People think that if you marry the girl, that you “got” her.

Marriage is the girl getting you. A true win is the girl cooking and cleaning and fucking and sucking you in return for next to nothing. Marying her is giving her a lifetime contract and a free ride to get fat and lazy and complacent and to become a righteous bitch.

Marrying a girl is giving up all your options and power, in return for a risky and depreciating annuity.

The height of success for a man is not lifetime monogamy. It’s getting whatever you want, if you had limitless options. Which for many of us would look a lot more like dating one or more twenty somethings, no matter how old we got, and perhaps accepting an offer to have kids with one or more of the girls, but never offering monogamy.

Love is easy to fall in and out of. It takes just a few dates to get started, a few weeks to be in full bloom, and less than a year to cement as deep pair bonding. You don’t need decades to have a good one. You can have a new great love every few years – your brain only needs about 1 year after a big love to re-set and be able to love deeply again. Two max. And some men can have real non-monogamous love.

So marriage is a sign of failure for a man. Or at best, of serious compromise. It means the man gave up and no longer wants to try.

Like I said in another thread historically western society has restrained alphas with marriage and monogamy.

So you are saying men’s motivation is social peer pressure.

I’ve said before that society is women. Lately I’ve changed my stance and said that society is women plus beta providers – often also called white knights, beta chumps, femcunt supporters, or manginas.

So marriage is inclusion into “legitimate” society. It is inclusion into female culture.

Nicole mentioned that marriage “legitimizes” your heirs.

Ok, but my quesiton still stands. In this day and age, men really don’t need women to legitimize their heirs, and men have no need for society to proof them. A business decision? George Clooney’s career seems to be doing fine.

Now if you are going after a vote, then ya, you’ll need to play by societies rules – meaning the rules of females and manginas. But if you are going after career, you don’t.

So again – why do men try to do the socially acceptable thing, when it is nothing but risk and negative consequences to the man?