kate-hillI don’t understand why there are any rules against consensual sex. Power differentials are not a bad thing. If people want to trade sex for personal gain, that’s their own business.

We infantilize and disenfranchise women when we try to socially constrain their sexual agency. Let prostitutes prostitute. Grant women free will. If you want to protect them from their own free will it’s the height of arrogance and condescension.

And what on this beautiful earth could possibly be wrong with using power to gain what you want? Sexual access is a GOOD thing. If power helps, then GOOD.

People trading sex for advantage from the powerful are not victims. They are negotiators.

Sex is, of course, currency. That’s obvious. Value for value. Free and fair markets.

It’s not prejudice to realize that it’s usually the fat girl who cock blocks her friend from going home with that handsome man that she really wants.

All this “protection” of young and innocent girls is really just cock blocking.·

The older a woman gets, the more she’ll be against prostitution, and the more she’ll be against age differences in relationships. Young women assume that females should have free will.

My very beautiful live-in mate of two years, who I am intending to impregnate, is 30 years younger than me. It’s the older women, the fatter women, who want to jail me. In public other young girls try to steal me from her. “Sexual crimes.” Bullshit. Old ugly woman jealousy.

Ugly women are sexual communists. Pretty women are sexual opportunists. Same for men.

Take any old ugly feminist, and she will role play everything she pretends to be politically against. It will make her cum.I’ve heard first hand accounts, from my lovers, and others. Their young experiences with older men were positive.  Very illegal ages, very positive stories. Actual real life, not moral grandstanding.  MOST people become very sexually aware and active before it is legal to do so.  MOST.  I’ve been the older man (not illegally). Why is it always that protectors of young women are never actually the real young women? It’s the jealous wives. The jealous men with no access.

Think of the children actually means think of the security of older wives.

Think of the security of older husbands.

It’s a real argument.  Then just say it, plainly.  Don’t couch it in fake moral outrage.

For all men who are strict about limiting young women’s agency.  What porn do you watch?  Did you ever use the word “teen” in your porn search?

At what age would you agree that the government should have an opinion about what you do with your cock?