I’ve never understood the whole concept of marriage.


Try to let the weight of that sink in. I’ve never understood the concept of marriage.

Every time I hear someone talk of the importance of lifetime monogamy contracts, it’s like I’m hearing a martian speak of the value of his weird martian music. The music does nothing for me, emotionally, and I can only strain to understand that it does something for him.

I hear of talk of how society really needs us to do this. Think of the children. And this and that hampsterization about why the sky will fall down unless we all fall in line with the sexual strategy of the sexual-socialists. One man, one vagina – for life! Or else god won’t suck your dick when you die, and all your children will be thugs and prostitutes and you’ll die alone and your life will have no meaning and you’ll feel empty and soulless and you’ll never know the deep pleasures of getting your ass wiped by your wife when you are 87 years old and senile.

Some people even claim with a straight face that society will completely collapse back to the stone age unless men and women get back on track to lifetime monogamy. They don’t claim mild economic slowdown as men get less incentivized to get that masters degree to support a wife and children in style. No, we are going to forget how to produce ipods and power-plants and no one will go to work anymore. Whites will all behave like Detroit ghetto black squatters. Yes, people try that hard to uphold their sexual strategy. The sky gods will smite your civilization, unless women stop leaving their beta husbands!

All of it just slides right past me, and I still have no idea what people are talking about.

Marriage? Marriage?!!!

Why the fuck would anybody ever get married?!

You don’t hear people talk of marriage in heaven. It’s till death do you part, because no one can imagine an ideal heavenly life being a state of permanent marriage.

Just stay with whoever you are with as long as that makes you happy. That’s it. Simple.

I have to imagine that people marry out of fear. Women want lifetime provisioning, and understand that they’ll need to lock the man down to stay with her for reasons other than her smoking hot young body. Men want to lock the woman down, and keep her for reasons other than him being able to maintain her sexual interest under the pressure of other potential suitors.

That’s just fear and poverty mentality speaking. If you had any sort of confidence in your ability to continually attract suitable mates throughout your life, you’d not need to lock your mate down by force of contract. Women, of course, need to do so. They get old and ugly and not as useful as a loving trade in. But men? Why?

Why why why why why why why?

Fear and an inbred instinct. Yes, I said it – instinct. It’s by now a behavioral instinct for some men to get married. It’s biological.

And the sad and ironic twist of fate is this; the men who most want to get married are the men women least want to marry.

This hadn’t mattered in the past where marriage was not a matter of sexual attraction. And when the continuance of marriage was not a matter of emotional satisfaction.

So what we have now is a strong instinct in some men that has much less real world traction.

And I don’t get why they think it does, or what the fuck they think it is that they are doing, now that social, technological and economic supports to marriage have been destroyed.

They are not thinking. They are instincting. But that instinct can’t work anymore. Sure, people can still marry – but it’s not the same sort of marriage your grandparents had. Where is the division of labor? Where is the lifetime financial need of the wife? Where is the inability of the man to get sex outside of the marriage, or to easily find new mates in a society that is all permanently married up? Where is the social shaming for not being married? Where is the economic advantage at the office for married men? The reasons for the stability will for most marriages be gone. There is no reason for the contract at all – as you will need to create and maintain the emotional bonds to keep your mate anyway.

Nowadays the only real reason to stay together is because you want to.

And marriage was never about that.