It’s easy to notice that hawt guys have more options. The other day at a restaurant the waitress asked Aaron after our meal “Would you like anything else?” I laughed and commented loudly “notice how she only asked you!” The girl laughed but didn’t even bother to make polite eye contact with me over the joke, and continued looking up with eager puppy dog eyes at Aaron.

When I see a super hot girl, every other girl around her is put into her relative place. They fade into the background or disappear altogether. And when I’m beside Aaron he gets IOS from long distances away, and girls peripheral vision finds him and tunes right in. I’m right beside him and their eyes never even land on me.

But some people think therefore that hawt guys are the only Alphas. That girls reserve genuine desire for them, and that they form an elite top 1% secret society.

That’s not quite true.

True, a hot guy can post up at a bar, and get attention. Even get unsolicited business cards handed to him. And score much more easily with a greater percentage of girls.

A hot guy with game and a well rounded lifestyle who has his shit together is the top elite. He can be a true alpha that many girls want.

But that doesn’t mean that only hot guys get to inspire devoted sexual attention from hot girls.

Alpha does not equal hot, not all hot guys are alpha, and not all alphas are hot.

I’m here in Bali with Aaron now. He has been killing it these last five days – on a liftetime peak streak, using night game. Great girls giving him great treatment.

While for myself it would be useless to use tinder, night game is not appropriate, and I struggle to get a single online date. I have to scratch and scrape for every scrap.

But once I get a girl across the cafe table, I have a very good chance to get her into my room. And once I get her in my room I have a very good chance to fuck her. The conversion rate is high. And whats more is that once I fuck a girl, most of the time she’ll want to be my girlfriend. And whats far more again is that over time she’ll come to treat me like a living god.

So while I can’t get several new girls a week, I can build up a stable of attractive young women who treat me at least as well as the hottest man on earth.

I had a date with a lovely 22 year old virgin last night. She made me laugh. She’s earned a few scholarships and has a bubbly feminine personality. I really like her. Towards the end of the date she flat out told me that I could have her virginity if I gave her some time.

But five days without sex. No masturbation. I’m used to seeing at least two girls a day, every day.

I’m not complaining about not being a hot guy. Yes, I’d prefer it. But you work with what you’ve got. And charm can go a hell of a long way.

Guys underestimate the power of charm. Charm plus being a good lay can convert the hottest of girls. Not as great a percentage of hot girls, but enough to build a stable.

Oh, an update on my beauty queen. Her sister stole her phone so that she could not contact me, and then insisted that I was too old and ugly for her. Then she broke up with me. It took a 40 minute phone call just to get her to accept me to fly up and say one last goodbuy over coffee. Needless to say we were fucking within 40 minutes of meeting again. After that she kept waffling, from being close with me to acting as if she’d never see me again. As of yesterday she asked me if I would be her boyfriend. It’s like landing a prize tuna with a lake trout fishing rod and reel. You can’t just throw your hands up in the air and say “oh, there are plenty of other fish in the sea.” Yes, there are. But there are not plenty of prize tuna on your fishing line. When you get a nibble, land the fish! Even if it takes incredible skill and persistance, land the fish! Oh, and she had originally lied about her age; it turns out she’s got a few months left of being only 17. I know many guys would see the young age as a negative, but I see it a huge positive. I met M when she was the perfectly ripe age of 21, and now she is quite noticeably past her prime at 25. In five years Beauty Queen will only be 22. Even after giving me a child she’ll still be a slim young hottie.

An update on the new 17 that Santa Claus left under the tree after returning back from my first visit to BQ: turns out she just turned 17 a week ago. So I had her for a while at the legal age of 16. The last time I saw her she was being a cock tease, laying on the bed watching loud porn on her cell phone, while preventing me from groping her. When I ignored her to do chi-kung she’d come up and rub on me, only to prevent me from undoing her bra. Then when I ignored her more and went out to the toilet she called out “no sex tonight”. I got pissed off and told her to leave. She refused so I physically threw her out my bedroom door and locked it. She stayed in my shophouse for 30 minutes begging and crying, and I had to get the live in handyman to tell her to go. Needless to say she loves me even more now.

An update on N18. N18 is 19 now. And after not seeing her for a month, I couldn’t take it anymore. I don’t have any other girl in my life who is such an attentive lover. That’s just too valuable to throw away. After one month apart her pussy tightened up considerably. She could never bring her self to believe that I had broken up with her.

An update on M25. M regularly tells me that she loves me. She is a flawed girl, but we do have some bonds. And the sex is a certain kind of food that I can’t get anywhere else. I don’t really feel nourished unless I see her occasionally, at least.