Not everyone suffers fools gladly

Another reader just doesn’t get the concept of “theory of mind”.  My recent posts about there being drastically different mental types flew over his head, and all he could think about was “ego”.

I read your original post. As you must know ‘Have you eaten?’ is a pretty common greeting in Malaysia and Indonesia. It is just a form politeness and manners in those cultures. You need to get over yourself fella. By the way what exactly has your huge intellect produced? If it is as big as you ego it must be a sensational corpus of work.

Ya, no kidding. It’s said instead of “what’s up”, or hello. But some people start at that level of banality and leave it at that, with nothing more to say.

Yes, I’m cantankerous and irritable. And for good reasons. I haven’t had a decent conversation with an interesting person in ages. It’s making me nuts.

A guy can’t be expected to hang around with idiots and maintain his composure forever. Yes, sooner or later he will snap. It’s perfectly normal.

By the way, have you eaten?

How’s the weather over there?

What do you think about our sports team lately? Go sports team!

Some people are easy going about such banalities. I’m usually easy going also. But fill up my WHOLE life with banality and I’m going to fucking snap.

And I’m not the first person to point out that there are well defined and well studied personality archetypes that fucking hate these banalities.

We really dislike them.

I’m accurately reporting my personal experience. I’ve read about studies about people with similar experiences. Do I have a gigantic ego for disliking banalities?

What difference does it make. Why aren’t you the least bit curious to learn that in order to interact harmoniously with people, you’ll have to expect that some of them will be just like me. And HATE banal talk, including all talk of sports teams. There are people like me who are constantly having thoughts that are interesting to them running through their minds.

We exist. Big ego or not, we exist. Accomplished or not, intelligent or not – this is how we think. It’s genuinely and truly very different than average.

If that’s insulting to you then whatever.

Get over yourself for expecting me to get over banalities! People vary widely. A lot of us really really really dislike these pointless banalities.

It’s not in the least bit uncommon. You could google it and find article after article about people like this.

Some people use conversation and information fundamentally differently. We don’t use it for polite hi-how-do-you do’s. We just don’t. We hate that. We always will hate it.

We use conversation to transmit interesting information.

Have you eaten?

Every single day of all my life, even as a kid, has been deeply mentally engaging.

Does that give me a big ego? WHO CARES how big my ego is? What does that have to do with the price of beans in Africa? There are a minority of people like me, who have highly active mental lives that never stop. We are deeply intensely curious, forever exploring, pushing boundaries, inventing. Whether we are good at what we do, or accomplish anything, or entertain anyone has nothing to do with nothing. It’s how OUR brains work. If you meet someone like me, you can’t change that by telling me to get over myself. I’ll still be thinking about something far more interesting to me than:

Have you eaten? Looks like rain. What’s your favorite football team?

It’s an imposition on my awareness to ask me these things. It’s stealing my awareness, stealing my precious brain cycles. I’m busy! If you are going to force yourself on my awareness, add value! Be interesting!

Lots of people do.

Those people are usually similar to me. I’m not unique. There are lots of people like me.

Maybe now that I’ve educated you, you’ll know who you are meeting when you meet someone like me. And won’t be so arrogant as to assume that you understand what they value, how they think, an how they SHOULD think.

Really. It’s just fucking rude to go around asking random strangers who their favorite football team is. Taxi drivers in Thailand do that all the time. What an arrogant and ignorant assumption, that I give a flying fuck. Did it not cross your mind that I might be thinking about something FAR more interesting? Puzzling over something really entertaining and engaging? That you are stealing from me my attention from a more valuable task in order to bother me with trying to connect about something that I not only don’t care about, but actively dislike caring about?

It’s mental theft. You are hijacking my CPU to mine your bitcoins. Assuming that I’m not using it for anything valuable to me at the moment. CPU cycles have value.

It’s to be expected that people who are not in the habit of being mentally engaged will have no theory of mind about those who are. It will never cross your minds that someone just sitting there could be “busy”.

We don’t have to prove to you that our thoughts are valuable to us to have them be valuable to us. We ARE busy.

Sometimes I’m busy relaxing my mind into sensations, as an open eyed meditation. Silently expanding beyond thought into as much of the present moment as possible. Even that is WAY more engaging than “Have you eaten.” I’ll be in a taxi and the girl will try to fill up the airwaves with noise in order to engage. But she will have no concept about being interesting. You can’t just be banal and expect everyone to play along and enjoy the engagement. People like me will resent your imposition. Be interesting or shut up!

It’s really not all that complicated. Not everyone suffers fools gladly.

And as for what I’ve produced, well, this blog is something. A lot of people have told me that it’s been a huge influence and that they value it a lot. It’s very valuable to me. And that’s just the blog. My mind produces endlessly. People have given me way over the top compliments about what my mind produces.  Online and in real life the word genius has been used thousands of times. But that’s not a compliment, it’s a description. The over the top stuff is that I’ve heard many times from many different people that “just knowing that someone like you exists at all changed my life”.  That’s not my ego.  That’s other people talking to me.

YOU don’t have to appreciate the weird shit that goes on in my head. Lots of other people do.  *I* do.


This IS the planet of the apes. We ARE classes of gorillas and chimps.

There is a cultural aversion to noticing differences.  Men and women are supposed to be identical.  People with different heritages are supposed to be evolutionarily identical.  The politically correct thought is that we don’t live in a physical world and don’t have physical minds.  We live in “environments” and everything is nothing but thoughts influencing thoughts.  We could be anything if only we were trained that way.  There is no gender.  There is no genius.  There is only equality.

An extremely ill conceived and fundamentally stupid comment on my last post:

They were just checking to see if you weren’t hungry.

That’s a gesture that’s arguably more valuable than anything your creativity can give.

You could write hundreds of books, publish millions of songs, compose a thousand ballads, introduce people to any delightful fantasies, recall your adventures in Canada, and it wouldn’t even scratch the amount of pleasure/eutility that would be given to anyone else if they have had a nice piece of fruit while watching the sunset.

I wonder if you actually believe that, or if you are just trying to be contrary.

Let’s go with that you actually believe what you just said. Think of the implications.

It means that YOU don’t get much pleasure from books or music.

It means that YOU don’t get much pleasure from art.

Yes, there really are people like YOU.

And there are people very, very, very different than YOU.

I come across people all the time who not only don’t have an active mental life, but who consider mental activity boring to the point of painful. They are unwilling to even begin to imagine that some people get great pleasure in thinking. They certainly don’t get that pleasure!

It’s like talking to a wall to try to explain to such people that some of us think for fun. We actually enjoy it!

And we derive ongoing pleasure and satisfaction from the great works of others. Our life would be miserably impoverished without the science, art, philosophy, music and other great works that we constantly enrich ourselves with.

No sunset or pear can replace or surpass the richness of the mind.

Thank you to all the creatives! I’m very grateful. I’m listening, learning your science, and grooving along to your poetry and music. Keep up the good work.

Bro, do you even improv? Permanent puberty.

Ch ch ch ch changes. Turn to face the strange changes.

Time may change me. But I can’t change time.

A press release was widely re-written as original news throughout the mass media a few years back.  The buzz was about a paper published in some psych journal which claimed that introverts are introverted because they are smart enough to not need support from society.

It’s ironic that the paper got regurgitated without comment by all the “journalists”.  The irony is that each journalist, from the hundreds of outlets that chose to cover the story, had nothing unique to add.  They each added a touch of stylistic flair to their writing, but other than that…

They were writing about how creative people are different, and yet were not being creative while “reporting” about the subject.

A few years back I had smoked some pot and swallowed some tianeptine, and commenced to play ping ping with Aaron at my villa in Bali.  He thought I was insane when I started talking about how I was creatively hallucinating colorful patterns upon the speeding ping pong ball.

Bro.  Do you even improv?

When I was a child, I had to learn how to not wet my bed. The only option that I could think of was to learn how to lucid dream. It’s obvious. I didn’t read a book about lucid dreaming. I just didn’t want to wet my bed.

Most people that I meet don’t even remember their dreams.

That psych paper may have been fluff, but I think it was onto something.  There are different classes of humans.  We are really different.  The creative class is permanently lonely and alienated.  Unless they manage to somehow group.

When I’m half asleep, a massively insanely fast multi-parallel intelligence arises.  I’m 50 now, so it’s no surprise that this part of my brain can leak out even when I’m not asleep, after all this time.  Yes, I can have open eyed hallucinations that are under my conscious control.  To a degree, and at times.  Why not?

As a kid I noticed that other kids did not write fictional tales.  That was just weird.  I wrote them.  I can spin off tales like mad.

I can dream.

I can create new music endlessly.  I do that.  Every day.

I’ve noticed that great musicians talk about their accomplishments as if in the third person.  They are proud.  Without shame they are proud.  Becuause nobody knows or understand where the muse comes from.  This creativity is not owned.  It comes to us.  And for some of us it ALWAYS comes to us.  Constantly.

I’ve heard it said that introverts don’t like to hear other people talk to us, because other people are more boring than our own inner voices.

That’s mostly true.

The real truth is that we love to hear other creative people talk to us.  We just find that most people are not the same as us; most people don’t improv.  They are not worth listening to.

“Did you eat today?”

Over and over in Indonesia people ask me if I ate.  Shut Up!  Please shut up.  My own inner voice is far more interesting.  Your concern is an imposition upon my time and awareness.  Say something interesting or say nothing. Concern is not interesting

If you have nothing to say, then don’t say it.  Most people are just monkeys in a forest babbling out noises that mean little more than “I’m here.  I’m over here.  I’m still here”.

I don’t care.  I know you are there.  Shut up about it.  Yes, I ate.  Anything else?

Some of us are in a state of permanent puberty. Constantly re-inventing ourselves and re-discovering fundamental relationships to this world.

We are not same as  you.  We are not boring.  Don’t bore us.

Create something new, NOW, or shut up, now.





Why does every girl in the world expect me to change?

I’m guilty of being old.

In fact I’m so old that I’m a fading star.

I’m a complex man forever struggling to understand my self and the world that I live in. I can’t expect anyone else to simply understand me at face value when every thing that exists is a boiling misting cauldron of forever-mystery.

Lately I’ve pulled back from having sex. I’ve become a grass eater man going his own way. I just want everyone to stop bothering me.

Every time I get close to anyone that person inevitably expects herself to become my whole world. They expect my eyes to not be capable of seeing other vaginas. They expect me to magically transform into something that I never was, never could be, and never wanted to be.

Girls keep waiting and waiting for me to become so old and decrepit and useless that I’ll finally have no other option and have no choice but to “settle down”.

Even if I’m completely infirm and my cock can’t fill up with blood any more, I’ll still be a male. I’ll still be human. I’ll still have eyes. I’ll still be interested in more than one person.

Every single girl on the planet conspires to make it a crime to be male. To be human. To breath air.

I am not, can not, and will never be monogamous. Love comes and goes. Love is great. But it doesn’t last.

I’m guilty of being old. Any one who is old has cycled through multiple loves and lovers. The facts of life are an open secret. Love comes and goes. That’s great. You can’t pin your future onto love. Love is a balloon, that will pop. Balloons are great. But aren’t a plan for the future. They’re just balloons.

I can’t be anyone’s future. I’m just a balloon also.

You can’t own anyone. There is no infatuation strong enough, no girl beautiful enough or smart enough to not be a balloon.

We are all balloons are all popping all the time. Love doesn’t last. You can’t have a future on the boat of love. The boat ALWAYS sinks. Always.

It’s not even a boat.

It’s a balloon.

A lot of the talk about women in forums and spheres has been from the point of view of a relatively low value man trying to get with and maintain sexual lust/love with a girl. The stories are largely about how the girls are not really into the guy, and what can the guy do to change that.

Well it happens, often, in the reverse. That girls are way into a guy, and the guy just wants to have his freedom.

No guy wants to open his mouth. To let the secret out of the bag. If any man says the open secret the girls will conspire to not fuck him.

But we are all guys! We want to fuck! It’s nothing shameful! We have eyes. There is not only one human on the planet.

There never will be only one girl on the planet.

A friend came to visit me here in Indonesia. His lifestyle has greatly changed, and now he’s dating multiple young women. He has freedom and variety, and nobody is bothering him about who he is fucking.

I used to live like that. Not even that long ago.

But always always always as soon as you give an inch, the girls expect a mile. I give some attention and affection and then the next next thing you know girls want me to meet their parents and everybody is grilling me about marriage.

Fuck off!

Fuck off!
Fuck off!

Fuck off!Fuck off!Fuck off!Fuck off!Fuck off!Fuck off!Fuck off!Fuck off!Fuck off!Fuck off!Fuck off!Fuck off!Fuck off!Fuck off!Fuck off!Fuck off!Fuck off!

Jesus. I’d rather just masturbate than be owned by any individual.

Or their family. Or stupid collection of idiots known as “society”.

I am free.

I am the sun.

I can’t change.

I don’t want to change.

I never will change.

I’m guilty of breathing air.

Just like everyone else.

I’m guilty of the same open secret every one else is guilty of.

I will never not be what I am. I will always want to and try to fuck lots of girls. No matter what. Until I’m dead.

Nothing. Nothing. NOTHING can change that. Not love. Not any particular girl. Nothing.

I’m just sick and tired of it. You give an inch. Next thing you know the girl is wandering into your house without permission and leaving her cell phone charger as an excuse to check up on you.

Asking over and over about marriage.

Fuck! Why? What did I ever do to lead the person on? I am what I am! That’s it! Nothing else.

My poor education was a tragedy of missed opportunity

It’s long been knows that to maximize a persons potential at a complex task, training should start at a very young age, while the brain is still developing.

There was a psychologist who set out to demonstrate this by training his daughter at a young age to become a chess wizard. His experiment was a perfect demonstration, and his daughter became one of the worlds top champions.

I’ve been dicking around on the piano for the last few years, and occasionally it comes to mind what a missed opportunity my grade-school music classes were. The teachers were unskilled, untrained, inept, and sometimes outright stupid. They considered music class a throwaway make work babysitting job, and just had us sing along to row-row-row your boat.

Schools also have the policy to not segregate the smartest students together. Grouping smart kids dramatically increases the smart kids development, but it’s at the expense of the crowd. Having smart kids among stupid kids makes the stupid kids smarter. So average administrators who identify with average students adopt a short sighted socialist policy believing it to be for the common good.

But in the long run it stunts the greater good. It is the outliers who make the big contributions to society.

Public schools also simply don’t have the resources to maximize the potential of their students. The wealthy know about both the limitations and importance of school resources, and so go to extreme ends to get their children into the best possible schools.

I’m told that the public schools that I went to in Canada were above average to quite good. But I didn’t have a private music tutor who could push me to learn in ways appropriate to my particular learning style, always challenging me just above my current ability. Imagine if I had! I’d be fluent in most musical styles and be able to improvise complex arrangements on many instruments, or hear a song and reproduce it and add to it, playing by ear.

The lost opportunity is a genuine tragedy. How is the lost opportunity any different than if I had developed such a talent and lost it all due to a violent head injury later in life?

You can take a group of 30 random children, seat them in desks from 9am to 3:45 pm and teach them all course work. That’s not against the law – in fact it is demanded by law. Teachers in my grade-school admitted to me that their job was little more than babysitting. It’s outmoded, inefficient, and tragic. Criminally tragic. Imagine as an adult being forced against your will to waste your time and your future?

Instead we need highly specialized teaching, so that developing minds are engaged to learn at a level constantly adjusted to be just above their current ability. In subjects that are not make-work throwaway useless to their future actions. Not everyone needs to learn algebra.

We insist on standardized testing to ensure that our children become jacks of all trades and masters of none. And we all of us, individually and collectively, suffer for it.

Kids should have the opportunities to start learning meditation, chi-kung, programming, sales, social engineering, hypnosis, biology, and other highly specialized skill sets and knowledge pools. They need access to the best possible training starting at the youngest possible ages. That can’t be done in our current system of having underpaid and inept educators demanding identical rote responses from a randomly associated group.

Course work needs to be highly individualized and fluid, and specializations need to begin at young ages.

We don’t need 100 teachers each earning 150k per year per classroom of 30 students to accomplish this. We can instead use virtual classrooms.

As of now it isn’t until college that students are segregated according to ability. It’s very difficult to get into exclusive music or dance or business or science schools. Aptitude and sustained diligent effort must be proven, often along with supporting social characteristics. We can segregate young children such that each one is taught at just above his ability, in the most interesting and challenging ways. We can do this with virtual classrooms.

VR tech will continue to improve, but even today goggles and fast internet connection are good enough to closely mimic the traditional classroom. We could have one expert teacher paid 1/4 million per year to lecture to 1000 students in a VR class, pay programmers and educators millions to design learning games, similar in principle to what we already have, such as typing-tutor game, or guitar hero. We can have individual tutors rated publicly, and available for private and group sessions.

Different educational systems could compete in the open market, by having a household allowance to spend towards private schools of your choice. Results could be tracked over short to ultra long term. Over a long timeline meaningful results could be correlated for childhood education and it’s relation to lifetime achievement and satisfaction. Who cares if you got an A+ in math in grade two, if you died an alcoholic at 40?

The increased economic output of a more productive tax base would more than make up for the expense of re-organizing and continually optimizing a publicly funded free market of educational systems.

Kids could still show up at school, and still play kick-ball at recess. There would still be shared activities in meat-space. School would still function as the social hub of the children’s communities.

But not the only hub. Each child would spend most of his learning time in VR classes.

Society could leapfrog into a next generation – a version 2.0. This would be a dramatic influence on all parts of our lives. We could maximize our individual and collective potential.

We would achieve orders of magnitude more.

And education towards job performance is not the only goal to maximize. Not everyone is an outlier – most people are destined to be consumers, not producers. The education system can prepare people for maximizing personal and collective happiness as well. It can prepare people to contribute to each other in a service economy of helping each other.

Long ago we realized that a food surplus gave people the free time to pursue cultural interests; you can’t subsidize a community of abstract impressionists in a hunter gatherer society.

As AI and robots automate more of what humans were required for, we will have more options than to either program the toothpaste making machines or starve in a hovel. And slacking off being fed marshmallows by Jeeves the robot while our hands are busy with the game controller doesn’t have to be the third option.

We can paint each others nails, give each other massages, and service each other socially in endless meat-space and virtual ways. Google and Facebook can morph their cloud AI infrastructure to monitor our personal satisfaction and tease out what works to increase personal and collective satisfaction. The consumer mentality can be guided into click-bait and farmville type addictive activities that lead to increasing Google’s and Facebook’s profits through increased long term productivity. Henry Ford wanted his workers to afford his cars. Google wants society to prosper.

Some of us will prosper through becoming the next stoned Willie Nelson, and some of us will prosper by inventing what amounts to the next blue light LED. The more curious and talented can be guided from the youngest ages to excel to the maximum of their potential, and the less curious can still be guided well.

Then we can all finally have our flying cars, transcontinental hyperloops, and vacations to the wind tunnels in the moon where we can plug our spinal taps into Pterodactyl suits and hone our aerobatic skills. And meet our surgically perfected mate of the month, who trained from a young age to achieve the 10th level black-belt in 10 erotic arts.

All of this becomes obvious if you take up piano at a late age.

AI is going to play an ever increasing part in decision making.

If executives are short sighted, AI algorithms will not be. Statistics don’t actually lie, and correlation is closely tied to causation. Executives who ignore AI will be replaced by it, and AI will discover deep patterns in vast fields of data and explore all outcomes of millions of chess moves ahead to help us navigate our best potentials.

We’ve already passed the singularity – you can’t learn fast enough to keep up with new tech. There will be AI and bio-engineered intelligences, that even if not sentient, will have informational processing power far beyond our human ability visualize. If the borg looks on us kindly, all ships will rise with the tide.

Elon Musk is involved with democratizing AI. He realizes that those without access to AI will essentially be poor.

Merry Xday

Warm wishes to all my friends and readers.

It’s traditional as the calendar end approaches to pick up the entirety of it and look it over. Re-read the book of the year, before writing a new one.

This year for me was marked by hope, struggle, loss, crisis, and re-balancing. Just in time for the season of joy the themes are shifting again into good expectations.

I’ve been quite ill the last few weeks with dysbiosis coupled with Crohn’s. Today is not the day to blog about the details of how I manage both chronic conditions, so I’ll just summarize that I’m ill today but once again on the road to recovery.

Being ill has dramatically changed my focus. My libido has been completely dead, which opened up space for other interests and passions. There is so much to learn about! It’s delicious. Current interests are about science and futurism, which leads into unending forks of particle and astro-physics. It’s fascinating stuff. These two Youtube channels have been all that I’ve been watching:

I prefer to download all the videos using Youtube DL and save them to my multimedia player, so that I can use the handy remote for pausing and re-winding to enable frequent Wikipedia breaks. What an amazing world. So much of this knowledge is new, and how we now access it is new. None of this was available in my local library as a teenager.

Being endlessly curious is harmful to my business. I can’t focus on any one thing for long; there is too much new and unrelated stuff to learn about!

But being endlessly curious is great for my business. I’m always coming across bigger and better business options. A common cycle for me is to start 10 projects, focus on four, make money with one or two, lose interest and mis-manage until I get a financial crisis, and then resolve the crisis with a newly discovered business opportunity. Of course I always have steady income which is several times more than I need to live on, but it’s always tempting to over-reinvest. In the past I’ve coasted until I had to wonder what do with the savings, but for the last two years I’ve been very aggressive with R&D and long term business investments, to the point of living on the edge.

I recently resolved a short term crisis in a way that is opening doors. There are some gigantic opportunities. In addition to the science, I’m also studying another endlessly deep and fascinating field. I wish I had some guys here to share it with, both for fun and because there is so much to be done.

I’ve had guys out here working on some businesses before, and at minimum we all had some of the best times of our lives. There was a lot that went very well. Business wise it didn’t always work great, but overall for me has been profitable. I’ve had to pull back from working with a team of Westerners as I needed to re-group. I’ll come at it again with more resources and better opportunities. I was always able to be a good host in the past, but next time there will be more opulence, plus better opportunities. I’ll be upping the game substantially. Once again the vision will be a lifestyle oriented tribe, but we’ll have better vetting and some tough ongoing goals that will need to be met in order to stay. I need to be in more of a buyers market as an employer. As of now it’s a sellers market; good people are hard to find.

I see girls, beaches, posh villas, lavish expense accounts, and well oiled connections.

In summary, it’s been a quiet year here, with some dashed hopes and some troubles. Coming out of the end of the tumultuous year I’m strangely satisfied. So much progress that I had planned on in some ventures has moved far too slowly. But I do have some complete and nearly complete prototypes of cool stuff. Strangely those are not the cause of the year ending on an upswing. It was my dangerous addiction to new knowledge that opened up entirely new vistas that have nothing to do with all my past efforts that brings me to a better place.

The old efforts will get new infusions of capital and personnel. They will be handled on a totally new level. The new efforts will dwarf the old to make them financially redundant and more of a lifestyle hack.

Ok, that’s my update from Indonesia. Hope to meet more of you guys in person this year.

Right and wrong is a social contract that means you must betray and out those that break your preferred contracts.

Is being able to lie or deceive a positive quality? One that can bring more benefits than we like to believe? Sure that it can also be dangerous and make you lose quality people if that is your character all the time. But wouldn’t it be positive at certain times?

Children must be taught that social norms and parental expectations are the equal to right and wrong.

Some people eventually begin to question rules.

It’s emotionally and psychologically difficult to question certain rules. We have the term “cognitive dissonance” to put a pin in the mental map of the shit that goes down when our brains overload from frying our circuits. Our neurons are wired up, naturally, to know and understand rules.

Right and wrong are basic rules we were reminded of, constantly, since before we could form long term memories.

Yet from other perspectives it’s quickly clear that right and wrong are strategies to power. Evolutionary psychology would predict and accurately record that monkeys and dogs will steal dinner scraps only if no one in power is looking. We lie when we expect to get away with it.

From this I will jump ahead.

There is no empirical right and wrong. There are social mores. It’s fine to kill and intern Japs if it’s WW2 and your society is wartime US. It’s totally wrong, even as a US citizen, from a different social time.

And we must take this one step further.

Right and wrong completely relies on outing people who betray social mores.

Right and wrong can not work without law, betraying confidence, and outing people who betray contracts.

There is no right and wrong. It’s a SOCIAL contract.

Only society can create and enforce it. And it only works through outing people.

(This post was written as fast as I could type it with no edits, after drinking half a big bottle of vodka. That’s an admission of weakness, not a boast.)

Further thoughts:

There is no society. We clique and shift alliances.

Listen behind the vocals and melody and hear the producer

Whoever produced this song was heavily influenced by Phil Spector.

I’m very impressed by the contrasting moods and the integration of the moods into the wall.  There is a the healing soothing motherly comforting lulaby womans voice.  The angry yet soulful, nearly tearful yet firm and hard male voice. Can he do that inspired performance on command?!  The strings mix with male voices into a blend you have to strain your ear at to pick apart.  I’m reminded of the Sopranos by the story that comes from the strings; a moody mixture of resignation to loss and pain  and an embrace of the fighters spirit to win anyway.

Notice how the wall of sound cuts back to simplicity at times.  Notice how the wall introduces itself and you don’t even notice the wall hitting you.  This is genius level producing.

This song is the product of not just an amazing talent of a vocalist.  Not just every word perfect song writing.  There was a Phil Spector level talent of producing behind this.

I didn’t google it yet.

External validation is good!

Esteem comes from others. No matter how highly one thinks one deserves it, that doesn’t change how much others think you deserve it.

My unique insight into psychology (point me to sources if I’m wrong) is that social-esteem and self-esteem are intimately bound. It’s been discussed before how there is a social esteem economy. I think I’m the first person to claim that this economy is inextricably bound up with our own self-esteem. My claim is that self esteem is nothing but our own evaluation of our position of social esteem.

There are many sources and types of esteem. Different crowds have different esteem values. Whores and thieves, vs high society parents, for instance.

If you want to be esteemed by someone, be esteemed in the way that particular someone will give esteem. I get the frustration of having different values. Maybe we can teach values, and maybe we can “hold frame” to use the sheer force of personality to impose values.

Or we can just look elsewhere and find like minded people who don’t need a Pygmalian project to be educated to have like enough minds to recognize our value.

No matter what, it’s not only about what you are, it’s about how you are perceived. We have frustratingly little control over what others value.

Esteem is social and contextual, and therefore so is self-esteem. You might get esteem from video player geeks. But show up at a billionairs cocktail party and you would no longer feel so proud of your gaming ability.

Esteem is measured out to place us on social hierarchies, of which there are an infinite many.

Self esteem is an active and changing self evaluation that also happens within context. I say that there is no reason to fight it, but instead we can work with that evolved system. We don’t need the defenses of the narcissist in order to hold our own in situations where we are outclassed.

We don’t need to get angry and irritable at others for being too blind to see our value. (Peter-Parker-underwear-hero-syndrome)

We can instead work on the externals, for situations that affect our life in ways that we want. Play the game. Craft our self, such that we appear more estimable, to whom and when that helps us.

Doing so is not merely Machiavelian, it is the essence of growing genuine and deserved personal pride.

Be seen as excellent (in as many varied ways as benefit you) in order to FEEL excellent, in as many varied contexts as possible.

This is very different than be excellent to feel excellent. Without others seeing you as excellent is just doesn’t work.

Esteem, pride, self esteem, self evaluation – all of this is social. Interpersonal. It is not masturbation. It doesn’t count or mean anything without external validation.

External validation is good!

One implication of all this is that it’s a big help to others to give compliments.  It will make them feel better, and this will make you more valuable to them.

Self esteem is a mental map of how we are viewed by others

If you would like to increase your confidence, you have two options:

1) Change your thinking, independent of the environmental feedback

2) Change the environmental feedback in order to change your thinking.

Number 1 is closely associated with narcissism.  Narcissisists are not able to maintain long term relationships, because other people eventrually re-evaluate their esteem of the person.  They see through the lies and bluster, then move on.

There is nothing shameful about persuing validation.  Validation is good.  Being respected is good.  Being wanted is good.  Blow jobs are good.

Ego is our self assessment of what we think OTHER people are thinking about us.  It is how confident we are to stand out and have an opposing opinion, because we realize we can afford the temporary loss to communal esteem.  We all need a strong, capable, cohesive, accurate and constantly adjusting ego.

And to complicate things ego is also an evaluation of how wrong other people are about us.  It’s not one or the other.  Others can be wrong and we are not just basing our  self-(evaluation)-esteem on fickle feedback from the plebes.  Still, esteem is fundamentally about others; If we are incredible and nobody knows it, then we must learn how to be incredible in others eyes, not learn how to be incredible in our own.  The whole purpose of esteem is a social purpose. 

The esteem system was evolved and is therefore hard wired as instinctual neuronal brain pathways.  The purpose of it is to jostle for social position, and to receive pleasurable feedback for climbing the social ladder.

There are hacks and short cuts to higher self esteem, but there is no escaping that esteem is fundamentally about how OTHERS perceive us, and long term esteem is a long term social negotiation.  Pump and dump bluster among gangs of thieves and whores who swipe left or right on Tinder requires completely different esteem systems than does long term high value community interaction along with a devoted mate.

You can’t fake it until you make it in a nightclub, to any degree of skill, in order to gain the type of esteem required to maintain an LTR with a girl you want an LTR with.

To complicate things further, esteem is a zero sum game, as our positions on the ladder determine the fitness and resources of our mates.  Therefore we fight esteem wars, and try to put each other down.  So there is a sea of esteem disinformation that we swim in; signal to noise ratio is not good.

We all go up and down in social status – it’s not merely because other people are fickle.  Sometimes it’s because we go up and down in finances, appearance, social status, mental acuity, and whatever else humans value.

It’s a very high level cognitive process to make sense of it all.  If national newspapers publish fake attack articles against you, will your self esteem drop?  If you lose your job and get burns on your face and all your girlfriends leave you will your self esteem drop?

Self esteem should rise and fall.  Don’t try to maintain it artificially.  Once again; the definition of self esteem is a mental map of how OTHERS perceive you, and your strategy to jostle your position.  Self esteem is NOT a form of feel good masturbation.  It’s as social as sex.

Make your esteem an accurate mental map, and be ambitious and greedy for more.  Esteem is good, and if you deserve it, then good for you!

Whether you are deeply emotionally and neurotically invested, or if you take it as a funny impersonal game to play, it’s still the same game.  Your relationship to the esteem game won’t change the fundamental nature of the esteem game.

I’ve always advocated to have an ACCURATE self esteem mental map.  Even though none of our maps could ever be accurate.

Once again: if you are not working to improve your social position, you are passively accepting a social decrease.  Never blame the bitches for being hypergamous.  Blame your lazy ass for not getting the esteem job done.  It’s a job as serious as any other, and ignoring it doesn’t make it go away.

If you appreciate this post, please share it all over the place.  It’s common for me to get over-excited about a post, but I think this is my standout most valuable post ever, and that it has deep repercussions into many popular memes and community ideals.  It’s nearly original insight; you may have read the same things elsewhere, but this is the first time that the ideas are clear enough to ring the bells of recognition.  “Oh ya!  I knew that, but just didn’t have words yet for that knowledge!”

Vague words make for a vague mind

Random said:

It has to be said, you’re a bit of a weird guy. That comes through loud and clear in your writing and I think some folks – male and female – would choose to sever contact with you for that reason. You advocate making your own decisions, acting congruently with those decisions, and living with the consequences; I think maybe you should accept that other people will do the same with respect to you.

A very intriguing yet uselessly vague reply.

Like calling a wine “pretentious”. At first it seems as if the word has some sort of meaning, but when you look closer no information has been conveyed. The listener is no closer to understanding the flavor of wine after hearing the description than before.

Weird means nothing.

If you’d like to communicate, then do it well.

Otherwise all that you are communicating is that you don’t understand how to.

Good communication has a close correspondence to clear thinking. A person who would describe a wine as “pretentious” and not notice that he is babbling gibberish can not think clearly.

A person who would bandy about the term “weird” as if it conveyed information is not far from the same.

Did you synthesize the theme from Alice in Wonderland?

Try now before you scroll down and read it.

It was this: All the best people are mad.

Think about how that relates to your idea of “weird”. If you are not Alice-In-Wonderland-Mad, not weird, then you can’t be different, can’t have different ideas, can’t act differently from others.

I’ve never known a single person who was not weird.

Of course I’m weird, you silly fool. Otherwise I would be the same as everyone else. And that’s not even possible.

You advocate making your own decisions, acting congruently with those decisions, and living with the consequences; I think maybe you should accept that other people will do the same with respect to you.

This was also the theme of Alice in Wonderland.  You have to allow yourself creative self indulgence and flights of fantasy in order to break free from social constraints enough to find your own uniquely personal insights.

You have to think for yourself.

You have to be weird, in order to be an independent actor within society. Otherwise you are a butler.

This is a theme that I’ve been writing about lately.  That we think communally.  This does not mean that we are ants that don’t have unique insights.  My last post was along a similar line; it’s very clever to have high self esteem and pride, but ONLY when it matches reasonably closely with how others perceive us.  Narcisism is no substitute for self esteem.  Self esteem is an accurate guage of how OTHERS perceive us; it’s NOT about how we perceive ourselves.

I encouraged my last intern to contact every possible previous intern that he could, and to talk with them in depth about all of their experiences here.  And despite the extremely odd ghosting and withholding of work, I’d encourage anyone to contact my last intern and to get his impressions also.   He’s a highly intelligent, insightful, and capable man. I’m not running on narcissism.  I’m running on genuine real feedback loops, firmly grounded in reality.  I need these feedback loops.  Cutting them off is a type of crime against each other.  We need open real communication in order to think communally.

Insight is both private and communal.  You have to be weird in order to be social.  You should never stop someone from being weird – that’s his job, if you want anything better than a robotic responses from him.

But we are weird in a community of weird people.


I’ve known people who have read thousands of books. They assume they are gaining knowledge.

Reading does not give you understanding. You can memorize Alice In Wonderland and never have it occur to you what it MEANS.

Reading or watching the world is a highly creative active process, of integrating every new piece of information into a wider whole. No book can ever convey meaning to you, no matter how well written. Not even a mathematical text. You have to create that meaning, actively, within yourself. It’s a process that is gigantically dependent upon your imagination. Our minds are not video camera’s, soaking in narratives. We creatively piece each piece.

How coherent a puzzle picture are we content with? I assume we fit on a bell curve graph of contentment vs ambition. Some of us are very ambitious, and never cease to rearrange the puzzle pieces, always seeking a more complete arrangement. We look at small details and discover a wide principle. Information to us is a web; one cigarette butt on the floor is connected to who was in the room and the smoking preferences of the killer. Every small thing is an indication of every big thing. You can’t watch Alice without seeing the theme. It can’t happen, because your life was trained in constantly putting small details into a big picture – forever attentive to any small detail that does not fit. You can’t stop yourself from seeing what to others they can’t start themselves to see.

We need 10,000 hours to get good at anything. Then it becomes more automatic, but we can still always improve, if we maintain passion. Thinking is like this. Every small detail must fit. Over time, they start to just fit by themselves, with less effort. Until you notice patterns that others don’t. It’s a skill you can learn and practice.

But it requires being an outsider and being hated sometimes. Really. You have to be weird to think.

Ego is good and high level business – it’s cool to feel cool

I’m glad the eye bag surgery was a success. Do you think that, the wig and some new clothes will majorly enhance your confidence? I ask because I’ve been weight training for the last few months and I’m starting to see some broadening of the shoulders and thickening of the arms (I’m naturally skinny and I’ll never be a hunk). It now gives me a boost to look in the mirror each morning. Is it shallow to be so concerned about one’s appearance? I don’t know. I’ll take pretty much any boost I can get at my age. One day we need to have a long conversation about the pitfalls of identity – it fascinates me.

I’m learned to be a bit more forgiving and even generous to ego identity.  It’s not that stupid.  I’d expect we’d be evolved to have some sort of relatively accurate self representation of how others see us.

Your muscles got bigger, and you got more confident.  That’s not all inside your head.  You got more confident because you have an accurate mental map of how OTHER people see you – you have an accurate theory of mind for how others view you.

That’s high level stuff – not low level stuff.  Ego is smart.  And good.  The smarter the ego the better.

We are enmeshed.  We feel better when we are loved.  Ego stroking is a great pleasure.  And so we learn how to be socially skilled enough to get ego strokes.  That’s high level stuff.

Ego business is not monkey business.  It’s human business.  There is plenty of room for ego learning and development – but not without just first accepting that it’s cool to feel cool.

And of course no one can sustain feeling cool without figuring out the incredibly complex social and power system – you can’t be cool and be a narcissist at the same time.  It’s not sustainable.

Forgiving and grudges are equally stupid.

I don’t know what the word forgive means, and I doubt that anyone else does either. I think it’s a mass hypnosis meme that boils down to “can’t we all please just get along”.

What could forgive mean, other than to deliberately entardate your brain in the effort to facilitate a lower status social bargain.

The past happened. You can’t renegotiate the past.

Past wrongs never get corrected by any internal alchemy. You can’t forgive them into a happy place.

Mistakes were made, and they remain mistakes. Forever. They are indelible.

Forgiveness could be spun in generous ways, but “forgive and forget” is just pleading with your own mind to erase uncomfortable memories so that you can again be deliberately ignorant. Just to get along. It’s asking to renegotiate your position from a fresh vantage, where you have nothing owing to you.

Cutting losses is another term that has little meaning to me. If a man loses a girl and wants her back, what meaning is there to talk about “letting her go” and “cutting your losses”, and “moving on”.

That’s all just after the fact rationalization for a process that we have actually very little control over.

I understand that we really wish and want to feel that we have emotional control. That we want and wish that there is some muscle we can contract that cuts losses, some scissor we can use to sever ties.

But only time heals wounds. We are far less active than all these philosophies want us to imagine.

Grin and bear it makes a lot more sense to me than “move on”.

People simply DON’T move on. They grieve. They feel. Then things change. It’s not about choices. It’s just stuff that happens inside our meat heads. Choice is not involved in loss. We lose, and we feel loss, until we don’t feel loss anymore.

A reasonable concept of forgiveness could be: what can you expect future outcomes to be now, considering the good and the bad and big picture. That’s actually nothing close to the idea of forgiveness – because forgiveness is a stupid idea that means nothing.

Dwelling on the negative is for stupid people who need stupid ideas such as “forgiveness”. Dwelling on kissy kissy make up is just as stupid. What can we realisticially forecast based on past actions. That’s all forgiveness could ever really mean. “His bad actions were likely either a one off, or not likely to happen too often to make dealing with him a net negative”.

That’s it. That’s all forgiveness can mean.

Otherwise “please forgive me” is simply a bargaining tactic to misprepresent the likelyhood of future patterns matching past patterns.

Which is also why when a person acts well out of character, and is not forgiven, this is also a giant tell of cognitive dissonance. Acting out of character is barely predictive of future performance, and so by the this definition of forgiveness easily merits quick and just forgiveness. Quick and just putting the actions into the real context of all past actions.

To put it simply: a grudge for a one off bad night against months or years of good relations is immature and childish and an offense against the very meaning of friendship.

And acceptance of continuing bad behavior and abuse is an offense against ones own ability to find and cultivate and nurture healthy caring long term relationships.

Results of dirty laundry poll: communal thinking and social mores

I’d like to thank everyone who replied. And gently chastise everyone who did not.

With your help I’ve come to the following conclusions:

1) Thinking is a social affair. I need feedback as well as inspiration from others. My personal judgment is not at all personal – it’s intimately tied up within the community that I associate with.

2) I will not post the private communications. Privacy is implicit in sms communications, and is a type of social contract. This is in contradiction to number 1. People actually do need to break privacy rules sometimes. Usually this is done one one one, with “shared secrets” to a few close confidants. That’s both socially acceptable and a social contract break – it’s a grey line that is accepted as irritating but perfectly normal. I was not sure if this blog could be the grey line – if public and private could and should be blurred. That can’t be my decision – that’s a social community mores decision. I needed feedback to know that, and to know what the current social community standards are. I really didn’t know.

Aside: I’d like to remind my readers that I live in SEA, and at times have no Western friends, and this blog and other forums can be my only means of  Western community social contact.  I sometimes am forced to constrain all friendly communications through these limited means.  There are not always any close confidants – this blog can sometimes be my community of confidants.

I could add that although I’ve been dating Asians exclusively for maybe 15 years, I’ve never had one dream of meeting a new Asian girl.  Most nights I dream of meeting blonds romantically.  I’m a Westerner.  We are Westerners.  The cultures and peoples are vastly different, and you never grow out of that, never assimilate, and never truly adjust.  You just figure out how to adapt.

3) My motivation to show the messages was to prove that I do indeed have a right to the work that he refuses to give me. The issue of how insulting I was in that one nights blast of messages is actually a total red herring – a dissimulation – a distraction and a sidetrack. How insulting I was has nothing to with the issue of the work.

I was genuine in my quest for feedback, and the readers gave helpful comments. It worked. Thanks to all.

Should I air my dirty laundry here? Poll

My last intern severed all contact with me after some drunken sms messages that I sent him, and refuses to give me his work, mostly using the messages as his “reason”.  This was many months ago, and I have not pestered him about it, but only very occasionally (like less than once a month) sent him messages to gently try to re-initiate contact.  I have apologized many times, and the apologies were genuine.

Prior to the sms messages all our communications had been warm and civil, and in my mind full of mutual respect and even joy.

I have often been tempted to post the messages that I sent him here on the blog, as I’d like some feedback on my sanity and social skills. Did I truly insult him? Or is he just grasping at a convenient straw to keep the work, out of some other motive?

However he did communicate to me that he considered my mention of him in another post as “outing him”, and another reason to move on to the future, meaning to continue to maintain complete radio silence with me.  I had written that post also while under the influence, and I was very angry at the time.  To this day I don’t see that the post was a mistake.  Am I incorrect?  Is my judgment faulty on that too?

So I really can’t tell if it was my drinking that ruined what had seemed to be a great friendship and collaboration.

I was deeply saddened and actually past sad and into depression for many months because of that issue.

And I may never know if it was my drinking, or not.

It is not my intention to use a public forum to cast aspersions on anyone.  I really very much liked and appreciated the guy.  I’m honestly questioning my own social skills and sanity, and don’t know where else to turn for feedback.  I’ve recently learned that I can’t simply trust my own judgment, and that sometimes I do need feedback.

The intern was upset before that I recounted events.  He didn’t mention that I had misrepresented the situation, he only communicated that he didn’t like the discussion to be public at all.

That’s not a value that I can empathize with.  I simply don’t know what it means to be offended or dissappointed in telling a tale of interactions.  Either I’m acurate or not – that’s the issue, isn’t it?  Am I totally retarded?  Do I just not get it?  Am I autistic?

I’ve even offered to pay extra money for the work.  He refuses to discuss it or negotiate about it. He communicates to me that he’s completely unwilling to interact at all, even for that business arrangement.

Please every person who reads this post take just a few seconds out of your life and leave a very brief comment if you think it’s a good idea or not to post screen captures of the offending messages that apparently caused total radio silence and a “reason” to withhold all work – work he had previously agreed to give to me.