Cory Clark
I’m a-ok with the research question, but the women were unaware their medical evaluations were being used to make attractiveness judgments

I don’t get it. It’s unethical to make attractiveness judgments somehow? Is that the new thing?

Cory Clark
No, but women trust obgyn doctors with their bodies and sexual organs with an assumption that the doctor will not take any sort of sexual advantage of that situation. Using that access to make a physical attractiveness judgment feels a bit off to me. But it is a complicated case.

I’m unable to see how making beauty type judgments could be conflated with sexual advances of any sort.

Cory Clark
Hmm maybe I should make a poll…

Ladies, would it bother you if a gynecologist consciously evaluated your level of physical attractiveness during a visit?
Not at all 3.8%
Maybe a little bit 4.5%
Yes, a lot 17.7%
I’m a man but wanna play 74%
1,575 votes · 12 hours left

The evo psych implications here are deep. If pressed, I’m sure all the ladies who would be bothered a lot would agree that boners and thoughts can be involuntary actions. If mind reading were thrust on you, you’d be in a sad state of permanent outrage at the thoughts of men.

“How dare you even THINK of me in that context! I don’t care if you act on your thoughts or not, the very IDEA that would even THINK of me like that is completely innapropriate!” How naive. Female nature seems predicated on living the social lie for real.

No wonder men often get frustrated at women for believing that narrative fictions are reality, and frustrated for their common lack of concern for a deep and realistic theory of mind for others. It’s all competing narratives to them; gossip. Competing gossip.

Men win the argument to win the group, women win the group to win the argument.* “You guys have to stop having inappropriate involuntary thoughts! We all agree, therefore we’re right!” A thinking process inextricably embedded in group politics. So dangerous, so much damage.

“But, but that makes me FEEL icky. And you can’t deny me my feels!” is always the go to motte. But the baily is an oppressive rule by consensus through appeals to pearl clutching.

Confiding in your friend that you find your gynecologist hot and that he makes you embarrassingly wet has no moral implications at all, but if that man dares to get a boner! And tell his mates that you are a stunner! Take his license.

* This phrase has been quoted before and attributed to others. It is my original insight and exactly as I originally phrased it, back in 2009 or something.

“Men value love, women love value” is mine also.  Always annoying to have those little nuggets misattributed.