Soft de-platforming is when you are suddently asked for your phone number in order to maintain access to your social media account.

1984 could not look far enough ahead, and right now I can’t look even two years ahead. What was that idea that people thought was futurisitc? Something about an uncontrollable point of time in the future where information could no longer be assimilated as fast as it was produced.

There are political implications to an A.I. induced singularity that Frank Herbert, the author of Dune, talked about. But because it’s a singularity, it means we can’t, by definition, know anymore about what the political repercussions will be anymore than Fritz Lang could predict the internet when he made Metropolis.

The A.I.s are CURRENTLY deplatforming people, or at minimum asking for telephone numbers in preparation for ??, based on nothing other than friends lists.

That’s political.

The policial bias of those who are programming the A.I.s has already been declared.

There will be stages where A.I.s program A.I.s. In fact it’s already completely acknowledged by every top A.I. researcher that humans can no longer understand the A.I. algorithms and the A.I. results. It’s ALREADY become black boxes inside black boxes.