Rollo says that it’s impossible to be in a loving long term relationship. You can either pump and dump, or be a doormat who is not respected.

Over and over he talks about alpha fucks and beta bucks, and how it’s completely impractical to the point of basic impossibility to be an alpha provider.

Take a look at any of the old MGTOW forums. They are a self selected community of total losers at life, whose only purpose to talk to each other is to make each other feel just a little bit better about their position at the bottom of life’s barrel. The way they feel better is by constantly pointing fingers away from themselves – it’s everyone else who is stupid and doing it wrong. They aren’t the losers – the people who think they can win at relationships or are winning are the red and blue and purple pill losers.

Rollo gathers around him guys who have recently been burned at relationships, and teaches them that it wasn’t their fault at all. He creates an unfalsifiable world view that excludes all possible other views, and gathers together a community that always lets him carve and serve each turkey slice from the head of the table of his king-of-the-losers autobiographical-book club.

Rollo is a midwit who can barely organize his own thoughts, and disguises his disorganization in obscure academic sounding gibberish.

Look at Roosh’s communties. Very similar – very tight knit world views – however theirs is mostly a rigorously moderated echo chamber built around the personality cult of his flawed Cluster A paranoid-and-shizoid personality style.

It’s extremely sick, how a man can talk for years and years about his own life, and pretend that he’s actually talking about relationship dynamics. As if the more believers to his church he can convert the more true will be his god and the less pathetic will be his own life. There will never be a lack of ready and willing true believers – they come from the ranks of the miserable. Church can be rewarding and helpful, if the community focuses on helping each other, and not on an afterlife and preventing current pleasures. Rollo slyly and passive-aggressively focuses on preventing lasting mutual loving relationships. Sicko cult leader, using people who are having a tough time to bolster his social and financial positions, while burying his failures. Twisted fuck.

Rollo knows NOTHING about maintaining strong passionate love affairs, year after year. NOTHING. And he convinces the world that the reason his marriage and love life suck are because women are hypergamous. It’s not about him and his life, it’s about stages of mating, hypergamy, dual mating strategies, and everything else that is out of his ability to control or manipulate.

I wrote this the other day, originally at the bottom of this post:

Just talk about what it feels like to your own cock in your own wife. What’s with all these third person abstractions? You have totally lost track of what it even means to have a self. You are lost in a world of internet abstraction, a world of feedback from losers, where you seem to be king.

Are you king to your wife, when your cock is in her? Or do you need to retreat to your laptop to feel like a king?

Everybody has the right to talk about and interpret their own experiences.

Critics live in abstractions, and distance themselves deliberately, because no one likes pain, and an abstract world might be less painful.

Sure, Rollo.

It’s also anhedonic. Talk about your own fucking life, directly – you ain’t god with some ultimate viewpoint. You only have your own life – that’s it. Put your cock into the first person gonzo story.

Everything that you’ve ever written is not a cultural critique or an analysis of the nature of men and women. Everything that you have ever written is gonzo. You just refused to put yourself into the narrative.

And it’s a story of a guy who learned a bit, and gave up. A guy who thought that higher education was a thing, and that he had it.

You are a guy who refuses to put himself into the gonzo narrative. But every thing sentient puts you into that first person; even every last disinherited part of your loneliest forgotten self. And me; I put you into the gonzo narrative, Rollo Tommasi. It’s you who writes that, and that’s your personal first person lived life, on virtual paper. It’s not third person. Writhe and squirm and dissimulate – everywhere you go, there you are.

Your narrative really sucks, Rollo. It’s the narrative of your own personal life, and it’s not meta in the way you wish it was. Unless you want to identify with people who share your story.

Your story is small and undeveloped. You can have a next chapter. Just do it. Just have a next chapter. Or at least stop depressing everyone with your sad life. Stop telling other people that your life is the story of the limits of all their possible depressing futures. Mr. Meta.

If you want to talk about spreading a realistic message about improving happiness, start by feeling it. Then talk about how it feels, personally, contextually, in taste feeling form sound and current perception. Be there, now, and share that. Meta man.

Keyboard jockying about losers? Without knowing or caring or telling them how to feel and share love?

You are the losers you talk about, Rollo. Every post you make is gonzo, for years and years and years, to everyone else but you. It’s obvious that you are a reporter embedded in your own life, talking about your deeply personal lived experience. It’s always obvious. It’s so clearly about your own marriage.

There are websites that give a readout of the most common words used on web pages. Rollos is what you would think it is. It’s so predictable it’s like an insane robot from a nightmare. Alpha Hypergamy Bucks!


Why should I pretend to be dispassionate, as if we are all just disengaged from watching a distant TV set?

When people comment on forums, are they disengaged?

No, from what I see, people believe and are affected.

Lovers try to be distanced, but men and women both can’t help but be inextricable from their love affairs.

Propoganda is a science and art, and it works. Words hypnotize.

You are reading propoganda on other sites, and on my site.

It’s a real war – it’s a real thing. People are really affected. There is less distance between you and your computer screen than you imagine. This is a meme war, and the end result is overall ability to accept personal happiness and work towards mutual and my own happiness.