I’m loving this quote from Krauser:

Pretty much the only way to make money in that style is the Return Of Kings way: Leverage an already really big platform and then troll mentally unstable fringe elements for hate-clicks, positioning yourself as the crusader for justice that all the perma-angry lost boys can look up to.

An unfortunate strategy that Return of Kings and the RooshV forums follow is being heavily over-moderated, so that it is an echo chamber of he-man-woman-haters club of relationship fail. A cult of anti-intimacy. For a group of guys wanting to up their attractive manliness qualities it’s a catch 22, because speaking up as a man with any sort of opinions that ruffle feathers will lead to censorship; being a real man won’t be tolerated. With such heavy moderation it can’t be a self correcting user generated content community, but instead becomes the blind leading the blind astray. The communities are not only given content and moderated into selecting for perma-angry lost boys, but self select for people with developmental disorders such as schizoid PD and attachment disorders which manifest as a preference to pump and dump the bitches and be paranoid about divorce rape. Developmental disorders are encouraged from the top down as lifestyle choices, while healthy mature views are moderated out. There is some fundamental unhappiness that is self-perpetuating and growing and sickening other people, and that resists anti fungal medication.


Krauser has also been reading the Scott Adams Dilbert Blog , and wrote an insightful piece about seduction, with quotes from Scott.

I left this comment:

Ya, I’ve been reading his blog lately too. I can’t remember how I stumbled on it. Scott Adams tweeted about D&Ps book marketing strategy, and then I learned that D&P is also aware of Scotts blog, and the Trump series. Small world now.

Persuasion and hypnosis are important talents, easily underrated and overlooked.

In some sections of the manosphere you get big groups of people who are very class conscious, and don’t much believe in class mobility. Rollo and many of his commentors for instance tend to talk about Alphas and Betas and hypergamy as if the only option is to be aware of your real place in the scheme of things; there is next to no talk about changing one’s place on the ladder. No talk about seduction being a learnable skill, and no talk about learning to generate strong passionate non-negotiated sexual desire out of a woman way outside of a mans physical attraction league. Such a concept is instead seen as self delusion and even holding the concept further proof of further self delusion. You get groups of guys reinforcing learned helplessness through the categories of Alpha and Beta, who believe that woman go after “Alpha Thugs”, and that they can only protect themselves using red pill knowledge; they can’t actually improve their lot and get hot girls to fall deeply in love with them.

Adams talks about the 3d way of thinking, and using that analogy many in the manosphere are stuck in 2d thinking, and have no way to conceptualize the powers of persuasion.