Some people are high-energy and high strung, by nature. Some genes have been identified, and before those were found the personality component had been noticed. We don’t mellow much with age.

I broke up with N18 a few days ago, and have gone no contact. And my other squeeze is out of town. So now I have no energy release, and am way too frustrated to properly date and seduce this 21 year old virgin that I’ve been seeing. I don’t even want to see her if I can’t fuck her on the spot. I’d never be able to tone down my energy to match hers, and what with her unawakened libido and lifetime of swimming in no-sex-before-marriage conservative values, my wild horse raw power would just spook her.

It’s not just women who have a dual mating strategy; men also have strong pair bonding and paternal urges, plus want to fuck around with the best that they can get. A woman’s focus will shift depending on her cycle, and men’s focus shifts depending on circumstance. Right now I’m much less interested in setting up house and home with the virgin – I need a high energy now girl, who oozes and bubbles with bubble butt passion.

A lot of music I just don’t get, because I can’t understand what emotion it is trying to convey.

But today, this music is my internal state:


Some girls intuitively realize that if a man is in a high energy, positive state, he’s more attractive and more interested in hunting. And so they have a two pronged mate guarding strategy:
1) be highly sexual and work overtime to keep the man sexually satisfied
2) be as much of a downer and source of turmoil as possible, without losing the man altogether.

And that’s why I’ve had to jettison such a tight and willing love slave. She is built to work really hard to be a downer. That’s a habit she can’t break. High conflict and personality disordered people are like that as well. Great and addictive in the sack, but the addiction comes at a cost.

As painful as having too much crawling-the-walls energy can be, I know that I need that much motivation to change my just-comfortable-enough circumstance for the better.

A DJ knows to mix up the moods, as neuron fatigue means we can’t sustain any one mood for long. But we can still pack a lot of emotional energy into quieter and lower tempo moments:


Our theories of mind for other are built foremost out of our personal experience, so when we come across people with different biological underpinnings to their thought processes, it can be challenging to get any realistic grasp on what is going on with them.

High strung guys can embody a lot of physical, emotional, and sexual energy. You can’t tell them to tone-it-the-fuck down and expect anything other than a dog’s throaty bark in return. We manage our lives differently, and are not only unable to tone it down, we’d never want to. We see lower energy and affect people as walking zombies, and have a hard time understanding why they don’t tone-it-the-fuck up.

We interpret art into personal meaning. For me this next song embodies the alienation that comes from holding more energy than those around you. “I think it’s going to be a long long time, till touch down brings me round again to find, I’m not the man they think I am at home, Oh no no no! I’m a rocket man!”

In my life I’ve had a very rare few lovers with whom I regularly touched down to find out who is rocket man. That’s when I’m really fully myself, and really known for who I am.


At 21 it could seem that only my high powered sports bikes really understood me. Perfect outward expression of an internal state; man, twisty mountain road, and machine. Foot-peg scraping is a solitary experience, known to few.


Every heritable genetic trait is only conserved because it provides a reproductive benefit; at least within certain niches.

Therefore aloof bad boy game is not cookie cutter applicable. Higher strung guys need to play to our strengths – and boy do we have them. And it has NOTHING to do with being aloof.

Any man is going to have his own particular styles and strengths, and he can’t emulate someone else exactly to find out what his own style and strengths are.

Little Steve Marriot packed an explosive emotional punch into his voice. I suspect he couldn’t help it. Pay attention to the free flow of emotions on his face, especially the aggressive micro-expressions. For him bliss and aggression were not in opposition. And in his voice he shifts so effortlessly between sweet cooing romance with fuck her hard from behind aggressive passion and full throttle bliss that it’s hard to even notice the changes. This mans strong emotions were his instrument – expressed through his voice and music.