She’s 18 and I’m crazy about her. I think most people would be.

She’s won a few beauty contests, sings, plays guitar, dances, is a screamer, is polite, loving, romantic, cheerful and emotionally open. An attentive conversationalist who is quick to understand, she reads the subtleties of my face while parsing the words. Strong English and some Spanish. Equal digit ratio and she races motorcycles, no matter how many times she falls down. And that tight fuck-me-body! She’s like me; built for adventure and public sex. And she seems as crazy about me as I am about her.

No resistance from either of us. Just a perfect fit – hand in glove. Just perfect.

I’m going to make her pregnant, and I’d have no qualms about marrying her tomorrow. I’m just crazy about her. She’s not just the prettiest girl in the room, she’s the best girl in the room.

I had to take a four hour flight just to meet her. The plan was to convert her from her evil ways and get her to fall in love. After all, that kind of thing has happened in my life before; five times girls have moved in on the first date.

I have no way to know how much was unconscious skill, and how much was just being myself in the right time in the right place. But not only was it mission accomplished, but she really blew me away. She’s so beautiful I get a little shy looking at her in the face. But she’s a great fuck so I’m getting over the shyness. But it’s not just the pretty face and the sex. She’s a baby making life changing keeper. She’s going to be my mate, companion and super-sexual love slave.

And so this Friday I’ll fly up there again and bring her back. She’s moving in.

I could see her walking around town with a big pregnant belly soon enough.

Meanwhile the virgin is still dawdling around trying to get me to meet her mother. People are different; I don’t need a safe chaste girl who never wants to step foot into a nightclub. I need the girl who is a flight risk, the girl who is difficult to keep. I’m built to catch and keep that kind of girl. A girl who can keep up and then some.

I’ve caused more pregnancies than I have fingers, but I never felt that it was the right mother to invest in. Finding a great mother is really extremely difficult! More so even than a great mate. Not only must the two of you have great chemistry that can last through years and even decades, but she needs great genes and she has to have had a solid, loving upbringing. She needs to be a debutante – an outstanding specimen with good manners and breeding, who can pass on culture as well as her superior stock.

I’ve seen on my fathers side of the family what happens when you breed well. You get a whole family of success, that perpetuates into more good breeding. All my cousins married hot debutantes and have incredible children. My own father was really a great Dad. Some of that must have rubbed off on me; I’ll make a great dad too. And I can see that this girl will be a great parent too; even and cheerful mood, attentive and all around fun. I’ve seen happy families with two solid and happy parents and laughing children. They are damn difficult to put together, but they exist. It starts with getting a top shelf girl. Damn difficult that.

And it’s like business. There are windows of opportunities. A good part of business acumen is just seeing the opportunity and jumping on it before it’s too late. Another part is making a higher probability to be in the right place at the right time. Another part is developing your situation such that you are able to act upon opportunities. Then you get a confluence that leads to a whirlwhind of what appears to be completely easy and natural.