Another man was thrown in jail recently by a vindictive ex and a sympathetic judge seeking outrageous and unrealistic financial settlements. I won’t give you your full dose of outrage; there is plenty of outrage porn available on and other men’s rights blogs. The stories are endless.

Many people naturally respect authority. It’s been argued that this predisposition to respect and obey social norms and authority is heritable and genetic.

For such people it is especially galling when the norms of society and the legal authorities are unjust.

For those with a strong innate predisposition for social cohesion, living outside of the laws that others would impose upon them would require a criminal mindset that would shatter their self image.

But I advocate forever and always living outside of social rules. Living as a permanent outcast. Not just in theory, but in practice and in the small details. Keep your name and finances and as much of your business accounts as possible anonymous. Structure it such that you are invisible and untraceable.

Your business card should have your pseudonym, and that photocopy of your passport that you leave lying around should be shopped. Your live-in girlfriend should not know your name, nor should your employees, nor should your banks, nor should your neighbours. But your name is only the beginning of it. Anonymity is about freedom of choice, and ultimately freedom of mobility. You need income streams safe from “the system”. That portable income stream that is outside the system may just be your ability to wait tables, or you may have put in more effort and it may be that you can earn money playing a wicked sax wherever you go, or you may be earning book writing royalties to an offshore trust fund, or you might have several angel investments depositing your earnings in the form of gold into numbered accounts, or you may earn your income online and use esoteric financial knowledge to keep that money outside of the reach of any government jurisdiction. Your portable income stream might be your English teaching diploma and a passport. Whatever your plan, hone it, and work it. This is a leg that you need to walk on.

Women will, sooner or later, try to pin you down and snatch your money under threat of jail. I’ve been in a police car under the threat of years in prison unless I capitulated to some girls ownership claims. I’ve faced extortion, suicide threats and threats to my body by women demanding commitment and fidelity. It is not some remote possibility that women will try to burn you. Women are a proximate threat, and men who refuse to play by their rules must protect themselves.

You can’t live within social rules AND be a bachelor.

And you can’t live within social rules AND be protected from unjust and punitive divorce laws.

Make your own rules. Structure your life such that you create that justice for yourself. Never delegate that responsibility. If you do, you will get what you deserve. You wil get conned like a gullible patsy, playing your role dutifully as a drone for someone else’s cause.

I can feel sympathy when people are surprised that the machine that they are a cog in has no care for them, and that their allegiance and duty were misplaced. But for how long can you maintain sympathy after people are already aware of the matrix?

You can’t be outside of the matrix and at the same time complain about how the matrix works. Those rules of the matrix no longer apply to us. If we get caught up by those rules, WE are to blame. Not the matrix.

We already know not to put our arm in the wood-chipper. We already know the safety procedures to follow when operating a wood-chipper.

You can not date or marry without being financially anonymous, or at the least internationally mobile.

“Ooops, I’m up to my shoulder in the wood chipper.” Ya, that’s what happens when you play by the rules.

I have video cameras set to permanent record all throughout my apartment. I have some contacts who have relatives who are police. I can leave the gym all sweaty and have on my person everything I need to set myself up in another city, with no interruption in income.

When you can just walk away, free and clear, at any time, women have less power to extort “proper” behaviour from you. Eleven. Eleven pregnancies so far. Many times the girls were adamant that they were going to keep it. But because I am outside the system, when they realized I wasn’t bluffing about just leaving them if they chose to keep it, they took their herbs or visited the clinic.

We hear the girls talk they would “never” abort because of ethical reasons, or out of love for the unborn child. But when you see their actions it’s clear that it was always about support. The baby is the cage and you are the golden goose. The truth is not pretty, so many prefer not to see it.

I’ve faced off against three fat bull dyke sisters of my now dead ex-mate. They were refusing to hand over the bank cards of hers that held my money. They had the power to cause a big ruckus for me, but I was able to hold my ground, because I knew that I could simply abandon my apartment and everything in it and walk away a free man to setup some place else. Women know how to cause trouble, and they will, but they also can assess how vulnerable you are.

Almost two years ago a girl I was living with had a psychotic break brought on by me refusing to stop seeing my 2nd girlfriend, and then her manipulation tactics such as suicide threats or threats against me failing. I wound up moving to a hotel for a bit, and claiming I was out of town. She was prepared to see me rot in jail, and was close to filing a false police statement. What gave me confidence to stand up to her was my portable income and all the preparations I’ve made to remain anonymous. She didn’t even know my real name, after four months of living together.

A lot of people are all about this idea that we carry around on our naked bodies all the preparation we will ever need, and it’s called “confidence”. I call bullshit. Preparation is about a hell of a lot more than that. And confidence comes from a hell of a lot more than spontaneous wit. It comes from knowing that all your files are available to you in an encrypted file that you have uploaded to an anonymous email account. It comes from access to several stores of cash, and allies to deliver it.

They say a good suit is like a suit of armor. It gives the man confidence because it protects him. Real protection also gives a man confidence. If the girl can’t get leverage over you if she gets pissed off, then you are a free man.

Otherwise, you are likely to wind up her sacrificial pawn in her game of life.

I’m not writing about the dangers of smoking. Women aren’t like cancer, that only ever happens to someone else. Sooner or later some woman is going to try to burn you, and if you date a lot that will happen a lot. Acting as if such a thing is bad luck or an accident is living life to fail.

To deal with women advantageously is to be protected from all the traps they and their society lay down for you.