There are different degrees of owning a woman, and a well kept woman can be enslaved to her marrow.

None the less, even if a girl loves you she can betray you. Steal, lie, pass around parts of her body for the use of others.

One way to look at that is that job one is to screen to avoid major contract breaking. In this case you assume that engendering love out of her is a contract for fidelity and general trust.

Another way to look at this is that if she fools you then you pretty well had it coming for being an easy mark.

It takes dating some sketchy girls to understand just how sketchy girls can get. The good news is that there are a lot of sketchy girls out there, so if you date around you’re bound to easily rack up some experience.

After having girls try to pull the wool over your eyes, either by seeing guys on the side or tucking away a little extra grocery money to give to their family, and after having met some really fucked up families the girls were born into, you won’t be an easy mark.

Then you can turn the tables on the girl and outsmart her at every maneuver, and her cons become giant shit tests that you pass, therefore putting her one more level deep into your own personal dungeon. You don’t even let her put herself into a position of risk of bad behaviour. No trip to Singapore with her slutty and money demanding female family members who just bought her high heeled fuck me pump-boots for the trip. She does that and you kick her out and never say another word to her.

If she stays with you after trying to fuck you over, it means you get to extract extra deep servitude out of the wench. You own her body, mind, and soul, as if you had your cock deep inside her cervix and she was dancing on it as your own personal sock puppet.

She’ll be begging to give over all her will. And she’ll be earnest. But then it only means you won a pivotal battle and stole more of her resources, it doesn’t mean that the war is over.

The war is never over.

Owning a woman is a sublime pleasure that can not be communicated. It must be experienced.

“Yes Daddy, I’m your little bitch. You own me. I love you and want to never leave you.”


Mr. Bean and Charlie Chaplin are masters of pantomime. Their movies are direct and sublime cross culturally. When you reach a woman at the cave man level, it doesn’t matter what language she speaks or what culture she is from. You’ll understand each other perfectly clearly.

You own the bitch.