Your reference experiences are held in your micro expressions, and these include what are your social boundaries and good treatment expectations.

It’s your girls responsibility to not be a doormat, and to leave you if you suck, and to let you know that she will. You respect girls who don’t let themselves be shit on and taken advantage of, and take them more seriously.

And the converse.

I came across some tweets of advice to women about how to keep a high value man. This is all completely familiar to me, as it’s common sense boundaries and expectations that it’s my responsibility to train into women who don’t yet have the experience of behaving well. Which is most women.

It’s up to you to train your girl, and if you don’t do that, don’t blame her for being uncivilized. Relationships are school, for most of us, as most of us didn’t get perfect social imprinting within the family and school context.


For Girls Seeking to Keep a High Value Man:
1) Learn to cook
2) Do not talk about other men
3) Be available
4) Respect his time
5) Be responsible w/ money
6) Ignore your phone when w/ him
7) Find new ways to be sexy for him
8) Be proud of him
9) Be emotional w/ gal pals, not him

For Girls Seeking A High Value Man:

1) Go to the gym, lose extra weight
2) Clean up your diet
3) Keep your home and your car clean

When you look better, feel better, and care for your surroundings, it comes through in your attitude, and it’s more attractive.

Getting good treatment is not just an attitude. Countless times I’ve said “talk to other girls about that, not me”. It’s unexpected at first, and might therefore seem rude, but it always only takes about 5 seconds for any girl to realize this is perfect common sense and even common decency. I might also say “I’m not a girl. Talk to other girls about that”.

Masculine polarity is important. For her attraction but also for your own peace of mind. You are not her best buddy – you are her man.

Regarding every one of these points I’ve said explicit things and demanded specific actions. I make the girl dress well, even if just around the house. Even if it’s a day both of us stay home, she’ll be in makeup and dressed sexy.

If she dresses only to go out, I’ll point it out. “Oh, you want to look good for others? You should look good for me instead”. It embarrasses them at first, but they can’t argue. It sinks in. I got a facelift, very frequently don’t eat for a day, go to the gym regularly, wear fake hair, shave every day, and so on. It’s to keep her sexually aroused. I demand and expect her to be just as interested in maintaining my arousal. And as we both are aroused by each other and fuck a lot, it becomes a self sustaining habit of keeping the top spinning. We prefer the spin. One year after moving in together basically on the first date, the frequency and passion of sex is still top notch high.

I’ve chastised J before for serving food to others before me. For not paying attention to the quality of the food she prepares me. Now she is a great cook, and takes great pleasure in pleasing me. As most women do, she’ll wait expectantly for me to take a bite of food to receive my comment. This is a great value to my life.

M started out as a tom boy who walked and dressed like a man, couldn’t fuck, and had no idea how to cook. At the end she prided herself on being a very good cook, had a huge tasteful feminine and sexy wardrobe, and was an orgasm machine.

Girls sometimes bad mouth their boyfriends or husbands to create in-group bonding with the other gals. But mine brags about my six pack and the size of my cock. Her friends ask how they can get a guy like me, and sometimes ask if they can fuck me a bit. This is normal – or it can be – these simple expectations are perfectly normal. Don’t assume that negativity is normal. It’s common, but not normal. Not YOUR normal. You will learn to do and get better, because that’s YOUR normal.

The more you are used to being treated well, the less correction you’ll need to give. Your being will hold a power of social expectation, that she will conform to.