I have a long history of non-monogamy, however I also prefer to pair bond, so there’s been drama.

Most guys have fantasies about having a two girl one guy threesome. Some guys have tried it. Some guys do swinging or partner swapping or group sex or MMG threesomes.

I do quite a bit of role play with my girl; with every girl I’ve been with. It’s a great way to explore my own and her interests and drives. Sometimes we’ll role play while watching different types of porn. Again, a great way to find out what turns each of us on.

Me and my mate are both open and honest and into each others sexuality; I love to see her turned on. Some of the role plays are rather kinky; I probably shouldn’t kiss and tell.

But I’ll give a list of role plays that are common turn ons for girls. Very common. Too common to call kink.

* sex at a very young age
* sex with a relative, especially father
* sex as a high school student with her teacher
* sex as a secretary with her boss
* sex with multiple men in a row. Sometimes multiple relatives
* threesomes
* rape.
* multiple rape
* rape by relatives
* anonmous sex
* group sex
* cheating on her own boyfriend or husband.
* cheating with a husband with the wife at risk to find out
* being an uncontrollable slut
* being treated like trash
* being a prostitute
* violently dominant sex, including choking

And on and on and on.

Again, pretty well any kink you think of can be fun role play and is so common that you could almost consider it vanilla. Some couples hunt together for a fun little threesome girl that both like. Some people have interesting parties.

I’ve long tried to live with a pair or women that I love. I’m up for it; I could handle it and like it. I fall in love and pair bond pretty strongly, but I’ve also several times done that in parallel, and have been deeply pair bonded with more than one girl at a time, and had many periods of life when I usually had sex with more than one girl each day. Sometimes up to 5 girls were kept busy, but three is a more common number to have in the same city.

But last year I got really disappointed with the heartbreak. I’m tired of hurting people.

So I’m curious to lean into non-monogamy in a way that won’t stress out the girls. I have no idea how much jealousy I could handle, from group fun situations. I suspect I’m capable of a type of orgiastic group love and bonding.

Such ideas would not work for people with a high level of disgust and the moral trait of purity that goes along with that genetic trait. But I think it could be an interesting avenue of exploration into a more workable type of non-monogamy, that includes very deep pair bonds.

Me and my girl are very close. Might have kids even. I’ll be more able to keep her long term, from my end, if we are very accepting of each others pleasures. So far we are very much on the same page. She’s getting a lot stronger. Many girls take about two years to mature sexually, if they start out with little or no orgasmic experience. My girl now can almost have a full sex day holiday. She’s passed out comatose right now from too many orgasms, but I expect that her ability to come without losing her full battery charge will slowly increase over time, exactly like a runners stamina does with regular training.

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