When you sneeze, it makes your sinuses and the top of your head tingle, and you come out with an involuntary aaa – CHIEWWW very high pitched and forceful. That is the masculine upwards energy associated with heaven. When you squat low to crap you relax and drop and release down. That is the feminine downward energy associated with earth. The nexus for the beginning of the upwards energy is the cocyx, at the base of the spine. The nexus for the downward energy in the man is the prostate. Both are sexual pleasure centers.

In my early twenties I forcefully woke up my upward spinal energy. I had some problems for many years with this, as I had no counterbalancing downward energy. There are chi-kung meditations where you bring energy up the back of the spine, up over the head to the forehead, then down the front of the body and into the lower belly. Going up the spine is easy, as that energy flow is natural. The movement back down relies on creating a channel by force of habit with the mind – you are basically taking the upward energy and holding it and using the mind to bring it back down. That is not the same as the downward energy.

There is a very old meditative technique called variously the vase breath or dummo yoga or kundalini yoga. In this you very forcefully raise the energy up the back of the spine with a long slow outbreath, and on the inbreath create a spark between this upward energy and downward energy that you focus on with your mind at your perinium. The tension between these two polar forces creates a spark that you feel and keep in your belly. You can actually make this spark anywhere. This meditation is in one form or another several thousand years old, and there are documents from ancient egyptian times mentioning mixing the oposing twin solar forces in the third eye chakra.

Sarah has very strong and open downward energy. Quite unusually so, and quite strongly so. I have very strong and open upward energy. Quite unusually so and quite powerfully so. What should be the expected reaction? That is exactly what we had, an intensely powerful alchemy. We would have sex for four or five hours a day each day for the first 3 or 4 months, and were never for even 1/10th of a second bored. Our passion was intense and always fresh. I had my first anal orgasm with her, and there was a big explosion inside me as if a dam broke or something snapped inside me and I’ve never been the same since. Ever since then I also now have this strong downward energy in me. I now not only always feel the fire upward heat in my coccyx, ready at my commant to jump up my spine and fill my head, but I also have this cool downward feeling in my prostate. The end result is a constant tension in my belly area, as the two nexusses are quite close. I carry a fire in my belly, a spark.

Sarah and I were doing a very powerful yoga, for many hours every day, for over a year.

I have not found anyone like her since.

I hope I do, otherwise I’ll have to see her again.

With mastery over these two polar energies opens up new bodily possibilities. For instance, after opening up all your chakras, and a tunnel between all of them – the central channel, then you can open up your perinium and crown chakra, and let the downward energy flow strongly through the whole channel.

To begin with it is needed to open to earth energy and project your mind and chi deep into earth. You can feel this very palpably. And a beginner needs experience safely opening up the crown chakra and project your mind and chi far above your head. You can feel this very palpably, and it feels entirely different in quality. But only after there is a feel for the *downward* quality or type of energy can the downward or upward flows happen through this channel.

In this case what your body has become is entirely different than what it was. You are no longer a bubble containing various energies, you are all lined up and the universe is flowing through you – universal power flows through you. You can the reverse flow, bringing very strong earth energy up through your perinium, to fill any chakra. I’ve not done a reverse flow out my head, as I used to have problems with upward energy, and I am still wary of doing anything above my head until I feel totally confident in my earth connection.

And even without opening up the two ends of the tube, within the body if you have the downward flow going on and are conscious of it, you’ll feel that heat in the belly, your jing glowing, your mojo will always be cooking.

Although all this sounds trippy subjective fantasy, it is backed by thousands of years of documented living history of practitioners doing similar things. But this is such a rare and esoteric thing that you aren’t going to see a lot of first person accounts of this. As far as I know, this is the first ever by a westerner talking in ordinary first person experiential terms, and not relying on sanskrit pointers to a historically taught tradition. The downward energy is extremely esoteric – it took me nearly 20 years to stumble upon it. The upward energy by comparison is very easy to open.

There is a second kind of downward energy associated with earth, and it may also be associated with theta or delta waves or some similar sense of deep connection. You can fall back in your heart, and if you touch someone else’s heart and fall inward and backwards in their heart at the same time, you can put them to sleep. You can also fall below your feet this way, and feel a deep physical connection and meditative state while eyes open. This isn’t the same as the downward energy mentioned above – this is down energy, but not downward energy.

For instance if one hose if flowing down to a lower pool, the force of the current and direction is the down energy. Another flowing upward is up energy. If you mix the two forces you get a big splash, but what is above your head or below your feet is something you can fall into irrespective of these two currents. There is the downwardness of energy, it’s quality of going down, and then there is earth energy. There is ascending energy, its quality of going up, and then there are the chakras and space above the head.

And it gets a bit more confusing. The down energy, or earth energy, can be brought upwards, and the above the head energy can be brought down. But the downward current is specifically connected to the below energy – as if what is below is flowing to below. And the upward moving current is specifically connected to the above the head energy – as if what is above is flowing to what is above. And to make this more confusing, if you fully open the whole channel and both ends and make an open tube of it and have full access to upward and downward energy, you can feel the downward current, starting above and flowing down and going down, or you can reverse it and feel the opposite. The best image I have for this is the lines of force of a magnet. You have both poles, positive and negative, and the lines of force actually flow in both directions, and through the center is a channel. Both ends point out to empty space, but they do so with their own directions of force.

During sex a great pose is the lion posture. Both hands are firmly planted palms down, and the palms of both feet aim backwards. The head arches back and the eyes roll up and the tongue sticks out. The spine opens up fully, and if fully charged, all upward and downward energy happening at the same time. The mind is way below the feet and grounded, and way above the head and vast, and the body if centered in power in the belly, and the palms are connected to the heart which is glowing and full of love, and there is full control and power, and you are inside and can feel your beloved as you feel yourself, and you can fuck and fuck and fuck like mad.

That’s it.

Any comments more than welcome. I need to make this accessible – I really do. I’m not trying to write to an esoteric audience – I want to write this deeply esoteric delving into normal kinesthetic experiences such that it is interesting and attractive and accessible for most people.