room and board, if required.

It would be required that the applicant(s) are a good fit for the business, and interpersonally, and that he is willing to relocate to Indonesia.  The location will be good, socially and environmentally and logistically, but it’s not really a nightlife town.

I’m not really expecting much from this post, and unlike in the past am not really trying to build up a crew.  I just figured I should at least throw the idea out there.  I’ll be very picky about any replies, and please do not email me out of curiosity.  I’m sure you already know if you are truly willing to relocate to Indonesia.  Don’t try to get me to sell you on the idea.  You already know.  So let’s not waste each others time.  IF that is not a barrier, we can talk.  But don’t pump me for info out of curiosity.