I suspect it’s not only about jealousy. Older women realize that younger women can literally be hypnotized. I’m a very good hypnotist.

But I find it challenging and fun to maintain the hypnosis over many years. Maybe even indefinitely, if that remains good.

I picked up my first book about hypnosis at age 12. And my friends were all willing subjects. Age 16 I decided unifying the mind through meditation was a more interesting library book section.

Age 54 I don’t micromanage the cats or my girl, but know how to influence mood. Know how to maintain a mood in my house, maintain moral. Still blowjobs on demand, but it’s not exactly manipulation. It’s also meditation.

Most guy will say you need to learn to be attractive and date quite a lot before you might be able to relax with someone you like. It’s true for 2 reasons. You need to learn to be someone people relax around. But ya, also find someone less insane.

Who is the person you’d say hello to on the beach, even though you are very shy. Because she’s your type and compels you. This is a very common story. Not a lottery ticket story. Get better at LTR, Date a lot, LTRs get better. Much better.

My girl reminds me what seems daily that she is terrified I’ll go back to my old ways of having multiple girlfriends. It’s a real risk. The last mate gave me many chances, then left, and I’ve hurt girls who tried very hard to explain their pain. Equilibrium is fine at this age

We have great fun daily, so kind to each other. Very bonded. And I’m slowing down, and no matter how hard I work to maintain a peak of my best, I’m 54 and she’s almost 24. It’s happy to to be happy. That’s fine. It’s a different and good kind of happy. I like it.